Xlib Compose Keys for iso8859-2

Applications using Xlib input handling should recognize these compose key sequences in locales using the iso8859-2 compose table.

ISO 8859-2 (Latin2) Compose Sequence Sequence Definition <Multi_key> Means <Compose> Special Character

Table 1. Compose Key Sequences for iso8859-2

Key SequenceAction
Multi_key plus plus"#" numbersign
Multi_key apostrophe space"'" apostrophe
Multi_key space apostrophe"'" apostrophe
Multi_key A A"@" at
Multi_key parenleft parenleft"[" bracketleft
Multi_key slash slash"\\" backslash
Multi_key slash less"\\" backslash
Multi_key less slash"\\" backslash
Multi_key parenright parenright"]" bracketright
Multi_key asciicircum space"^" asciicircum
Multi_key space asciicircum"^" asciicircum
Multi_key greater space"^" asciicircum
Multi_key space greater"^" asciicircum
Multi_key grave space"`" grave
Multi_key space grave"`" grave
Multi_key parenleft minus"{" braceleft
Multi_key minus parenleft"{" braceleft
Multi_key slash asciicircum"|" bar
Multi_key asciicircum slash"|" bar
Multi_key V L"|" bar
Multi_key L V"|" bar
Multi_key v l"|" bar
Multi_key l v"|" bar
Multi_key parenright minus"}" braceright
Multi_key minus parenright"}" braceright
Multi_key asciitilde space"~" asciitilde
Multi_key space asciitilde"~" asciitilde
Multi_key minus space"~" asciitilde
Multi_key space minus"~" asciitilde
Multi_key x o"¤" currency
Multi_key o x"¤" currency
Multi_key X O"¤" currency
Multi_key O X"¤" currency
Multi_key x O"¤" currency
Multi_key O x"¤" currency
Multi_key X o"¤" currency
Multi_key o X"¤" currency
Multi_key x 0"¤" currency
Multi_key 0 x"¤" currency
Multi_key X 0"¤" currency
Multi_key 0 X"¤" currency
Multi_key p exclam"" paragraph
Multi_key exclam p"" paragraph
Multi_key P exclam"" paragraph
Multi_key exclam P"" paragraph
Right-hand side (Accented Alphabet) These compose sequences are pure supposition on my part. It would be nice to know what the real cultural conventions are for compose sequences.
Multi_key A comma"¡" Aogonek
Multi_key comma A"¡" Aogonek
Multi_key A ogonek"¡" Aogonek
Multi_key ogonek A"¡" Aogonek
Multi_key U space"¢" breve
Multi_key L minus"£" Lstroke
Multi_key L less"¥" Lcaron
Multi_key less L"¥" Lcaron
Multi_key L caron"¥" Lcaron
Multi_key caron L"¥" Lcaron
Multi_key S apostrophe"¦" Sacute
Multi_key apostrophe S"¦" Sacute
Multi_key S acute"¦" Sacute
Multi_key acute S"¦" Sacute
Multi_key s o"§" section
Multi_key o s"§" section
Multi_key S O"§" section
Multi_key O S"§" section
Multi_key S exclam"§" section
Multi_key exclam S"§" section
Multi_key s exclam"§" section
Multi_key exclam s"§" section
Multi_key S 0"§" section
Multi_key 0 S"§" section
Multi_key s 0"§" section
Multi_key 0 s"§" section
