Xlib Compose Keys for vi_VN.tcvn

Applications using Xlib input handling should recognize these compose key sequences in locales using the vi_VN.tcvn compose table.

1998/12/18 Le Hong Boi $ TCVN 5712-2 Compose Sequences Sequence Definition dead key accent keysyms Special Character

Table 1. Compose Key Sequences for vi_VN.tcvn

Key SequenceAction
dead_grave space"`" grave
dead_hook space" " space
dead_tilde space"~" asciitilde
dead_acute space"'" apostrophe
dead_acute apostrophe"´" acute
Accented Alphabet
dead_grave A"€" Agrave
dead_grave a"µ" agrave
dead_hook A"" Ahook
dead_hook a"" ahook
dead_tilde A"‚" Atilde
dead_tilde a"·" atilde
dead_acute A"ƒ" Aacute
dead_acute a"¸" aacute
dead_belowdot A"¹" Abelowdot
dead_belowdot a"¹" abelowdot
dead_grave Abreve"»" Abrevegrave
dead_grave abreve"»" abrevegrave
dead_hook Abreve"¼" Abrevehook
dead_hook abreve"¼" abrevehook
dead_tilde Abreve"½" Abrevetilde
dead_tilde abreve"½" abrevetilde
dead_acute Abreve"¾" Abreveacute
dead_acute abreve"¾" abreveacute
dead_belowdot Abreve"Æ" Abrevebelowdot
dead_belowdot abreve"Æ" abrevebelowdot
dead_grave Acircumflex"Ç" Acircumflexgrave
dead_grave acircumflex"Ç" acircumflexgrave
dead_hook Acircumflex"È" Acircumflexhook
dead_hook acircumflex"È" acircumflexhook
dead_tilde Acircumflex"É" Acircumflextilde
dead_tilde acircumflex"É" acircumflextilde
dead_acute Acircumflex"Ê" Acircumflexacute
dead_acute acircumflex"Ê" acircumflexacute
dead_belowdot Acircumflex"Ë" Acircumflexbelowdot
dead_belowdot acircumflex"Ë" acircumflexbelowdot
dead_grave E"‡" Egrave
dead_grave e"Ì" egrave
dead_hook E"Î" Ehook
dead_hook e"Î" ehook
dead_tilde E"Ï" Etilde
dead_tilde e"Ï" etilde
dead_acute E"Š" Eacute
dead_acute e"Ð" eacute
dead_belowdot E"Ñ" Ebelowdot
dead_belowdot e"Ñ" ebelowdot
dead_grave Ecircumflex"Ò" Ecircumflexgrave
dead_grave ecircumflex"Ò" ecircumflexgrave
dead_hook Ecircumflex"Ó" Ecircumflexhook
dead_hook ecircumflex"Ó" ecircumflexhook
dead_tilde Ecircumflex"Ô" Ecircumflextilde
dead_tilde ecircumflex"Ô" ecircumflextilde
dead_acute Ecircumflex"Õ" Ecircumflexacute
dead_acute ecircumflex"Õ" ecircumflexacute
dead_belowdot Ecircumflex"Ö" Ecircumflexbelowdot
dead_belowdot ecircumflex"Ö" ecircumflexbelowdot
dead_grave I"" Igrave
dead_grave i"×" igrave
dead_hook I"Ø" Ihook
dead_hook i"Ø" ihook
dead_tilde I"" Itilde
dead_tilde i"Ü" itilde
dead_acute I"" Iacute
dead_acute i"Ý" iacute
dead_belowdot I"Þ" Ibelowdot
dead_belowdot i"Þ" ibelowdot
dead_grave O"’" Ograve
dead_grave o"ß" ograve
dead_hook O"á" Ohook
dead_hook o"á" ohook
dead_tilde O"”" Otilde
dead_tilde o"â" otilde
dead_acute O"•" Oacute
dead_acute o"ã" oacute
dead_belowdot O"ä" Obelowdot
dead_belowdot o"ä" obelowdot
dead_grave Ocircumflex"å" Ocircumflexgrave
dead_grave ocircumflex"å" ocircumflexgrave
dead_hook Ocircumflex"æ" Ocircumflexhook
dead_hook ocircumflex"æ" ocircumflexhook
dead_tilde Ocircumflex"ç" Ocircumflextilde
dead_tilde ocircumflex"ç" ocircumflextilde
dead_acute Ocircumflex"è" Ocircumflexacute
dead_acute ocircumflex"è" ocircumflexacute
dead_belowdot Ocircumflex"é" Ocircumflexbelowdot
dead_belowdot ocircumflex"é" ocircumflexbelowdot
dead_grave Ohorn"ê" Ohorngrave
dead_grave ohorn"ê" ohorngrave
dead_hook Ohorn"ë" Ohornhook
dead_hook ohorn"ë" ohornhook
dead_tilde Ohorn"ì" Ohorntilde
dead_tilde ohorn"ì" ohorntilde
dead_acute Ohorn"í" Ohornacute
dead_acute ohorn"í" ohornacute
dead_belowdot Ohorn"î" Ohornbelowdot
dead_belowdot ohorn"î" ohornbelowdot
dead_grave U"" Ugrave
dead_grave u"ï" ugrave
dead_hook U"ñ" Uhook
dead_hook u"ñ" uhook
dead_tilde U"Ÿ" Utilde
dead_tilde u"ò" utilde
dead_acute U"\001" Uacute
dead_acute u"ó" uacute
dead_belowdot U"ô" Ubelowdot
dead_belowdot u"ô" ubelowdot
dead_grave Uhorn"õ" Uhorngrave
dead_grave uhorn"õ" uhorngrave
dead_hook Uhorn"ö" Uhornhook
dead_hook uhorn"ö" uhornhook
dead_tilde Uhorn"÷" Uhorntilde
dead_tilde uhorn"÷" uhorntilde
dead_acute Uhorn"ø" Uhornacute
dead_acute uhorn"ø" uhornacute
dead_belowdot Uhorn"ù" Uhornbelowdot
dead_belowdot uhorn"ù" uhornbelowdot
dead_grave Y"\023" Ygrave
dead_grave y"ú" ygrave
dead_hook Y"û" Yhook
dead_hook y"û" yhook
dead_tilde Y"ü" Ytilde
dead_tilde y"ü" ytilde
dead_acute Y"\026" Yacute
dead_acute y"ý" yacute
dead_belowdot Y"þ" Ybelowdot
dead_belowdot y"þ" ybelowdot
End of Sequence Definition