X11R7.8 development is underway. No release schedule has been planned yet.

Features Added/Enhanced

Features Removed


These have been discussed, but are not yet integrated to the source repos, and may or may not make the release:

  • Video driver hotplugging
  • Add xf86-video-nested, xf86-video-modesetting to the katamari driver set
  • Replace Xephyr, Xvfb, Xnest, Xfake, etc. with Xorg using xf86-video-dummy and xf86-video-nested
  • Documentation: Further integration across doc sets. Docs from Book Sprint.
  • Referee DoubleBuffer vs. libfb/Composite
  • Add Solaris Trusted Extensions security module which uses XACE (AlanCoopersmith).

There are also a number of items on the ToDo list waiting for someone to pick up the work, but those are less likely to make the release without anyone actively working on them.


  • TBD (Someone needs to volunteer to be release manager before any release plans can be made.)