Xlib Compose Keys for iso8859-13

Applications using Xlib input handling should recognize these compose key sequences in locales using the iso8859-13 compose table.

ISO 8859-13 (Latin7) Compose Sequence Sequence Definition <Multi_key> Means <Compose> Special Character Right-hand side (Accented Alphabet) These compose sequences are pure supposition on my part. It would be nice to know what the real cultural conventions are for compose sequences.

Table 1. Compose Key Sequences for iso8859-13

Key SequenceAction
Multi_key plus plus"#" numbersign
Multi_key apostrophe space"'" apostrophe
Multi_key space apostrophe"'" apostrophe
Multi_key A T"@" at
Multi_key parenleft parenleft"[" bracketleft
Multi_key slash slash"\\" backslash
Multi_key slash less"\\" backslash
Multi_key less slash"\\" backslash
Multi_key parenright parenright"]" bracketright
Multi_key asciicircum space"^" asciicircum
Multi_key space asciicircum"^" asciicircum
Multi_key greater space"^" asciicircum
Multi_key space greater"^" asciicircum
Multi_key grave space"`" grave
Multi_key space grave"`" grave
Multi_key less apostrophe"`" grave
Multi_key apostrophe less"`" grave
Multi_key parenleft minus"{" braceleft
Multi_key minus parenleft"{" braceleft
Multi_key slash asciicircum"|" bar
Multi_key asciicircum slash"|" bar
Multi_key parenright minus"}" braceright
Multi_key minus parenright"}" braceright
Multi_key asciitilde space"~" asciitilde
Multi_key space asciitilde"~" asciitilde
Multi_key minus space"~" asciitilde
Multi_key space minus"~" asciitilde
Multi_key greater quotedbl"¡" rightdoublequotemark
Multi_key quotedbl greater"¡" rightdoublequotemark
Multi_key greater comma"¥" doublelowquotemark
Multi_key comma greater"¥" doublelowquotemark
Multi_key less quotedbl"´" leftdoublequotemark
Multi_key quotedbl less"´" leftdoublequotemark
Multi_key less less"«" guillemotleft
Multi_key greater greater"»" guillemotright
Multi_key apostrophe apostrophe"ÿ" rightsinglequotemark
Multi_key greater apostrophe"ÿ" rightsinglequotemark
Multi_key apostrophe greater"ÿ" rightsinglequotemark
Multi_key c slash"¢" cent
Multi_key slash c"¢" cent
Multi_key C slash"¢" cent
Multi_key slash C"¢" cent
Multi_key C bar"¢" cent
Multi_key bar C"¢" cent
Multi_key c bar"¢" cent
Multi_key bar c"¢" cent
Multi_key l equal"£" sterling
Multi_key equal l"£" sterling
Multi_key L equal"£" sterling
Multi_key equal L"£" sterling
Multi_key c o"©" copyright
Multi_key o c"©" copyright
Multi_key C O"©" copyright
Multi_key O C"©" copyright
Multi_key c O"©" copyright
Multi_key O c"©" copyright
Multi_key C o"©" copyright
Multi_key o C"©" copyright
Multi_key c 0"©" copyright
Multi_key 0 c"©" copyright
Multi_key C 0"©" copyright
Multi_key 0 C"©" copyright
Multi_key parenleft c"©" copyright
Multi_key s o"§" section
Multi_key o s"§" section
Multi_key S O"§" section
Multi_key O S"§" section
Multi_key S exclam"§" section
Multi_key exclam S"§" section
Multi_key s exclam"§" section
Multi_key exclam s"§" section
Multi_key S 0"§" section
Multi_key 0 S"§" section
Multi_key s 0"§" section
Multi_key 0 s"§" section
Multi_key x o"¤" currency
Multi_key o x"¤" currency
Multi_key X O"¤" currency
Multi_key O X"¤" currency
Multi_key x O"¤" currency
Multi_key O x"¤" currency
Multi_key X o"¤" currency
Multi_key o X"¤" currency
Multi_key x 0"¤" currency
Multi_key 0 x"¤" currency
Multi_key X 0"¤" currency