Multi_key quotedbl quotedbl"¨" diaeresis
Multi_key S less"©" Scaron
Multi_key less S"©" Scaron
Multi_key S caron"©" Scaron
Multi_key caron S"©" Scaron
Multi_key S comma"ª" Scedilla
Multi_key comma S"ª" Scedilla
Multi_key S cedilla"ª" Scedilla
Multi_key cedilla S"ª" Scedilla
Multi_key T less"«" Tcaron
Multi_key less T"«" Tcaron
Multi_key T caron"«" Tcaron
Multi_key caron T"«" Tcaron
Multi_key Z apostrophe"¬" Zacute
Multi_key apostrophe Z"¬" Zacute
Multi_key Z acute"¬" Zacute
Multi_key acute Z"¬" Zacute
Multi_key minus minus"­" hyphen
Multi_key Z less"®" Zcaron
Multi_key less Z"®" Zcaron
Multi_key Z caron"®" Zcaron
Multi_key caron Z"®" Zcaron
Multi_key Z period"¯" Zabovedot
Multi_key 0 asterisk"°" degree
Multi_key asterisk 0"°" degree
Multi_key a comma"±" aogonek
Multi_key comma a"±" aogonek
Multi_key a ogonek"±" aogonek
Multi_key ogonek a"±" aogonek
Multi_key l minus"³" lstroke
Multi_key l less"µ" lcaron
Multi_key less l"µ" lcaron
Multi_key l caron"µ" lcaron
Multi_key caron l"µ" lcaron
Multi_key s apostrophe"" sacute
Multi_key apostrophe s"" sacute
Multi_key s acute"" sacute
Multi_key acute s"" sacute
Multi_key less less"·" caron
Multi_key comma comma"¸" cedilla
Multi_key s less"¹" scaron
Multi_key less s"¹" scaron
Multi_key s caron"¹" scaron
Multi_key caron s"¹" scaron
Multi_key s comma"º" scedilla
Multi_key comma s"º" scedilla
Multi_key s cedilla"º" scedilla
Multi_key cedilla s"º" scedilla
Multi_key t less"»" tcaron
Multi_key less t"»" tcaron
Multi_key t caron"»" tcaron
Multi_key caron t"»" tcaron
Multi_key z apostrophe"¼" zacute
Multi_key apostrophe z"¼" zacute
Multi_key z acute"¼" zacute
Multi_key acute z"¼" zacute
Multi_key apostrophe apostrophe space"½" doubleacute
Multi_key acute acute space"½" doubleacute
Multi_key z less"¾" zcaron
Multi_key less z"¾" zcaron
Multi_key z caron"¾" zcaron
Multi_key caron z"¾" zcaron
Multi_key z period"¿" zabovedot
Multi_key R acute"À" Racute
Multi_key acute R"À" Racute
Multi_key R apostrophe"À" Racute
Multi_key apostrophe R"À" Racute
Multi_key A acute"Á" Aacute
Multi_key acute A"Á" Aacute
Multi_key A apostrophe"Á" Aacute
Multi_key apostrophe A"Á" Aacute
Multi_key A asciicircum"Â" Acircumflex
Multi_key asciicircum A"Â" Acircumflex
Multi_key A greater"Â" Acircumflex
Multi_key greater A"Â" Acircumflex
Multi_key A U"Ã" Abreve
Multi_key A breve"Ã" Abreve
Multi_key breve A"Ã" Abreve
Multi_key A quotedbl"Ä" Adiaeresis
Multi_key quotedbl A"Ä" Adiaeresis
Multi_key L acute"Å" Lacute
Multi_key acute L"Å" Lacute
Multi_key L apostrophe"Å" Lacute
Multi_key apostrophe L"Å" Lacute
Multi_key C acute"Æ" Cacute
Multi_key acute C"Æ" Cacute
Multi_key C apostrophe"Æ" Cacute
Multi_key apostrophe C"Æ" Cacute
Multi_key C comma"Ç" Ccedilla
