Information for i740 Users

Precision Insight, Inc.

18 February 1999

1. Supported Hardware

2. Features

3. Technical Notes

4. Reported Working Video Cards

5. Configuration

The driver auto-detects all device information necessary to initialize the card. The only lines you need in the "Device" section of your xorg.conf file are:

       Section "Device"
           Identifier "Intel i740"
           Driver     "i740"

However, if you have problems with auto-detection, you can specify:

6. Driver Options

Note: the i740 X server should automatically detect whether your card has SGRAM or SDRAM. Use the "sgram" and "sdram" options if it is incorrectly detected.

7. Known Limitations

8. Author

The Xorg version of this driver originally came from XFree86 4.4 rc2.

The XFree86 version of this driver was donated to The XFree86 Project by:

    Precision Insight, Inc.
    Cedar Park, TX