Information for Number Nine I128 Users

The XFree86 Project Inc.

25 March 2004

1. Supported hardware

The current accelerated I128 server supports

2. Features:

3. Configuration:

The I128 driver should auto-detect all supported hardware so you needn't have anything other than the Identifier in the Section "Device" of the xorg.conf file. When running the xorgcfg or xorgconfig programs one merely needs to select an I128 card so that the correct server will be used. One need not and should not specify a RAMDAC, clockchip or allow the setup program to probe for clocks. The driver will auto-detect the amount of video ram present.

The following Section "Device" options are supported by the I128 driver:

4. Mode lines for the Silicon Graphics flat panel display:

5. Author(s)

Robin Cutshaw, robin@XFree86.Org

and special help from: