Xlib Compose Keys for iso8859-9e

Applications using Xlib input handling should recognize these compose key sequences in locales using the iso8859-9e compose table.

ISO 8859-9e (Latin??) Compose Sequence Sequence Definition <Multi_key> Means <Compose> Special Character

Table 1. Compose Key Sequences for iso8859-9e

Key SequenceAction
Multi_key plus plus"#" numbersign
Multi_key apostrophe space"'" apostrophe
Multi_key space apostrophe"'" apostrophe
Multi_key parenleft parenleft"[" bracketleft
Multi_key slash slash"\\" backslash
Multi_key slash less"\\" backslash
Multi_key less slash"\\" backslash
Multi_key parenright parenright"]" bracketright
Multi_key asciicircum space"^" asciicircum
Multi_key space asciicircum"^" asciicircum
Multi_key greater space"^" asciicircum
Multi_key space greater"^" asciicircum
Multi_key grave space"`" grave
Multi_key space grave"`" grave
Multi_key parenleft minus"{" braceleft
Multi_key minus parenleft"{" braceleft
Multi_key slash asciicircum"|" bar
Multi_key asciicircum slash"|" bar
Multi_key V L"|" bar
Multi_key L V"|" bar
Multi_key v l"|" bar
Multi_key l v"|" bar
Multi_key parenright minus"}" braceright
Multi_key minus parenright"}" braceright
Multi_key asciitilde space"~" asciitilde
Multi_key space asciitilde"~" asciitilde
Multi_key minus space"~" asciitilde
Multi_key space minus"~" asciitilde
Multi_key exclam exclam"¡" exclamdown
Multi_key c slash"¢" cent
Multi_key slash c"¢" cent
Multi_key C slash"¢" cent
Multi_key slash C"¢" cent
Multi_key C bar"¢" cent
Multi_key bar C"¢" cent
Multi_key c bar"¢" cent
Multi_key bar c"¢" cent
Multi_key l minus"£" sterling
Multi_key minus l"£" sterling
Multi_key L minus"£" sterling
Multi_key minus L"£" sterling
Multi_key l equal"£" sterling
Multi_key equal l"£" sterling
Multi_key L equal"£" sterling
Multi_key equal L"£" sterling
Multi_key C equal"¤" EuroSign
Multi_key equal C"¤" EuroSign
Multi_key c equal"¤" EuroSign
Multi_key equal c"¤" EuroSign
Multi_key E equal"¤" EuroSign
Multi_key equal E"¤" EuroSign
Multi_key e equal"¤" EuroSign
Multi_key equal e"¤" EuroSign
Multi_key y minus"¥" yen
Multi_key minus y"¥" yen
Multi_key Y minus"¥" yen
Multi_key minus Y"¥" yen
Multi_key y equal"¥" yen
Multi_key equal y"¥" yen
Multi_key Y equal"¥" yen
Multi_key equal Y"¥" yen
Multi_key s o"§" section
Multi_key o s"§" section
Multi_key S O"§" section
Multi_key O S"§" section
Multi_key S exclam"§" section
Multi_key exclam S"§" section
Multi_key s exclam"§" section
Multi_key exclam s"§" section
Multi_key S 0"§" section
Multi_key 0 S"§" section
Multi_key s 0"§" section
Multi_key 0 s"§" section
Multi_key c o"©" copyright
Multi_key o c"©" copyright
Multi_key C O"©" copyright
Multi_key O C"©" copyright
Multi_key c O"©" copyright
Multi_key O c"©" copyright
Multi_key C o"©" copyright
Multi_key o C"©" copyright
Multi_key c 0"©" copyright
Multi_key 0 c"©" copyright
Multi_key C 0"©" copyright
Multi_key 0 C"©" copyright
Multi_key parenleft c"©" copyright
Multi_key a underscore"ª" ordfeminine
Multi_key underscore a"ª" ordfeminine
Multi_key A underscore"ª" ordfeminine
