Xlib Compose Keys for iso8859-7

Applications using Xlib input handling should recognize these compose key sequences in locales using the iso8859-7 compose table.

ISO 8859-7 (Greek) Compose Sequence Sequence Definition <Multi_key> Means <Compose> Special Character

Table 1. Compose Key Sequences for iso8859-7

Key SequenceAction
Multi_key plus plus"#" numbersign
Multi_key apostrophe space"'" apostrophe
Multi_key space apostrophe"'" apostrophe
Multi_key A T"@" at
Multi_key parenleft parenleft"[" bracketleft
Multi_key slash slash"\\" backslash
Multi_key slash less"\\" backslash
Multi_key less slash"\\" backslash
Multi_key parenright parenright"]" bracketright
Multi_key asciicircum space"^" asciicircum
Multi_key space asciicircum"^" asciicircum
Multi_key greater space"^" asciicircum
Multi_key space greater"^" asciicircum
Multi_key grave space"`" grave
Multi_key space grave"`" grave
Multi_key parenleft minus"{" braceleft
Multi_key minus parenleft"{" braceleft
Multi_key slash asciicircum"|" bar
Multi_key asciicircum slash"|" bar
Multi_key V L"|" bar
Multi_key L V"|" bar
Multi_key v l"|" bar
Multi_key l v"|" bar
Multi_key parenright minus"}" braceright
Multi_key minus parenright"}" braceright
Multi_key asciitilde space"~" asciitilde
Multi_key space asciitilde"~" asciitilde
Multi_key minus space"~" asciitilde
Multi_key space minus"~" asciitilde
Multi_key l minus"£" sterling
Multi_key minus l"£" sterling
Multi_key L minus"£" sterling
Multi_key minus L"£" sterling
Multi_key l equal"£" sterling
Multi_key equal l"£" sterling
Multi_key L equal"£" sterling
Multi_key equal L"£" sterling
Multi_key s o"§" section
Multi_key o s"§" section
Multi_key S O"§" section
Multi_key O S"§" section
Multi_key S exclam"§" section
Multi_key exclam S"§" section
Multi_key s exclam"§" section
Multi_key exclam s"§" section
Multi_key S 0"§" section
Multi_key 0 S"§" section
Multi_key s 0"§" section
Multi_key 0 s"§" section
Multi_key c o"©" copyright
Multi_key o c"©" copyright
Multi_key C O"©" copyright
Multi_key O C"©" copyright
Multi_key c O"©" copyright
Multi_key O c"©" copyright
Multi_key C o"©" copyright
Multi_key o C"©" copyright
Multi_key c 0"©" copyright
Multi_key 0 c"©" copyright
Multi_key C 0"©" copyright
Multi_key 0 C"©" copyright
Multi_key parenleft c"©" copyright
Multi_key less less"«" guillemotleft
Multi_key greater greater"»" guillemotright
Multi_key 0 asciicircum"°" degree
Multi_key asciicircum 0"°" degree
Multi_key 0 asterisk"°" degree
Multi_key asterisk 0"°" degree
Multi_key plus minus"±" plusminus
Multi_key minus plus"±" plusminus
Multi_key 2 asciicircum"²" twosuperior
Multi_key asciicircum 2"²" twosuperior
Multi_key S 2"²" twosuperior
Multi_key 2 S"²" twosuperior
Multi_key s 2"²" twosuperior
Multi_key 2 s"²" twosuperior
Multi_key 3 asciicircum"³" threesuperior
Multi_key asciicircum 3"³" threesuperior
