Xlib Compose Keys for el_GR.UTF-8

Applications using Xlib input handling should recognize these compose key sequences in locales using the el_GR.UTF-8 compose table.

UTF-8 compose sequence definitions for the greek keyboard layout. This file is mostly meant to be used along with the xkb/symbols/el symbols definition file. In addition, the dead key definitions in the machine generated part are really only relevant to the "polytonic" variant in that file. The definitions herein cover the following ISO 10646 / Unicode ranges: - Basic Latin (0000-007F) (complete coverage) - Latin-1 Supplement (0080-00FF) (complete coverage) - Greek and Coptic (0370-03FF) (only the big ISO 8859-7 based part at the beginning) - Greek Extended (1F00-1FFF) (complete coverage) - There are also six (6) characters from other ranges. Moreover, the following character sets are completely covered: - ISO 8859-1 - ISO 8859-7 This file consists of four parts. Two of them have been adapted from the iso8859-1/Compose and iso8859-7/Compose files. The other two parts have been created by: Vasilis Vasaitis <vvas@hal.csd.auth.gr> based on the idea and initial implementation by: Alejandros Diamandidis <adia@egnatia.ee.auth.gr> Part 1 ISO 8859-1 (Latin-1) multi-key definitions extracted and converted from the iso8859-1/Compose file. Special Character

Table 3. Compose Key Sequences for el_GR.UTF-8

Key SequenceAction
Multi_key plus plus"#" numbersign
Multi_key apostrophe space"'" apostrophe
Multi_key space apostrophe"'" apostrophe
Multi_key A T"@" at
Multi_key parenleft parenleft"[" bracketleft
Multi_key slash less"\\" backslash
Multi_key less slash"\\" backslash
Multi_key parenright parenright"]" bracketright
Multi_key asciicircum space"^" asciicircum
Multi_key space asciicircum"^" asciicircum
Multi_key greater space"^" asciicircum
Multi_key space greater"^" asciicircum
Multi_key grave space"`" grave
Multi_key space grave"`" grave
Multi_key parenleft minus"{" braceleft
Multi_key minus parenleft"{" braceleft
Multi_key slash asciicircum"|" bar
Multi_key asciicircum slash"|" bar
Multi_key V L"|" bar
Multi_key L V"|" bar
Multi_key v l"|" bar
Multi_key l v"|" bar
Multi_key parenright minus"}" braceright
Multi_key minus parenright"}" braceright
Multi_key asciitilde space"~" asciitilde
Multi_key space asciitilde"~" asciitilde
Multi_key minus space"~" asciitilde
Multi_key space minus"~" asciitilde
Multi_key exclam exclam"¡" exclamdown
Multi_key c slash"¢" cent
Multi_key slash c"¢" cent
Multi_key C slash"¢" cent
Multi_key slash C"¢" cent
Multi_key C bar"¢" cent
Multi_key bar C"¢" cent
Multi_key c bar"¢" cent
Multi_key bar c"¢" cent
Multi_key l minus"£" sterling
Multi_key minus l"£" sterling
Multi_key L minus"£" sterling
Multi_key minus L"£" sterling
Multi_key l equal"£" sterling
Multi_key equal l"£" sterling
Multi_key L equal"£" sterling
Multi_key equal L"£" sterling
Multi_key y minus"¥" yen
Multi_key minus y"¥" yen
Multi_key Y minus"¥" yen
Multi_key minus Y"¥" yen
Multi_key y equal"¥" yen
Multi_key equal y"¥" yen
Multi_key Y equal"¥" yen
Multi_key equal Y"¥" yen
Multi_key s o"§" section
Multi_key o s"§" section
Multi_key S O"§" section
Multi_key O S"§" section
Multi_key S exclam"§" section
Multi_key exclam S"§" section
Multi_key s exclam"§" section
Multi_key exclam s"§" section
Multi_key S 0"§" section
Multi_key 0 S"§" section
Multi_key s 0"§" section
Multi_key 0 s"§" section
Multi_key x o"¤" currency
Multi_key o x"¤" currency
Multi_key X O"¤" currency
Multi_key O X"¤" currency
