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xgixp - XGI XP video driver


Section "Device"
  Identifier "devname"
  Driver "xgixp"


xgixp is an Xorg driver for XGI XP video cards. The driver is accelerated, and provides support for the following framebuffer depths: 1, 4, 8, 15, 16, and 24. Multi-head configurations are supported. The XvImage extension is supported.

Supported Hardware

The xgixp driver supports PCI, AGP, and PCIE video cards based on the following XGI chips:
Volari 8300

Configuration Details

Please refer to xorg.conf(5) for general configuration details. This section only covers configuration details specific to this driver.

The following driver Options are supported:

Option "SWCursor" "boolean"
Enable or disable the SW cursor. Default: off.
Option "NoAccel" "boolean"
Disable or enable acceleration. Default: acceleration is enabled.
Option "shadow" "boolean"
Turn off shadow registers. If you only see a partial display - this may be the option for you. Default: on.
Option "stretch" "boolean"
Turn on stretching. When the resolution is lower than the LCD's screen, this option will stretch the graphics mode to fill the entire LCD. Default: off.
Option "ShadowFB" "boolean"
Enable or disable use of the shadow framebuffer layer. Default: off.
Option "VideoKey" "integer"
This sets the default pixel value for the YUV video overlay key. Default: undefined.
Option "Display" "string"
Override the display. Possible values are "CRT", "LCD", "TV", and "DVI". Please note that this option is only experimentally. Default: Use display active when X started.
Option "GammaBrightness" "string"
Set display gamma value and brightness. "string" is "gamma, brightness", where gamma is a floating point value greater than 0 and less or equal to 10. brightness is an integer value greater or equal to 0 and less than 128. Default: gamma and brightness control is turned off. Note: This is not supported on all chipsets.

See Also

Xorg(1) , xorg.conf(5) , Xserver(1) , X(7)


Author: Andrea Zhang

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