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xdbedizzy - demo of DBE creating a double buffered spinning scene


xdbedizzy kx [-display host:dpy] [-delta dlt] [-class visclass] [-depth visdepth] [-visid visualid] [-list] [-nodb] [-help] [-speed number] [-sync] [-spokes n] [-verbose]


xdbedizzy is a demo of DBE creating a double buffered spinning scene.


-display host:dpy
This option specifies the X server to contact.
-class visclass
Name of visual to choose. Valid values are TrueColor, DirectColor, PseudoColor, StaticColor, Grayscale, StaticGray
-depth depth
Depth of visual to use.
-visid visualid
Visual ID to use (ignore -class, -depth).
List double buffer capable visuals.
Single buffer (ignore -class, -depth, -visid).
Prints usage and exists.
-speed value
Defines the time to delay between frames as delay=2sec/speed. Default value is 20.
Use synchronous X connection.
-spokes value
Specify number of spokes to draw. The default value is 12.
Print verbose output.

See Also

DBE(3) , XdbeSwapBuffers(3) , XdbeGetVisualInfo(3) , XdbeAllocateBackBufferName(3) , X(7) , Xserver(1)


DISPLAY must be set to get the default host and display to use.


Mark Kilgard

Allen Leinwand

Roland Mainz

Table of Contents