Multi_key x O"¤" currency
Multi_key O x"¤" currency
Multi_key X o"¤" currency
Multi_key o X"¤" currency
Multi_key x 0"¤" currency
Multi_key 0 x"¤" currency
Multi_key X 0"¤" currency
Multi_key 0 X"¤" currency
Multi_key c o"©" copyright
Multi_key o c"©" copyright
Multi_key C O"©" copyright
Multi_key O C"©" copyright
Multi_key c O"©" copyright
Multi_key O c"©" copyright
Multi_key C o"©" copyright
Multi_key o C"©" copyright
Multi_key c 0"©" copyright
Multi_key 0 c"©" copyright
Multi_key C 0"©" copyright
Multi_key 0 C"©" copyright
Multi_key parenleft c"©" copyright
Multi_key a underscore"ª" ordfeminine
Multi_key underscore a"ª" ordfeminine
Multi_key A underscore"ª" ordfeminine
Multi_key underscore A"ª" ordfeminine
Multi_key o underscore"º" masculine
Multi_key underscore o"º" masculine
Multi_key O underscore"º" masculine
Multi_key underscore O"º" masculine
Multi_key less less"«" guillemotleft
Multi_key greater greater"»" guillemotright
Multi_key 0 asciicircum"°" degree
Multi_key asciicircum 0"°" degree
Multi_key 0 asterisk"°" degree
Multi_key asterisk 0"°" degree
Multi_key plus minus"±" plusminus
Multi_key minus plus"±" plusminus
Multi_key slash u"µ" mu
Multi_key u slash"µ" mu
Multi_key slash U"µ" mu
Multi_key U slash"µ" mu
Multi_key 1 asciicircum"¹" onesuperior
Multi_key asciicircum 1"¹" onesuperior
Multi_key S 1"¹" onesuperior
Multi_key 1 S"¹" onesuperior
Multi_key s 1"¹" onesuperior
Multi_key 1 s"¹" onesuperior
Multi_key 2 asciicircum"²" twosuperior
Multi_key asciicircum 2"²" twosuperior
Multi_key S 2"²" twosuperior
Multi_key 2 S"²" twosuperior
Multi_key s 2"²" twosuperior
Multi_key 2 s"²" twosuperior
Multi_key 3 asciicircum"³" threesuperior
Multi_key asciicircum 3"³" threesuperior
Multi_key S 3"³" threesuperior
Multi_key 3 S"³" threesuperior
Multi_key s 3"³" threesuperior
Multi_key 3 s"³" threesuperior
Multi_key p exclam"¶" paragraph
Multi_key exclam p"¶" paragraph
Multi_key P exclam"¶" paragraph
Multi_key exclam P"¶" paragraph
Multi_key period asciicircum"·" periodcentered
Multi_key asciicircum period"·" periodcentered
Multi_key period minus"·" periodcentered
Multi_key period equal"•" enfilledcircbullet
Multi_key period period"…" ellipsis
Multi_key 1 4"¼" onequarter
Multi_key 1 2"½" onehalf
Multi_key 3 4"¾" threequarters
Multi_key question question"¿" questiondown
Multi_key space space" " nobreakspace
Multi_key bar bar"¦" brokenbar
Multi_key exclam asciicircum"¦" brokenbar
Multi_key asciicircum exclam"¦" brokenbar
Multi_key V B"¦" brokenbar
Multi_key B V"¦" brokenbar
Multi_key v b"¦" brokenbar
Multi_key b v"¦" brokenbar
Multi_key minus comma"¬" notsign
Multi_key comma minus"¬" notsign
Multi_key minus minus"­" hyphen
Multi_key R O"®" registered
Multi_key O R"®" registered
Multi_key parenleft r"®" registered
Multi_key minus asciicircum"¯" macron
Multi_key asciicircum minus"¯" macron
Multi_key underscore asciicircum"¯" macron
Multi_key asciicircum underscore"¯" macron
Multi_key underscore underscore"¯" macron
Multi_key minus colon"÷" division
Multi_key colon minus"÷" division
Multi_key x x"×" multiply
Multi_key apostrophe apostrophe"´" acute
Multi_key comma comma"¸" cedilla
Multi_key quotedbl quotedbl"¨" diaeresis
Accented Alphabet
Multi_key A grave"À" Agrave
Multi_key grave A"À" Agrave
Multi_key A acute"Á" Aacute
Multi_key acute A"Á" Aacute
Multi_key A apostrophe"Á" Aacute
Multi_key apostrophe A"Á" Aacute
Multi_key A asciicircum"Â" Acircumflex
Multi_key asciicircum A"Â" Acircumflex
Multi_key A greater"Â" Acircumflex
