Martin Peres

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Martin Peres is PhD student at LaBRI. His thesis topic is on Power consumption and security in wireless networks. Martin was an engineering student at the 'ENSI de Bourges' where he studied and researched on computer security.

Martin has been interested in programmation since the age of 12. He as first work on several game projects but moved to more low-level stuffs. He is the creator of PPassKeeper(, a library meant to abstract password storing.

His interest upon because of the lack of support of my ATI XPress 200M card. He then followed the development of the radeon driver and have been an happy tester on the xpress 200M and, more recently, on my AMD HD4770. He also happen to have caught interest in the nouveau project when he was given a laptop with an nvidia graphic card by his school. His involvement in has got stronger when he was proposed to help in nouveau's development.

At the moment, Martin is working on power management for nouveau.

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