Information for S3 ViRGE Users

The XFree86 Project Inc.

19 Dec 2001

1. Supported hardware

The s3virge driver in X11R7.5 supports the S3 ViRGE, ViRGE DX, GX, GX2, MX, MX+, and VX chipsets. It also supports Trio3D and Trio3D/2x chips. A majority of testing is done on ViRGE DX chips, making them the most stable to date. This release has added support for doublescan modes on DX.

This driver is moderately stable, however please use caution with any new install. Please report any problems to, using the xorg component.

2. Features:

3. Configuration:

The driver auto-detects RAM size, RAMDAC and ClockChip. Do not bother putting these in your "Device" section.

4. Documentation:

The driver has several supported options which are documented in the s3virge man page. Please refer to it for additional details about configuration options.

5. Support:

For support with X11R7.5 video drivers please refer to our web site at

6. Authors