Multi_key 0 X"¤" currency
Multi_key 0 asciicircum"°" degree
Multi_key asciicircum 0"°" degree
Multi_key 0 asterisk"°" degree
Multi_key asterisk 0"°" degree
Multi_key plus minus"±" plusminus
Multi_key minus plus"±" plusminus
Multi_key m u"µ" mu
Multi_key slash u"µ" mu
Multi_key u slash"µ" mu
Multi_key slash U"µ" mu
Multi_key U slash"µ" mu
Multi_key 1 asciicircum"¹" onesuperior
Multi_key asciicircum 1"¹" onesuperior
Multi_key S 1"¹" onesuperior
Multi_key 1 S"¹" onesuperior
Multi_key s 1"¹" onesuperior
Multi_key 1 s"¹" onesuperior
Multi_key 2 asciicircum"²" twosuperior
Multi_key asciicircum 2"²" twosuperior
Multi_key S 2"²" twosuperior
Multi_key 2 S"²" twosuperior
Multi_key s 2"²" twosuperior
Multi_key 2 s"²" twosuperior
Multi_key 3 asciicircum"³" threesuperior
Multi_key asciicircum 3"³" threesuperior
Multi_key S 3"³" threesuperior
Multi_key 3 S"³" threesuperior
Multi_key s 3"³" threesuperior
Multi_key 3 s"³" threesuperior
Multi_key p exclam"" paragraph
Multi_key exclam p"" paragraph
Multi_key P exclam"" paragraph
Multi_key exclam P"" paragraph
Multi_key period asciicircum"·" periodcentered
Multi_key asciicircum period"·" periodcentered
Multi_key period period"·" periodcentered
Multi_key 1 4"¼" onequarter
Multi_key 1 2"½" onehalf
Multi_key 3 4"¾" threequarters
Multi_key question question"¿" questiondown
Multi_key space space" " nobreakspace
Multi_key bar bar"¦" brokenbar
Multi_key exclam asciicircum"¦" brokenbar
Multi_key asciicircum exclam"¦" brokenbar
Multi_key V B"¦" brokenbar
Multi_key B V"¦" brokenbar
Multi_key v b"¦" brokenbar
Multi_key b v"¦" brokenbar
Multi_key minus comma"¬" notsign
Multi_key comma minus"¬" notsign
Multi_key minus minus"­" hyphen
Multi_key R O"®" registered
Multi_key O R"®" registered
Multi_key parenleft r"®" registered
Multi_key minus colon"÷" division
Multi_key colon minus"÷" division
Multi_key x x"×" multiply
Accented Alphabet
Multi_key A semicolon"À" Aogonek
Multi_key semicolon A"À" Aogonek
Multi_key A comma"À" Aogonek
Multi_key comma A"À" Aogonek
Multi_key R comma"ª" Rcedilla
Multi_key R cedilla"ª" Rcedilla
Multi_key comma R"ª" Rcedilla
Multi_key cedilla R"ª" Rcedilla
Multi_key L comma"Ï" Lcedilla
Multi_key L cedilla"Ï" Lcedilla
Multi_key comma L"Ï" Lcedilla
Multi_key cedilla L"Ï" Lcedilla
Multi_key S less"Ð" Scaron
Multi_key less S"Ð" Scaron
Multi_key E minus"Ç" Emacron
Multi_key minus E"Ç" Emacron
Multi_key E underscore"Ç" Emacron
Multi_key underscore E"Ç" Emacron
Multi_key G comma"Ì" Gcedilla
Multi_key G cedilla"Ì" Gcedilla
Multi_key comma G"Ì" Gcedilla
Multi_key cedilla G"Ì" Gcedilla
Multi_key Z less"Þ" Zcaron
Multi_key less Z"Þ" Zcaron
Multi_key a semicolon"à" aogonek
Multi_key semicolon a"à" aogonek
Multi_key a comma"à" aogonek
Multi_key comma a"à" aogonek
Multi_key r comma"º" rcedilla
Multi_key r cedilla"º" rcedilla
Multi_key comma r"º" rcedilla
Multi_key cedilla r"º" rcedilla
Multi_key l comma"ï" lcedilla
Multi_key l cedilla"ï" lcedilla
Multi_key comma l"ï" lcedilla
Multi_key cedilla l"ï" lcedilla
Multi_key s less"ð" scaron
Multi_key less s"ð" scaron
Multi_key e minus"ç" emacron
Multi_key minus e"ç" emacron
Multi_key e underscore"ç" emacron
Multi_key underscore e"ç" emacron
Multi_key g comma"ì" gcedilla
Multi_key g cedilla"ì" gcedilla
Multi_key comma g"ì" gcedilla
Multi_key cedilla g"ì" gcedilla
Multi_key z less"þ" zcaron
Multi_key less z"þ" zcaron