Multi_key comma C"Ç" Ccedilla
Multi_key C cedilla"Ç" Ccedilla
Multi_key cedilla C"Ç" Ccedilla
Multi_key C less"È" Ccaron
Multi_key less C"È" Ccaron
Multi_key C caron"È" Ccaron
Multi_key caron C"È" Ccaron
Multi_key E acute"É" Eacute
Multi_key acute E"É" Eacute
Multi_key E apostrophe"É" Eacute
Multi_key apostrophe E"É" Eacute
Multi_key E comma"Ê" Eogonek
Multi_key comma E"Ê" Eogonek
Multi_key E ogonek"Ê" Eogonek
Multi_key ogonek E"Ê" Eogonek
Multi_key E quotedbl"Ë" Ediaeresis
Multi_key quotedbl E"Ë" Ediaeresis
Multi_key E less"Ì" Ecaron
Multi_key less E"Ì" Ecaron
Multi_key E caron"Ì" Ecaron
Multi_key caron E"Ì" Ecaron
Multi_key I acute"Í" Iacute
Multi_key acute I"Í" Iacute
Multi_key I apostrophe"Í" Iacute
Multi_key apostrophe I"Í" Iacute
Multi_key I asciicircum"Î" Icircumflex
Multi_key asciicircum I"Î" Icircumflex
Multi_key I greater"Î" Icircumflex
Multi_key greater I"Î" Icircumflex
Multi_key D less"Ï" Dcaron
Multi_key less D"Ï" Dcaron
Multi_key D caron"Ï" Dcaron
Multi_key caron D"Ï" Dcaron
Multi_key D minus"Ð" Dstroke
Multi_key minus D"Ð" Dstroke
Multi_key N acute"Ñ" Nacute
Multi_key acute N"Ñ" Nacute
Multi_key N apostrophe"Ñ" Nacute
Multi_key apostrophe N"Ñ" Nacute
Multi_key N less"Ò" Ncaron
Multi_key less N"Ò" Ncaron
Multi_key N caron"Ò" Ncaron
Multi_key caron N"Ò" Ncaron
Multi_key O acute"Ó" Oacute
Multi_key acute O"Ó" Oacute
Multi_key O apostrophe"Ó" Oacute
Multi_key apostrophe O"Ó" Oacute
Multi_key O asciicircum"Ô" Ocircumflex
Multi_key asciicircum O"Ô" Ocircumflex
Multi_key O greater"Ô" Ocircumflex
Multi_key greater O"Ô" Ocircumflex
Multi_key apostrophe apostrophe O"Õ" Odoubleacute
Multi_key acute acute O"Õ" Odoubleacute
Multi_key O quotedbl"Ö" Odiaeresis
Multi_key quotedbl O"Ö" Odiaeresis
Multi_key x x"×" multiply
Multi_key R less"Ø" Rcaron
Multi_key less R"Ø" Rcaron
Multi_key R caron"Ø" Rcaron
Multi_key caron R"Ø" Rcaron
Multi_key U asterisk"Ù" Uring
Multi_key asterisk U"Ù" Uring
Multi_key U acute"Ú" Uacute
Multi_key acute U"Ú" Uacute
Multi_key U apostrophe"Ú" Uacute
Multi_key apostrophe U"Ú" Uacute
Multi_key apostrophe apostrophe U"Û" Udoubleacute
Multi_key acute acute U"Û" Udoubleacute
Multi_key U quotedbl"Ü" Udiaeresis
Multi_key quotedbl U"Ü" Udiaeresis
Multi_key Y acute"Ý" Yacute
Multi_key acute Y"Ý" Yacute
Multi_key Y apostrophe"Ý" Yacute
Multi_key apostrophe Y"Ý" Yacute
Multi_key T comma"Þ" Tcedilla
Multi_key comma T"Þ" Tcedilla
Multi_key T cedilla"Þ" Tcedilla
Multi_key cedilla T"Þ" Tcedilla
Multi_key s s"ß" ssharp
Multi_key r acute"à" racute
Multi_key acute r"à" racute
Multi_key r apostrophe"à" racute
Multi_key apostrophe r"à" racute
Multi_key a acute"á" aacute
Multi_key acute a"á" aacute
Multi_key a apostrophe"á" aacute
Multi_key apostrophe a"á" aacute