Multi_key underscore A"ª" ordfeminine
Multi_key o underscore"º" masculine
Multi_key underscore o"º" masculine
Multi_key O underscore"º" masculine
Multi_key underscore O"º" masculine
Multi_key less less"«" guillemotleft
Multi_key greater greater"»" guillemotright
Multi_key 0 asciicircum"°" degree
Multi_key asciicircum 0"°" degree
Multi_key 0 asterisk"°" degree
Multi_key asterisk 0"°" degree
Multi_key plus minus"±" plusminus
Multi_key minus plus"±" plusminus
Multi_key slash u"µ" mu
Multi_key u slash"µ" mu
Multi_key slash U"µ" mu
Multi_key U slash"µ" mu
Multi_key 1 asciicircum"¹" onesuperior
Multi_key asciicircum 1"¹" onesuperior
Multi_key S 1"¹" onesuperior
Multi_key 1 S"¹" onesuperior
Multi_key s 1"¹" onesuperior
Multi_key 1 s"¹" onesuperior
Multi_key 2 asciicircum"²" twosuperior
Multi_key asciicircum 2"²" twosuperior
Multi_key S 2"²" twosuperior
Multi_key 2 S"²" twosuperior
Multi_key s 2"²" twosuperior
Multi_key 2 s"²" twosuperior
Multi_key 3 asciicircum"³" threesuperior
Multi_key asciicircum 3"³" threesuperior
Multi_key S 3"³" threesuperior
Multi_key 3 S"³" threesuperior
Multi_key s 3"³" threesuperior
Multi_key 3 s"³" threesuperior
Multi_key p exclam"" paragraph
Multi_key exclam p"" paragraph
Multi_key P exclam"" paragraph
Multi_key exclam P"" paragraph
Multi_key period asciicircum"·" periodcentered
Multi_key asciicircum period"·" periodcentered
Multi_key period period"·" periodcentered
Multi_key question question"¿" questiondown
Multi_key space space" " nobreakspace
Multi_key minus comma"¬" notsign
Multi_key comma minus"¬" notsign
Multi_key minus minus"­" hyphen
Multi_key R O"®" registered
Multi_key O R"®" registered
Multi_key parenleft r"®" registered
Multi_key minus asciicircum"¯" macron
Multi_key asciicircum minus"¯" macron
Multi_key underscore asciicircum"¯" macron
Multi_key asciicircum underscore"¯" macron
Multi_key underscore underscore"¯" macron
Multi_key minus colon"÷" division
Multi_key colon minus"÷" division
Multi_key x x"×" multiply
Multi_key apostrophe apostrophe"´" acute
Multi_key comma comma"¸" cedilla
Multi_key quotedbl quotedbl"¨" diaeresis
Accented Alphabet
Multi_key A grave"À" Agrave
Multi_key grave A"À" Agrave
Multi_key A acute"Á" Aacute
Multi_key acute A"Á" Aacute
Multi_key A apostrophe"Á" Aacute
Multi_key apostrophe A"Á" Aacute
Multi_key A asciicircum"Â" Acircumflex
Multi_key asciicircum A"Â" Acircumflex
Multi_key A greater"Â" Acircumflex
Multi_key greater A"Â" Acircumflex
Multi_key A asciitilde"Ã" Atilde
Multi_key asciitilde A"Ã" Atilde
Multi_key A minus"Ã" Atilde
Multi_key minus A"Ã" Atilde
Multi_key A quotedbl"Ä" Adiaeresis
Multi_key quotedbl A"Ä" Adiaeresis
Multi_key A diaeresis"Ä" Adiaeresis
Multi_key diaeresis A"Ä" Adiaeresis
Multi_key A asterisk"Å" Aring
Multi_key asterisk A"Å" Aring
Multi_key A A"Å" Aring
Multi_key E E"Æ" SCHWA
Multi_key a grave"à" agrave
Multi_key grave a"à" agrave
Multi_key a acute"á" aacute
Multi_key acute a"á" aacute
Multi_key a apostrophe"á" aacute
Multi_key apostrophe a"á" aacute
Multi_key a asciicircum"â" acircumflex
Multi_key asciicircum a"â" acircumflex
