Geode Driver

Hardware Support

NOTE: the cyrix and nsc drivers are seriously rotting and some distributions have chosen not to ship them. As such, we have set a milestone to import GX1 support into geode and then deprecate cyrix and nsc. Help is welcome! See below for details.

  • AMD Geode NX is not supported by any known driver.


This driver was previously called amd. It was renamed geode to avoid confusion with ATI chipsets acquired by AMD.

  • AMD Geode LX (a.k.a. GX3) PCI ID: 0x1022:0x2081
  • AMD Geode GX (a.k.a. GX2) PCI ID: 0x100B:0x0030 This is not a typo; both nsc and geode support GX2. However, only geode has up-to-date code, while nsc is deprecated.


  • NSC Geode Media GX (a.k.a. GX2) PCI ID: 0x100B:0x0030
  • NSC Geode SCx200 (a.k.a. GX1) PCI ID: 0x100B:0x0504
  • NSC Geode SC1400 (a.k.a. GX1) PCI ID: 0x100B:0x0104


  • Cyrix Geode Media GX (a.k.a. GX1) PCI ID: 0x1078:0x0104

AutoConfig support

  • LX works since X server 1.5.
  • GX2 works since X server 1.7.
  • GX1 works since X server 1.7. See patches on the Ubuntu BTS to implement this on 1.4 and 1.6; should also work on 1.3 and 1.5 with minor adjustments.

Current Status: xf86-video-geode 2.11.16 (released: 2014-07-17)

Server-specific bugs

  • With X server 1.7 and up:
    • (no known issue)
  • With X server 1.5 and X server 1.6:
    • EXA Composite rendering bug: Black boxes BTS
    • ?AutoConfig only implemented for LX.
  • With X server 1.3 and X server 1.4:
    • Some platforms will freeze when using X -configure: Ubuntu BTS.
      • Attachments include two patches against x86emu (port blacklist, PCI bus access) that resolve this issue.
        • blacklist patch rejected
        • PCI patch merged into X core 1.5 tree
  • With X server 1.2:
    • Cannot compile since 2.9.0 (see below).
    • Switching to a console using CTRL+ALT+Fx fails on some platforms: Debian BTS Ubuntu BTS.
      • Attachments include a patch against x86emu (CPUID) that resolves the issue.
        • CPU ID patch merged into X core 1.5 tree
  • With X server 1.1 and a static xorg.conf configuration file:
    • Cannot compile since 2.9.0 (see below).

Known Regression

  • Compilation against X server << 1.3 fails since geode 2.9.0 because of a missing header:
     geode_ddc.c:31:23: error: xf86Modes.h: No such file or directory
    geode_ddc.c:158:50: error: missing binary operator before token "("
    Might be fixable following Intel driver autoconf methods.

Bug Trackers


  • Tarballs
  • Git Web
  • git clone git://

Mailing Lists

  • xf86-video-geode list
  • AMD Geode Linux list archive

IRC channel

geode on the Freenode network.

Development Roadmap

The following details the current development roadmap. Please create a bug to make a suggestion for new features.


Next bug fix release. Release date unknown. Please link to specific patches on the BTS that you think should be reviewed for inclusion.

Feature Developer Status Notes
DDC pin bit-banging Xorg: #22100, Debian #637778, Ubuntu #873942, Red Hat #642766


Next major release. Release date unknown.

Feature Developer Status Notes
Merge GX1 support, then deprecate cyrix and nsc drivers OPEN Planned see BTS wishlist bug
Port to Linux >= 2.6.30 kernel mode setting (KMS) OPEN Planned


  • Maarten Lankhorst (Ubuntu)
  • Martin-√Čric Racine (Debian)
  • Mart Raudsepp (Gentoo)

Previous Contributors

  • Chris Ball (OLPC)
  • Jordan Crouse (AMD)
  • Hunk Cui (AMD)
  • Daniel Drake (OLPC)
  • Frank Huang (AMD)
  • Bernardo Innocenti (OLPC)
  • Adam Jackson (Red Hat)
  • Priit Laes (Gentoo)
  • Gideon Romm (Symbio Technologies)
  • Otavio Salvador (Debian)
  • Warren Togami (Red Hat)
  • Bart Trojanowski (Symbio Technologies) HOWTO