Multi_key a asciicircum"â" acircumflex
Multi_key asciicircum a"â" acircumflex
Multi_key a greater"â" acircumflex
Multi_key greater a"â" acircumflex
Multi_key a U"ã" abreve
Multi_key a breve"ã" abreve
Multi_key breve a"ã" abreve
Multi_key a quotedbl"ä" adiaeresis
Multi_key quotedbl a"ä" adiaeresis
Multi_key l acute"å" lacute
Multi_key acute l"å" lacute
Multi_key l apostrophe"å" lacute
Multi_key apostrophe l"å" lacute
Multi_key c acute"æ" cacute
Multi_key acute c"æ" cacute
Multi_key c apostrophe"æ" cacute
Multi_key apostrophe c"æ" cacute
Multi_key c comma"ç" ccedilla
Multi_key comma c"ç" ccedilla
Multi_key c cedilla"ç" ccedilla
Multi_key cedilla c"ç" ccedilla
Multi_key c less"è" ccaron
Multi_key less c"è" ccaron
Multi_key c caron"è" ccaron
Multi_key caron c"è" ccaron
Multi_key e acute"é" eacute
Multi_key acute e"é" eacute
Multi_key e apostrophe"é" eacute
Multi_key apostrophe e"é" eacute
Multi_key e comma"ê" eogonek
Multi_key comma e"ê" eogonek
Multi_key e ogonek"ê" eogonek
Multi_key ogonek e"ê" eogonek
Multi_key e quotedbl"ë" ediaeresis
Multi_key quotedbl e"ë" ediaeresis
Multi_key e less"ì" ecaron
Multi_key less e"ì" ecaron
Multi_key e caron"ì" ecaron
Multi_key caron e"ì" ecaron
Multi_key i acute"í" iacute
Multi_key acute i"í" iacute
Multi_key i apostrophe"í" iacute
Multi_key apostrophe i"í" iacute
Multi_key i asciicircum"î" icircumflex
Multi_key asciicircum i"î" icircumflex
Multi_key i greater"î" icircumflex
Multi_key greater i"î" icircumflex
Multi_key d less"ï" dcaron
Multi_key less d"ï" dcaron
Multi_key d caron"ï" dcaron
Multi_key caron d"ï" dcaron
Multi_key d minus"ð" dstroke
Multi_key minus d"ð" dstroke
Multi_key n acute"ñ" nacute
Multi_key acute n"ñ" nacute
Multi_key n apostrophe"ñ" nacute
Multi_key apostrophe n"ñ" nacute
Multi_key n less"ò" ncaron
Multi_key less n"ò" ncaron
Multi_key n caron"ò" ncaron
Multi_key caron n"ò" ncaron
Multi_key o acute"ó" oacute
Multi_key acute o"ó" oacute
Multi_key o apostrophe"ó" oacute
Multi_key apostrophe o"ó" oacute
Multi_key o asciicircum"ô" ocircumflex
Multi_key asciicircum o"ô" ocircumflex
Multi_key o greater"ô" ocircumflex
Multi_key greater o"ô" ocircumflex
Multi_key apostrophe apostrophe o"õ" odoubleacute
Multi_key acute acute o"õ" odoubleacute
Multi_key o quotedbl"ö" odiaeresis
Multi_key quotedbl o"ö" odiaeresis
Multi_key minus colon"÷" division
Multi_key colon minus"÷" division
Multi_key r less"ø" rcaron
Multi_key less r"ø" rcaron
Multi_key r caron"ø" rcaron
Multi_key caron r"ø" rcaron
Multi_key u asterisk"ù" uring
Multi_key asterisk u"ù" uring
Multi_key u acute"ú" uacute
Multi_key acute u"ú" uacute
Multi_key u apostrophe"ú" uacute
Multi_key apostrophe u"ú" uacute
Multi_key apostrophe apostrophe u"û" udoubleacute