Multi_key A underscore"Â" Amacron
Multi_key underscore A"Â" Amacron
Multi_key A minus"Â" Amacron
Multi_key minus A"Â" Amacron
Multi_key A quotedbl"Ä" Adiaeresis
Multi_key quotedbl A"Ä" Adiaeresis
Multi_key A asterisk"Å" Aring
Multi_key asterisk A"Å" Aring
Multi_key A A"Å" Aring
Multi_key A O"Å" Aring
Multi_key A E"¯" AE
Multi_key I semicolon"Á" Iogonek
Multi_key semicolon I"Á" Iogonek
Multi_key I comma"Á" Iogonek
Multi_key comma I"Á" Iogonek
Multi_key C less"È" Ccaron
Multi_key less C"È" Ccaron
Multi_key E acute"É" Eacute
Multi_key acute E"É" Eacute
Multi_key E apostrophe"É" Eacute
Multi_key apostrophe E"É" Eacute
Multi_key E semicolon"Æ" Eogonek
Multi_key semicolon E"Æ" Eogonek
Multi_key E comma"Æ" Eogonek
Multi_key comma E"Æ" Eogonek
Multi_key E period"Ë" Eabovedot
Multi_key period E"Ë" Eabovedot
Multi_key I minus"Î" Imacron
Multi_key minus I"Î" Imacron
Multi_key I underscore"Î" Imacron
Multi_key underscore I"Î" Imacron
Multi_key N comma"Ò" Ncedilla
Multi_key N cedilla"Ò" Ncedilla
Multi_key comma N"Ò" Ncedilla
Multi_key cedilla N"Ò" Ncedilla
Multi_key O underscore"Ô" Omacron
Multi_key underscore O"Ô" Omacron
Multi_key O minus"Ô" Omacron
Multi_key minus O"Ô" Omacron
Multi_key K comma"Í" Kcedilla
Multi_key K cedilla"Í" Kcedilla
Multi_key comma K"Í" Kcedilla
Multi_key cedilla K"Í" Kcedilla
Multi_key O asciitilde"Õ" Otilde
Multi_key asciitilde O"Õ" Otilde
Multi_key O quotedbl"Ö" Odiaeresis
Multi_key quotedbl O"Ö" Odiaeresis
Multi_key O slash"¨" Ooblique
Multi_key slash O"¨" Ooblique
Multi_key U semicolon"Ø" Uogonek
Multi_key semicolon U"Ø" Uogonek
Multi_key U comma"Ø" Uogonek
Multi_key comma U"Ø" Uogonek
Multi_key U quotedbl"Ü" Udiaeresis
Multi_key quotedbl U"Ü" Udiaeresis
Multi_key U underscore"Û" Umacron
Multi_key underscore U"Û" Umacron
Multi_key U minus"Û" Umacron
Multi_key minus U"Û" Umacron
Multi_key s s"ß" ssharp
Multi_key a underscore"â" amacron
Multi_key underscore a"â" amacron
Multi_key a minus"â" amacron
Multi_key minus a"â" amacron
Multi_key a quotedbl"ä" adiaeresis
Multi_key quotedbl a"ä" adiaeresis
Multi_key a asterisk"å" aring
Multi_key asterisk a"å" aring
Multi_key a a"å" aring
Multi_key a o"å" aring
Multi_key a e"¿" ae
Multi_key i semicolon"á" iogonek
Multi_key semicolon i"á" iogonek
Multi_key i comma"á" iogonek
Multi_key comma i"á" iogonek
Multi_key c less"è" ccaron
Multi_key less c"è" ccaron
Multi_key e acute"é" eacute
Multi_key acute e"é" eacute
Multi_key e apostrophe"é" eacute
Multi_key apostrophe e"é" eacute
Multi_key e semicolon"æ" eogonek
Multi_key semicolon e"æ" eogonek
Multi_key e comma"æ" eogonek
Multi_key comma e"æ" eogonek
Multi_key e period"ë" eabovedot
Multi_key period e"ë" eabovedot
Multi_key i minus"î" imacron
Multi_key minus i"î" imacron
Multi_key i underscore"î" imacron
Multi_key underscore i"î" imacron
Multi_key n comma"ò" ncedilla
Multi_key n cedilla"ò" ncedilla
Multi_key comma n"ò" ncedilla
Multi_key cedilla n"ò" ncedilla
Multi_key o underscore"ô" omacron
Multi_key underscore o"ô" omacron
Multi_key o minus"ô" omacron
Multi_key minus o"ô" omacron
Multi_key k comma"í" kcedilla
Multi_key k cedilla"í" kcedilla
Multi_key comma k"í" kcedilla
Multi_key cedilla k"í" kcedilla
Multi_key o asciitilde"õ" otilde
Multi_key asciitilde o"õ" otilde
Multi_key o quotedbl"ö" odiaeresis
Multi_key quotedbl o"ö" odiaeresis
Multi_key o slash"¸" ooblique
Multi_key slash o"¸" ooblique
