XDC2014 Program


As usual, we are open to talks across the layers of the graphics stack, from the kernel to desktop environments, and about how we make things better for the developers who build them. if you're not sure if something might fit, mail or add it anyway, and find out if there's room in the schedule.


Talk proposals

Teaching Waffle how to wiggle

The Waffle project has been designed to abstract the differences between the various windowing systems and APIs used in order to create GL contexts. Additionally it is designed to make the selection of the above a straightforward runtime decision, thus preserving the original GL code unchanged regardless of the actual target OS/windowing system. In the presentation we shall cover the process of retrofitting Windows' WGL with its unique design into the Waffle API.

Author: Emil Velikov


We'll talk about the OpenGL extension called GLX_OML_sync_control, used for synchronizing SwapBuffers requests to vertical retrace:

  • What is it? (Overview, quirks, and subtleties of the spec)
  • How can we test it? (An overview of our proposed Piglit patches)
  • Which drivers implement it correctly? (Spoiler alert: none)
  • What can we do about that? (Ideas ranging from individual driver patches to a Glamor-EGL implementation)

While we'll be sharing our experience and efforts to-date, we also hope for audience discussion contributing to further improvements.

Authors: Theo Hill & Jamey Sharp