Multi_key S 3"³" threesuperior
Multi_key 3 S"³" threesuperior
Multi_key s 3"³" threesuperior
Multi_key 3 s"³" threesuperior
Multi_key period asciicircum"·" periodcentered
Multi_key asciicircum period"·" periodcentered
Multi_key period period"·" periodcentered
Multi_key 1 2"½" onehalf
Multi_key space space" " nobreakspace
Multi_key bar bar"¦" brokenbar
Multi_key exclam asciicircum"¦" brokenbar
Multi_key asciicircum exclam"¦" brokenbar
Multi_key V B"¦" brokenbar
Multi_key B V"¦" brokenbar
Multi_key v b"¦" brokenbar
Multi_key b v"¦" brokenbar
Multi_key minus comma"¬" notsign
Multi_key comma minus"¬" notsign
Multi_key minus minus"­" hyphen
should be Greek tonos but not defined in X11
Multi_key apostrophe apostrophe"´" acute
should be Greek dialytika but not defined in X11
Multi_key quotedbl quotedbl"¨" diaeresis
special characters that don't exist in Latin-1
Multi_key less apostrophe"¡" leftsinglequotemark
Multi_key apostrophe less"¡" leftsinglequotemark
Multi_key greater apostrophe"¢" rightsinglequotemark
Multi_key apostrophe greater"¢" rightsinglequotemark
Multi_key asciitilde asciitilde"¯" Greek_horizbar
Accented Alphabet
Multi_key Greek_ALPHA apostrophe"" Greek_ALPHAaccent
Multi_key apostrophe Greek_ALPHA"" Greek_ALPHAaccent
Multi_key Greek_EPSILON apostrophe"¸" Greek_EPSILONaccent
Multi_key apostrophe Greek_EPSILON"¸" Greek_EPSILONaccent
Multi_key Greek_ETA apostrophe"¹" Greek_ETAaccent
Multi_key apostrophe Greek_ETA"¹" Greek_ETAaccent
Multi_key Greek_IOTA apostrophe"º" Greek_IOTAaccent
Multi_key apostrophe Greek_IOTA"º" Greek_IOTAaccent
Multi_key Greek_OMICRON apostrophe"¼" Greek_OMICRONaccent
Multi_key apostrophe Greek_OMICRON"¼" Greek_OMICRONaccent
Multi_key Greek_UPSILON apostrophe"¾" Greek_UPSILONaccent
Multi_key apostrophe Greek_UPSILON"¾" Greek_UPSILONaccent
Multi_key Greek_OMEGA apostrophe"¿" Greek_OMEGAaccent
Multi_key apostrophe Greek_OMEGA"¿" Greek_OMEGAaccent
Multi_key Greek_IOTA quotedbl"Ú" Greek_IOTAdieresis
Multi_key quotedbl Greek_IOTA"Ú" Greek_IOTAdieresis
Multi_key Greek_UPSILON quotedbl"Û" Greek_UPSILONdieresis
Multi_key quotedbl Greek_UPSILON"Û" Greek_UPSILONdieresis
Multi_key Greek_alpha apostrophe"Ü" Greek_alphaaccent
Multi_key apostrophe Greek_alpha"Ü" Greek_alphaaccent
Multi_key Greek_epsilon apostrophe"Ý" Greek_epsilonaccent
Multi_key apostrophe Greek_epsilon"Ý" Greek_epsilonaccent
Multi_key Greek_eta apostrophe"Þ" Greek_etaaccent
Multi_key apostrophe Greek_eta"Þ" Greek_etaaccent
Multi_key Greek_iota apostrophe"ß" Greek_iotaaccent
Multi_key apostrophe Greek_iota"ß" Greek_iotaaccent
Multi_key Greek_omicron apostrophe"ü" Greek_omicronaccent
Multi_key apostrophe Greek_omicron"ü" Greek_omicronaccent
Multi_key Greek_upsilon apostrophe"ý" Greek_upsilonaccent
Multi_key apostrophe Greek_upsilon"ý" Greek_upsilonaccent
Multi_key Greek_omega apostrophe"þ" Greek_omegaaccent