Multi_key u semicolon"ø" uogonek
Multi_key semicolon u"ø" uogonek
Multi_key u comma"ø" uogonek
Multi_key comma u"ø" uogonek
Multi_key u quotedbl"ü" udiaeresis
Multi_key quotedbl u"ü" udiaeresis
Multi_key u underscore"û" umacron
Multi_key underscore u"û" umacron
Multi_key u minus"û" umacron
Multi_key minus u"û" umacron
Multi_key C apostrophe"Ã" Cacute
Multi_key apostrophe C"Ã" Cacute
Multi_key c apostrophe"ã" cacute
Multi_key apostrophe c"ã" cacute
Multi_key O apostrophe"Ó" Oacute
Multi_key apostrophe O"Ó" Oacute
Multi_key o apostrophe"ó" oacute
Multi_key apostrophe o"ó" oacute
Multi_key Z apostrophe"Ê" Zacute
Multi_key apostrophe Z"Ê" Zacute
Multi_key z apostrophe"ê" zacute
Multi_key apostrophe z"ê" zacute
Multi_key N apostrophe"Ñ" Nacute
Multi_key apostrophe N"Ñ" Nacute
Multi_key n apostrophe"ñ" nacute
Multi_key apostrophe n"ñ" nacute
Multi_key L minus"Ù" Lstroke
Multi_key minus L"Ù" Lstroke
Multi_key L slash"Ù" Lstroke
Multi_key slash L"Ù" Lstroke
Multi_key l minus"ù" lstroke
Multi_key minus l"ù" lstroke
Multi_key l slash"ù" lstroke
Multi_key slash l"ù" lstroke
Multi_key S apostrophe"Ú" Sacute
Multi_key apostrophe S"Ú" Sacute
Multi_key s apostrophe"ú" sacute
Multi_key apostrophe s"ú" sacute
Multi_key Z period"Ý" Zabovedot
Multi_key period Z"Ý" Zabovedot
Multi_key z period"ý" zabovedot
Multi_key period z"ý" zabovedot
dead_abovedot A"Å" Aring
dead_abovedot a"å" aring
dead_abovedot E"Ë" Eabovedot
dead_abovedot e"ë" eabovedot
dead_abovedot Z"Ý" Zabovedot
dead_abovedot z"ý" zabovedot
dead_abovedot dead_abovedot"·" abovedot
dead_abovering A"Å" Aring
dead_abovering a"å" aring
dead_abovering E"Ë" Eabovedot
dead_abovering e"ë" eabovedot
dead_abovering Z"Ý" Zabovedot
dead_abovering z"ý" zabovedot
dead_abovering ring"°" ring
dead_abovering dead_abovering"°" ring
dead_acute dead_acute"ÿ" rightsinglequotemark
dead_acute C"Ã" Cacute
dead_acute E"É" Eacute
dead_acute Z"Ê" Zacute
dead_acute N"Ñ" Nacute
dead_acute O"Ó" Oacute
dead_acute S"Ú" Sacute
dead_acute c"ã" cacute
dead_acute e"é" eacute
dead_acute z"ê" zacute
dead_acute n"ñ" nacute
dead_acute o"ó" oacute
dead_acute s"ú" sacute
dead_caron C"È" Ccaron
dead_caron S"Ð" Scaron
dead_caron Z"Þ" Zcaron
dead_caron c"è" ccaron
dead_caron s"ð" scaron
dead_caron z"þ" zcaron
dead_cedilla R"ª" Rcedilla
dead_cedilla G"Ì" Gcedilla
dead_cedilla K"Í" Kcedilla
dead_cedilla L"Ï" Lcedilla
dead_cedilla N"Ò" Ncedilla
dead_cedilla r"º" rcedilla
dead_cedilla g"ì" gcedilla
dead_cedilla k"í" kcedilla
dead_cedilla l"ï" lcedilla
dead_cedilla n"ò" ncedilla
dead_diaeresis A"Ä" Adiaeresis
dead_diaeresis O"Ö" Odiaeresis
dead_diaeresis U"Ü" Udiaeresis
dead_diaeresis a"ä" adiaeresis
dead_diaeresis o"ö" odiaeresis
dead_diaeresis u"ü" udiaeresis
dead_macron A"Â" Amacron
dead_macron E"Ç" Emacron
dead_macron I"Î" Imacron
dead_macron O"Ô" Omacron
dead_macron U"Û" Umacron
dead_macron a"â" amacron
dead_macron e"ç" emacron
dead_macron i"î" imacron
dead_macron o"ô" omacron
dead_macron u"û" umacron
dead_macron macron"­" macron
dead_macron dead_macron"­" macron
dead_ogonek A"À" Aogonek
dead_ogonek I"Á" Iogonek
dead_ogonek E"Æ" Eogonek
dead_ogonek U"Ø" Uogonek
dead_ogonek a"à" aogonek
dead_ogonek i"á" iogonek
dead_ogonek e"æ" eogonek
dead_ogonek u"ø" uogonek
dead_tilde O"Õ" Otilde
dead_tilde o"õ" otilde
dead_tilde asciitilde"~" asciitilde
dead_tilde dead_tilde"~" asciitilde
End of Sequence Definition