Multi_key acute acute u"û" udoubleacute
Multi_key u quotedbl"ü" udiaeresis
Multi_key quotedbl u"ü" udiaeresis
Multi_key y acute"ý" yacute
Multi_key acute y"ý" yacute
Multi_key y apostrophe"ý" yacute
Multi_key apostrophe y"ý" yacute
Multi_key t comma"þ" tcedilla
Multi_key comma t"þ" tcedilla
Multi_key t cedilla"þ" tcedilla
Multi_key cedilla t"þ" tcedilla
Multi_key period period"ÿ" abovedot
dead_acute A"Á" Aacute
dead_acute C"Æ" Cacute
dead_acute E"É" Eacute
dead_acute I"Í" Iacute
dead_acute L"Å" Lacute
dead_acute N"Ñ" Nacute
dead_acute O"Ó" Oacute
dead_acute R"À" Racute
dead_acute S"¦" Sacute
dead_acute U"Ú" Uacute
dead_acute Y"Ý" Yacute
dead_acute Z"¬" Zacute
dead_acute a"á" aacute
dead_acute c"æ" cacute
dead_acute e"é" eacute
dead_acute i"í" iacute
dead_acute l"å" lacute
dead_acute n"ñ" nacute
dead_acute o"ó" oacute
dead_acute r"à" racute
dead_acute s"" sacute
dead_acute u"ú" uacute
dead_acute y"ý" yacute
dead_acute z"¼" zacute
dead_breve A"Ã" Abreve
dead_breve a"ã" abreve
dead_diaeresis A"Ä" Adiaeresis
dead_diaeresis E"Ë" Ediaeresis
dead_diaeresis O"Ö" Odiaeresis
dead_diaeresis U"Ü" Udiaeresis
dead_diaeresis a"ä" adiaeresis
dead_diaeresis e"ë" ediaeresis
dead_diaeresis o"ö" odiaeresis
dead_diaeresis u"ü" udiaeresis
dead_abovering U"Ù" Uring
dead_abovering u"ù" uring
dead_doubleacute O"Õ" Odoubleacute
dead_doubleacute U"Û" Udoubleacute
dead_doubleacute o"õ" odoubleacute
dead_doubleacute u"û" udoubleacute
dead_caron C"È" Ccaron
dead_caron D"Ï" Dcaron
dead_caron E"Ì" Ecaron
dead_caron L"¥" Lcaron
dead_caron N"Ò" Ncaron
dead_caron R"Ø" Rcaron
dead_caron S"©" Scaron
dead_caron T"«" Tcaron
dead_caron Z"®" Zcaron
dead_caron c"è" ccaron
dead_caron d"ï" dcaron
dead_caron e"ì" ecaron
dead_caron l"µ" lcaron
dead_caron n"ò" ncaron
dead_caron r"ø" rcaron
dead_caron s"¹" scaron
dead_caron t"»" tcaron
dead_caron z"¾" zcaron
dead_cedilla S"ª" Scedilla
dead_cedilla C"Ç" Ccedilla
dead_cedilla T"Þ" Tcedilla
dead_cedilla c"ç" ccedilla
dead_cedilla s"º" scedilla
dead_cedilla t"þ" tcedilla
those are for ease of use
dead_abovedot U"Ù" Uring
dead_abovedot u"ù" uring
dead_caron U"Ù" Uring
dead_caron u"ù" uring
traditional sequences
Multi_key O E"¼" OE
Multi_key o e"½" oe
dead_abovering A"Å" Aring
dead_abovering a"å" aring
dead_abovering dead_abovering"°" degree
dead_abovering degree"°" degree
dead_abovering space"°" degree
dead_abovering nobreakspace"°" degree
dead_tilde I"¥" Itilde
dead_tilde i"µ" itilde
dead_tilde A"Ã" Atilde
dead_tilde O"Õ" Otilde
dead_tilde U"Ý" Utilde
dead_tilde a"ã" atilde
dead_tilde o"õ" otilde
dead_tilde u"ý" utilde
dead_tilde N"Ñ" Ntilde
dead_tilde n"ñ" ntilde
dead_tilde dead_tilde"~" asciitilde
dead_tilde asciitilde"~" asciitilde