Multi_key a greater"â" acircumflex
Multi_key greater a"â" acircumflex
Multi_key a asciitilde"ã" atilde
Multi_key asciitilde a"ã" atilde
Multi_key a minus"ã" atilde
Multi_key minus a"ã" atilde
Multi_key a quotedbl"ä" adiaeresis
Multi_key quotedbl a"ä" adiaeresis
Multi_key a diaeresis"ä" adiaeresis
Multi_key diaeresis a"ä" adiaeresis
Multi_key a asterisk"å" aring
Multi_key asterisk a"å" aring
Multi_key a a"å" aring
Multi_key e e"æ" schwa
Multi_key C comma"Ç" Ccedilla
Multi_key C cedilla"Ç" Ccedilla
Multi_key comma C"Ç" Ccedilla
Multi_key cedilla C"Ç" Ccedilla
Multi_key c comma"ç" ccedilla
Multi_key c cedilla"ç" ccedilla
Multi_key comma c"ç" ccedilla
Multi_key cedilla c"ç" ccedilla
Multi_key minus D"Ð" ETH
Multi_key D minus"Ð" ETH
Multi_key minus d"ð" eth
Multi_key d minus"ð" eth
Multi_key E grave"È" Egrave
Multi_key grave E"È" Egrave
Multi_key E acute"É" Eacute
Multi_key acute E"É" Eacute
Multi_key E apostrophe"É" Eacute
Multi_key apostrophe E"É" Eacute
Multi_key E asciicircum"Ê" Ecircumflex
Multi_key asciicircum E"Ê" Ecircumflex
Multi_key E greater"Ê" Ecircumflex
Multi_key greater E"Ê" Ecircumflex
Multi_key E quotedbl"Ë" Ediaeresis
Multi_key quotedbl E"Ë" Ediaeresis
Multi_key E diaeresis"Ë" Ediaeresis
Multi_key diaeresis E"Ë" Ediaeresis
Multi_key e grave"è" egrave
Multi_key grave e"è" egrave
Multi_key e acute"é" eacute
Multi_key acute e"é" eacute
Multi_key e apostrophe"é" eacute
Multi_key apostrophe e"é" eacute
Multi_key e asciicircum"ê" ecircumflex
Multi_key asciicircum e"ê" ecircumflex
Multi_key e greater"ê" ecircumflex
Multi_key greater e"ê" ecircumflex
Multi_key e quotedbl"ë" ediaeresis
Multi_key quotedbl e"ë" ediaeresis
Multi_key e diaeresis"ë" ediaeresis
Multi_key diaeresis e"ë" ediaeresis
Multi_key G U"Ð" Gbreve
Multi_key G parenleft"Ð" Gbreve
Multi_key parenleft G"Ð" Gbreve
Multi_key G breve"Ð" Gbreve
Multi_key breve G"Ð" Gbreve
Multi_key g U"ð" gbreve
Multi_key g parenleft"ð" gbreve
Multi_key parenleft g"ð" gbreve
Multi_key g breve"ð" gbreve
Multi_key breve g"ð" gbreve
Multi_key I grave"Ì" Igrave
Multi_key grave I"Ì" Igrave
Multi_key I acute"Í" Iacute
Multi_key acute I"Í" Iacute
Multi_key I apostrophe"Í" Iacute
Multi_key apostrophe I"Í" Iacute
Multi_key I asciicircum"Î" Icircumflex
Multi_key asciicircum I"Î" Icircumflex
Multi_key I greater"Î" Icircumflex
Multi_key greater I"Î" Icircumflex
Multi_key I quotedbl"Ï" Idiaeresis
Multi_key quotedbl I"Ï" Idiaeresis
Multi_key I diaeresis"Ï" Idiaeresis
Multi_key diaeresis I"Ï" Idiaeresis
Multi_key I period"Ý" Iabovedot
Multi_key period I"Ý" Iabovedot
Multi_key i grave"ì" igrave
Multi_key grave i"ì" igrave
Multi_key i acute"í" iacute
Multi_key acute i"í" iacute
Multi_key i apostrophe"í" iacute
Multi_key apostrophe i"í" iacute
Multi_key i asciicircum"î" icircumflex
Multi_key asciicircum i"î" icircumflex
Multi_key i greater"î" icircumflex
Multi_key greater i"î" icircumflex
Multi_key i quotedbl"ï" idiaeresis
Multi_key quotedbl i"ï" idiaeresis
Multi_key i diaeresis"ï" idiaeresis
Multi_key diaeresis i"ï" idiaeresis
Multi_key i period"ý" idotless
Multi_key period i"ý" idotless