Multi_key apostrophe Greek_omega"þ" Greek_omegaaccent
Multi_key Greek_iota quotedbl"ú" Greek_iotadieresis
Multi_key quotedbl Greek_iota"ú" Greek_iotadieresis
Multi_key Greek_upsilon quotedbl"û" Greek_upsilondieresis
Multi_key quotedbl Greek_upsilon"û" Greek_upsilondieresis
Multi_key apostrophe quotedbl Greek_iota"À" Greek_iotaaccentdieresis
Multi_key quotedbl apostrophe Greek_iota"À" Greek_iotaaccentdieresis
Multi_key apostrophe quotedbl Greek_upsilon"à" Greek_upsilonaccentdieresis
Multi_key quotedbl apostrophe Greek_upsilon"à" Greek_upsilonaccentdieresis
Multi_key apostrophe quotedbl space"µ" Greek_accentdieresis
Multi_key quotedbl apostrophe space"µ" Greek_accentdieresis
dead key accent keysyms Special Character
dead_circumflex slash"|" bar
dead_grave space"`" grave
dead_diaeresis space"¨" diaeresis
dead_circumflex space"^" asciicircum
dead_tilde space"~" asciitilde
dead_doubleacute space"\"" quotedbl
dead_abovering space"°" degree
dead_abovering dead_abovering"°" degree
dead_circumflex 0"°" degree
dead_circumflex 2"²" twosuperior
dead_circumflex 3"³" threesuperior
dead_circumflex period"·" periodcentered
dead_circumflex exclam"¦" brokenbar
dead_cedilla minus"¬" notsign
dead_acute apostrophe"´" acute
dead_diaeresis quotedbl"¨" diaeresis
Accented Alphabet (plus some more symbols)
dead_acute Greek_alpha"Ü" Greek_alphaaccent
dead_acute Greek_epsilon"Ý" Greek_epsilonaccent
dead_acute Greek_eta"Þ" Greek_etaaccent
dead_acute Greek_iota"ß" Greek_iotaaccent
dead_acute Greek_omicron"ü" Greek_omicronaccent
dead_acute Greek_upsilon"ý" Greek_upsilonaccent
dead_acute Greek_omega"þ" Greek_omegaaccent
dead_acute Greek_ALPHA"" Greek_ALPHAaccent
dead_acute Greek_EPSILON"¸" Greek_EPSILONaccent
dead_acute Greek_ETA"¹" Greek_ETAaccent
dead_acute Greek_IOTA"º" Greek_IOTAaccent
dead_acute Greek_OMICRON"¼" Greek_OMICRONaccent
dead_acute Greek_UPSILON"¾" Greek_UPSILONaccent
dead_acute Greek_OMEGA"¿" Greek_OMEGAaccent
dead_acute space"´" acute
dead_acute dead_acute"´" acute
dead_acute period"·" periodcentered
dead_acute less"«" guillemotleft
dead_acute greater"»" guillemotright
dead_diaeresis Greek_iota"ú" Greek_iotadieresis
dead_diaeresis Greek_upsilon"û" Greek_upsilondieresis
dead_diaeresis Greek_IOTA"Ú" Greek_IOTAdieresis
dead_diaeresis Greek_UPSILON"Û" Greek_UPSILONdieresis
dead_diaeresis dead_diaeresis"¨" diaeresis
dead_diaeresis period"·" periodcentered
dead_diaeresis less"«" guillemotleft
dead_diaeresis greater"»" guillemotright
dead_acute dead_diaeresis Greek_iota"À" Greek_iotaaccentdieresis
dead_acute dead_diaeresis Greek_upsilon"à" Greek_upsilonaccentdieresis
dead_acute dead_diaeresis space"µ" Greek_accentdieresis
dead_diaeresis dead_acute Greek_iota"À" Greek_iotaaccentdieresis
dead_diaeresis dead_acute Greek_upsilon"à" Greek_upsilonaccentdieresis
dead_diaeresis dead_acute space"µ" Greek_accentdieresis