dead_tilde space"~" asciitilde
dead_tilde nobreakspace"~" asciitilde
dead_caron caron"·" caron
dead_caron dead_caron"·" caron
dead_caron space"·" caron
dead_caron nobreakspace"·" caron
dead_circumflex A"Â" Acircumflex
dead_circumflex I"Î" Icircumflex
dead_circumflex O"Ô" Ocircumflex
dead_circumflex U"Û" Ucircumflex
dead_circumflex a"â" acircumflex
dead_circumflex i"î" icircumflex
dead_circumflex o"ô" ocircumflex
dead_circumflex u"û" ucircumflex
dead_circumflex dead_circumflex"^" asciicircum
dead_circumflex asciicircum"^" asciicircum
dead_circumflex space"^" asciicircum
dead_circumflex nobreakspace"^" asciicircum
dead_breve G"«" Gbreve
dead_breve g"»" gbreve
dead_breve U"Ý" Ubreve
dead_breve u"ý" ubreve
dead_breve dead_breve"¢" breve
dead_breve breve"¢" breve
dead_breve space"¢" breve
dead_breve nobreakspace"¢" breve
dead_ogonek A"¡" Aogonek
dead_ogonek I"Ç" Iogonek
dead_ogonek E"Ê" Eogonek
dead_ogonek U"Ù" Uogonek
dead_ogonek a"±" aogonek
dead_ogonek i"ç" iogonek
dead_ogonek e"ê" eogonek
dead_ogonek u"ù" uogonek
dead_ogonek dead_ogonek"Ʋ" ogonek
dead_ogonek ogonek"Ʋ" ogonek
dead_ogonek space"Ʋ" ogonek
dead_ogonek nobreakspace"Ʋ" ogonek
dead_grave A"À" Agrave
dead_grave a"à" agrave
dead_grave E"È" Egrave
dead_grave e"è" egrave
dead_grave I"Ì" Igrave
dead_grave i"ì" igrave
dead_grave O"Ò" Ograve
dead_grave o"ò" ograve
dead_grave U"Ù" Ugrave
dead_grave u"ù" ugrave
dead_grave dead_grave"`" grave
dead_grave grave"`" grave
dead_grave space"`" grave
dead_grave nobreakspace"`" grave
dead_abovedot C"Å" Cabovedot
dead_abovedot c"å" cabovedot
dead_abovedot I"©" Iabovedot
dead_abovedot i"¹" idotless
dead_abovedot Z"¯" Zabovedot
dead_abovedot z"¿" zabovedot
dead_abovedot E"Ì" Eabovedot
dead_abovedot e"ì" eabovedot
dead_abovedot dead_abovedot"ÿ" abovedot
dead_abovedot abovedot"ÿ" abovedot
dead_abovedot space"ÿ" abovedot
dead_abovedot nobreakspace"ÿ" abovedot
dead_acute dead_acute"´" acute
dead_acute acute"´" acute
dead_acute space"´" acute
dead_acute nobreakspace"´" acute
dead_doubleacute dead_doubleacute"ƽ" doubleacute
dead_doubleacute doubleacute"ƽ" doubleacute
dead_doubleacute space"ƽ" doubleacute
dead_doubleacute nobreakspace"ƽ" doubleacute
dead_diaeresis I"Ï" Idiaeresis
dead_diaeresis i"ï" idiaeresis
dead_diaeresis y"ÿ" ydiaeresis
dead_diaeresis dead_diaeresis"¨" diaeresis
dead_diaeresis diaeresis"¨" diaeresis
dead_diaeresis space"¨" diaeresis
dead_diaeresis nobreakspace"¨" diaeresis
dead_cedilla dead_cedilla"¸" cedilla
dead_cedilla cedilla"¸" cedilla
dead_cedilla space"¸" cedilla
dead_cedilla nobreakspace"¸" cedilla
dead_macron dead_macron"¯" macron
dead_macron macron"¯" macron
dead_macron space"¯" macron
dead_macron nobreakspace"¯" macron
End of Sequence Definition