Multi_key N asciitilde"Ñ" Ntilde
Multi_key asciitilde N"Ñ" Ntilde
Multi_key N minus"Ñ" Ntilde
Multi_key minus N"Ñ" Ntilde
Multi_key n asciitilde"ñ" ntilde
Multi_key asciitilde n"ñ" ntilde
Multi_key n minus"ñ" ntilde
Multi_key minus n"ñ" ntilde
Multi_key O grave"Ò" Ograve
Multi_key grave O"Ò" Ograve
Multi_key O acute"Ó" Oacute
Multi_key acute O"Ó" Oacute
Multi_key O apostrophe"Ó" Oacute
Multi_key apostrophe O"Ó" Oacute
Multi_key O asciicircum"Ô" Ocircumflex
Multi_key asciicircum O"Ô" Ocircumflex
Multi_key O greater"Ô" Ocircumflex
Multi_key greater O"Ô" Ocircumflex
Multi_key O asciitilde"Õ" Otilde
Multi_key asciitilde O"Õ" Otilde
Multi_key O minus"Õ" Otilde
Multi_key minus O"Õ" Otilde
Multi_key O quotedbl"Ö" Odiaeresis
Multi_key quotedbl O"Ö" Odiaeresis
Multi_key O diaeresis"Ö" Odiaeresis
Multi_key diaeresis O"Ö" Odiaeresis
Multi_key O slash"Ø" Ooblique
Multi_key slash O"Ø" Ooblique
Multi_key O E"¼" OE
Multi_key o grave"ò" ograve
Multi_key grave o"ò" ograve
Multi_key o acute"ó" oacute
Multi_key acute o"ó" oacute
Multi_key o apostrophe"ó" oacute
Multi_key apostrophe o"ó" oacute
Multi_key o asciicircum"ô" ocircumflex
Multi_key asciicircum o"ô" ocircumflex
Multi_key o greater"ô" ocircumflex
Multi_key greater o"ô" ocircumflex
Multi_key o asciitilde"õ" otilde
Multi_key asciitilde o"õ" otilde
Multi_key o minus"õ" otilde
Multi_key minus o"õ" otilde
Multi_key o quotedbl"ö" odiaeresis
Multi_key quotedbl o"ö" odiaeresis
Multi_key o diaeresis"ö" odiaeresis
Multi_key diaeresis o"ö" odiaeresis
Multi_key o slash"ø" oslash
Multi_key slash o"ø" oslash
Multi_key S cedilla"Þ" Scedilla
Multi_key S comma"Þ" Scedilla
Multi_key cedilla S"Þ" Scedilla
Multi_key cedilla s"þ" scedilla
Multi_key comma S"Þ" Scedilla
Multi_key comma s"þ" scedilla
Multi_key s cedilla"þ" scedilla
Multi_key s comma"þ" scedilla
Multi_key U grave"Ù" Ugrave
Multi_key grave U"Ù" Ugrave
Multi_key U acute"Ú" Uacute
Multi_key acute U"Ú" Uacute
Multi_key U apostrophe"Ú" Uacute
Multi_key apostrophe U"Ú" Uacute
Multi_key U asciicircum"Û" Ucircumflex
Multi_key asciicircum U"Û" Ucircumflex
Multi_key U greater"Û" Ucircumflex
Multi_key greater U"Û" Ucircumflex
Multi_key U quotedbl"Ü" Udiaeresis
Multi_key quotedbl U"Ü" Udiaeresis
Multi_key U diaeresis"Ü" Udiaeresis
Multi_key diaeresis U"Ü" Udiaeresis
Multi_key u grave"ù" ugrave
Multi_key grave u"ù" ugrave
Multi_key u acute"ú" uacute
Multi_key acute u"ú" uacute
Multi_key u apostrophe"ú" uacute
Multi_key apostrophe u"ú" uacute
Multi_key u asciicircum"û" ucircumflex
Multi_key asciicircum u"û" ucircumflex
Multi_key u greater"û" ucircumflex
Multi_key greater u"û" ucircumflex
Multi_key u quotedbl"ü" udiaeresis
Multi_key quotedbl u"ü" udiaeresis
Multi_key u diaeresis"ü" udiaeresis
Multi_key diaeresis u"ü" udiaeresis
Multi_key s s"ß" ssharp
Multi_key T H"Þ" THORN
Multi_key t h"þ" thorn
Multi_key Y acute"×" Yacute
Multi_key acute Y"×" Yacute
Multi_key Y apostrophe"×" Yacute
Multi_key apostrophe Y"×" Yacute
Multi_key Y quotedbl"¾" Ydiaeresis
Multi_key quotedbl Y"¾" Ydiaeresis
Multi_key Y diaeresis"¾" Ydiaeresis
Multi_key diaeresis Y"¾" Ydiaeresis
