Xlib Compose Keys for koi8-c

Applications using Xlib input handling should recognize these compose key sequences in locales using the koi8-c compose table.

koi8-c Compose Sequence Sequence Definition

Table 1. Compose Key Sequences for koi8-c

Key SequenceAction
<Multi_key> Means <Compose> Special Character
Multi_key plus plus"#" numbersign
Multi_key apostrophe space"'" apostrophe
Multi_key space apostrophe"'" apostrophe
Multi_key A T"@" at
Multi_key parenleft parenleft"[" bracketleft
Multi_key slash slash"\\" backslash
Multi_key slash less"\\" backslash
Multi_key less slash"\\" backslash
Multi_key parenright parenright"]" bracketright
Multi_key asciicircum space"^" asciicircum
Multi_key space asciicircum"^" asciicircum
Multi_key greater space"^" asciicircum
Multi_key space greater"^" asciicircum
Multi_key grave space"`" grave
Multi_key space grave"`" grave
Multi_key parenleft minus"{" braceleft
Multi_key minus parenleft"{" braceleft
Multi_key slash asciicircum"|" bar
Multi_key asciicircum slash"|" bar
Multi_key V L"|" bar
Multi_key L V"|" bar
Multi_key v l"|" bar
Multi_key l v"|" bar
Multi_key parenright minus"}" braceright
Multi_key minus parenright"}" braceright
Multi_key asciitilde space"~" asciitilde
Multi_key space asciitilde"~" asciitilde
Multi_key minus space"~" asciitilde
Multi_key space minus"~" asciitilde
Multi_key space space" " nobreakspace
Multi_key Cyrillic_ghe minus"€" Cyrillic_ghe_bar
Multi_key Cyrillic_GHE minus"" Cyrillic_GHE_bar
Multi_key Cyrillic_zhe comma"" Cyrillic_zhe_descender
Multi_key Cyrillic_ZHE comma"‘" Cyrillic_ZHE_descender
Multi_key Cyrillic_ka comma"‚" Cyrillic_ka_descender
Multi_key Cyrillic_KA comma"’" Cyrillic_KA_descender
Multi_key Cyrillic_ka slash"ƒ" Cyrillic_ka_vertstroke
Multi_key Cyrillic_KA slash"“" Cyrillic_KA_vertstroke
Multi_key Cyrillic_ka bar"ƒ" Cyrillic_ka_vertstroke
Multi_key Cyrillic_KA bar"“" Cyrillic_KA_vertstroke
Multi_key Cyrillic_en comma"„" Cyrillic_en_descender
Multi_key Cyrillic_EN comma"”" Cyrillic_EN_descender
Multi_key Cyrillic_u apostrophe"…" Cyrillic_u_straight
Multi_key Cyrillic_U apostrophe"•" Cyrillic_U_straight
Multi_key Cyrillic_u bar"…" Cyrillic_u_straight
Multi_key Cyrillic_U bar"•" Cyrillic_U_straight
Multi_key Cyrillic_u comma"†" Cyrillic_u_straight_bar
Multi_key Cyrillic_U comma"–" Cyrillic_U_straight_bat
Multi_key Cyrillic_u slash"†" Cyrillic_u_straight_bar
Multi_key Cyrillic_U slash"–" Cyrillic_U_straight_bat
Multi_key Cyrillic_ha comma"‡" Cyrillic_ha_descender
Multi_key Cyrillic_HA comma"—" Cyrillic_HA_descender
Multi_key Cyrillic_che comma"ˆ" Cyrillic_che_descender
Multi_key Cyrillic_CHE comma"˜" Cyrillic_CHE_descender
Multi_key Cyrillic_che slash"‰" Cyrillic_che_vertstroke
Multi_key Cyrillic_CHE slash"™" Cyrillic_CHE_vertstroke
Multi_key Cyrillic_che bar"‰" Cyrillic_che_vertstroke
Multi_key Cyrillic_CHE bar"™" Cyrillic_CHE_vertstroke
Multi_key Cyrillic_ha apostrophe"Š" Cyrillic_shha
Multi_key Cyrillic_HA apostrophe"š" Cyrillic_SHHA
Multi_key h apostrophe"Š" Cyrillic_shha
Multi_key H apostrophe"š" Cyrillic_SHHA
Multi_key h h"Š" Cyrillic_shha
Multi_key H H"š" Cyrillic_SHHA
Multi_key Cyrillic_ie Cyrillic_ie"‹" Cyrillic_schwa
Multi_key Cyrillic_IE Cyrillic_IE"›" Cyrillic_SCHWA
Multi_key e e"‹" Cyrillic_schwa
Multi_key E E"›" Cyrillic_SCHWA
Multi_key Cyrillic_i minus"Œ" Cyrillic_i_macron
Multi_key Cyrillic_I minus"œ" Cyrillic_I_macron
Multi_key Cyrillic_o minus"" Cyrillic_o_bar
Multi_key Cyrillic_O minus"" Cyrillic_O_bar
Multi_key Cyrillic_u minus"Ž" Cyrillic_u_macron
Multi_key Cyrillic_U minus"ž" Cyrillic_U_macron
Multi_key Cyrillic_de Cyrillic_je"¡" Serbian_dje
Multi_key Cyrillic_DE Cyrillic_JE"±" Serbian_DJE
Multi_key Cyrillic_ghe Cyrillic_je"¢" Macedonia_gje
Multi_key Cyrillic_GHE Cyrillic_JE"²" Macedonia_GJE
Multi_key Cyrillic_shorti Cyrillic_o"£" Cyrillic_io
Multi_key Cyrillic_SHORTI Cyrillic_O"³" Cyrillic_IO
Multi_key Cyrillic_je Cyrillic_o"£" Cyrillic_io
Multi_key Cyrillic_JE Cyrillic_O"³" Cyrillic_IO
Multi_key Cyrillic_ie colon"£" Cyrillic_io
Multi_key Cyrillic_IE colon"³" Cyrillic_IO
Multi_key Cyrillic_el Cyrillic_je"©" Cyrillic_lje
Multi_key Cyrillic_EL Cyrillic_JE"¹" Cyrillic_LJE
Multi_key Cyrillic_en Cyrillic_je"ª" Cyrillic_nje
Multi_key Cyrillic_EN Cyrillic_JE"º" Cyrillic_NJE
Multi_key Cyrillic_shorti Cyrillic_u"À" Cyrillic_yu
Multi_key Cyrillic_SHORTI Cyrillic_U"à" Cyrillic_YU
Multi_key Cyrillic_je Cyrillic_u"À" Cyrillic_yu
Multi_key Cyrillic_JE Cyrillic_U"à" Cyrillic_YU
Multi_key Cyrillic_te Cyrillic_es"Ã" Cyrillic_tse
Multi_key Cyrillic_TE Cyrillic_ES"ã" Cyrillic_TSE
Multi_key Cyrillic_shorti Cyrillic_a"Ñ" Cyrillic_ya
Multi_key Cyrillic_SHORTI Cyrillic_A"ñ" Cyrillic_YA
Multi_key Cyrillic_je Cyrillic_a"Ñ" Cyrillic_ya
Multi_key Cyrillic_JE Cyrillic_A"ñ" Cyrillic_YA
Multi_key Cyrillic_sha comma"Ý" Cyrillic_shcha
Multi_key Cyrillic_SHA comma"ý" Cyrillic_SHCHA
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