Multi_key y acute"÷" yacute
Multi_key acute y"÷" yacute
Multi_key y apostrophe"÷" yacute
Multi_key apostrophe y"÷" yacute
Multi_key y quotedbl"ÿ" ydiaeresis
Multi_key quotedbl y"ÿ" ydiaeresis
Multi_key y diaeresis"ÿ" ydiaeresis
Multi_key diaeresis y"ÿ" ydiaeresis
Multi_key Z less"¡" Zcaron
Multi_key less Z"¡" Zcaron
Multi_key z less"±" zcaron
Multi_key less z"±" zcaron
Multi_key v Z"¡" Zcaron
Multi_key v z"±" zcaron
Multi_key G less"ª" Gcaron
Multi_key less G"ª" Gcaron
Multi_key g less"º" gcaron
Multi_key less g"º" gcaron
Multi_key v G"ª" Gcaron
Multi_key v g"º" gcaron
Multi_key O less"´" Ocaron
Multi_key less O"´" Ocaron
Multi_key o less"½" ocaron
Multi_key less o"½" ocaron
Multi_key v O"´" Ocaron
Multi_key v o"½" ocaron
dead key accent keysyms Special Character
dead_circumflex slash"|" bar
dead_grave space"`" grave
dead_acute space"'" apostrophe
dead_diaeresis space"¨" diaeresis
dead_circumflex space"^" asciicircum
dead_tilde space"~" asciitilde
dead_circumflex 0"°" degree
dead_circumflex 1"¹" onesuperior
dead_circumflex 2"²" twosuperior
dead_circumflex 3"³" threesuperior
dead_circumflex period"·" periodcentered
dead_cedilla minus"¬" notsign
dead_circumflex minus"¯" macron
dead_circumflex underscore"¯" macron
dead_acute apostrophe"´" acute
dead_cedilla comma"¸" cedilla
dead_diaeresis quotedbl"¨" diaeresis
Accented Alphabet
dead_abovering A"Å" Aring
dead_abovering a"å" aring
dead_grave A"À" Agrave
dead_acute A"Á" Aacute
dead_circumflex A"Â" Acircumflex
dead_tilde A"Ã" Atilde
dead_diaeresis A"Ä" Adiaeresis
dead_grave a"à" agrave
dead_acute a"á" aacute
dead_circumflex a"â" acircumflex
dead_tilde a"ã" atilde
dead_diaeresis a"ä" adiaeresis
dead_cedilla C"Ç" Ccedilla
dead_cedilla c"ç" ccedilla
dead_grave E"È" Egrave
dead_acute E"É" Eacute
dead_circumflex E"Ê" Ecircumflex
dead_diaeresis E"Ë" Ediaeresis
dead_grave e"è" egrave
dead_acute e"é" eacute
dead_circumflex e"ê" ecircumflex
dead_diaeresis e"ë" ediaeresis
dead_breve G"Ð" Gbreve
dead_breve g"ð" gbreve
dead_abovedot I"Ý" Iabovedot
dead_grave I"Ì" Igrave
dead_acute I"Í" Iacute
dead_circumflex I"Î" Icircumflex
dead_diaeresis I"Ï" Idiaeresis
dead_abovedot i"ý" idotless
dead_grave i"ì" igrave
dead_acute i"í" iacute
dead_circumflex i"î" icircumflex
dead_diaeresis i"ï" idiaeresis
dead_tilde N"Ñ" Ntilde
dead_tilde n"ñ" ntilde
dead_grave O"Ò" Ograve
dead_acute O"Ó" Oacute
dead_circumflex O"Ô" Ocircumflex
dead_tilde O"Õ" Otilde
dead_diaeresis O"Ö" Odiaeresis
dead_grave o"ò" ograve
dead_acute o"ó" oacute
dead_circumflex o"ô" ocircumflex
dead_tilde o"õ" otilde
dead_diaeresis o"ö" odiaeresis
dead_cedilla S"Þ" Scedilla
dead_cedilla s"þ" scedilla
dead_grave U"Ù" Ugrave
dead_acute U"Ú" Uacute
dead_circumflex U"Û" Ucircumflex
dead_diaeresis U"Ü" Udiaeresis
dead_grave u"ù" ugrave
dead_acute u"ú" uacute
dead_circumflex u"û" ucircumflex
dead_diaeresis u"ü" udiaeresis
dead_acute Y"×" Yacute
dead_diaeresis Y"¾" Ydiaeresis
dead_acute y"÷" yacute
dead_diaeresis y"ÿ" ydiaeresis
dead_caron Z"¡" Zcaron
dead_caron z"±" zcaron
dead_caron G"ª" Gcaron
dead_caron g"º" gcaron
End of Sequence Definition