Multi_key greater A"Â" Acircumflex
Multi_key A asciitilde"Ã" Atilde
Multi_key asciitilde A"Ã" Atilde
Multi_key A minus"Ã" Atilde
Multi_key minus A"Ã" Atilde
Multi_key A quotedbl"Ä" Adiaeresis
Multi_key quotedbl A"Ä" Adiaeresis
Multi_key A diaeresis"Ä" Adiaeresis
Multi_key diaeresis A"Ä" Adiaeresis
Multi_key A asterisk"Å" Aring
Multi_key asterisk A"Å" Aring
Multi_key A A"Å" Aring
Multi_key A O"Å" Aring
Multi_key A E"Æ" AE
Multi_key a grave"à" agrave
Multi_key grave a"à" agrave
Multi_key a acute"á" aacute
Multi_key acute a"á" aacute
Multi_key a apostrophe"á" aacute
Multi_key apostrophe a"á" aacute
Multi_key a asciicircum"â" acircumflex
Multi_key asciicircum a"â" acircumflex
Multi_key a greater"â" acircumflex
Multi_key greater a"â" acircumflex
Multi_key a asciitilde"ã" atilde
Multi_key asciitilde a"ã" atilde
Multi_key a minus"ã" atilde
Multi_key minus a"ã" atilde
Multi_key a quotedbl"ä" adiaeresis
Multi_key quotedbl a"ä" adiaeresis
Multi_key a diaeresis"ä" adiaeresis
Multi_key diaeresis a"ä" adiaeresis
Multi_key a asterisk"å" aring
Multi_key asterisk a"å" aring
Multi_key a a"å" aring
Multi_key a o"å" aring
Multi_key a e"æ" ae
Multi_key acute C"Ç" Ccedilla
Multi_key acute c"ç" ccedilla
Multi_key C comma"Ç" Ccedilla
Multi_key C cedilla"Ç" Ccedilla
Multi_key comma C"Ç" Ccedilla
Multi_key cedilla C"Ç" Ccedilla
Multi_key c comma"ç" ccedilla
Multi_key c cedilla"ç" ccedilla
Multi_key comma c"ç" ccedilla
Multi_key cedilla c"ç" ccedilla
Multi_key minus D"Ð" ETH
Multi_key D minus"Ð" ETH
Multi_key minus d"ð" eth
Multi_key d minus"ð" eth
Multi_key E grave"È" Egrave
Multi_key grave E"È" Egrave
Multi_key E acute"É" Eacute
Multi_key acute E"É" Eacute
Multi_key E apostrophe"É" Eacute
Multi_key apostrophe E"É" Eacute
Multi_key E asciicircum"Ê" Ecircumflex
Multi_key asciicircum E"Ê" Ecircumflex
Multi_key E greater"Ê" Ecircumflex
Multi_key greater E"Ê" Ecircumflex
Multi_key E quotedbl"Ë" Ediaeresis
Multi_key quotedbl E"Ë" Ediaeresis
Multi_key E diaeresis"Ë" Ediaeresis
Multi_key diaeresis E"Ë" Ediaeresis
Multi_key e grave"è" egrave
Multi_key grave e"è" egrave
Multi_key e acute"é" eacute
Multi_key acute e"é" eacute
Multi_key e apostrophe"é" eacute
Multi_key apostrophe e"é" eacute
Multi_key e asciicircum"ê" ecircumflex
Multi_key asciicircum e"ê" ecircumflex
Multi_key e greater"ê" ecircumflex
Multi_key greater e"ê" ecircumflex
Multi_key e quotedbl"ë" ediaeresis
Multi_key quotedbl e"ë" ediaeresis
Multi_key e diaeresis"ë" ediaeresis
Multi_key diaeresis e"ë" ediaeresis
Multi_key I grave"Ì" Igrave
Multi_key grave I"Ì" Igrave
Multi_key I acute"Í" Iacute
Multi_key acute I"Í" Iacute
Multi_key I apostrophe"Í" Iacute
Multi_key apostrophe I"Í" Iacute
Multi_key I asciicircum"Î" Icircumflex
Multi_key asciicircum I"Î" Icircumflex
Multi_key I greater"Î" Icircumflex
Multi_key greater I"Î" Icircumflex
Multi_key I quotedbl"Ï" Idiaeresis
Multi_key quotedbl I"Ï" Idiaeresis
Multi_key I diaeresis"Ï" Idiaeresis
Multi_key diaeresis I"Ï" Idiaeresis
Multi_key i grave"ì" igrave
Multi_key grave i"ì" igrave
Multi_key i acute"í" iacute
Multi_key acute i"í" iacute
Multi_key i apostrophe"í" iacute
Multi_key apostrophe i"í" iacute
Multi_key i asciicircum"î" icircumflex
Multi_key asciicircum i"î" icircumflex
Multi_key i greater"î" icircumflex
Multi_key greater i"î" icircumflex
Multi_key i quotedbl"ï" idiaeresis
Multi_key quotedbl i"ï" idiaeresis
Multi_key i diaeresis"ï" idiaeresis
Multi_key diaeresis i"ï" idiaeresis
Multi_key N asciitilde"Ñ" Ntilde
Multi_key asciitilde N"Ñ" Ntilde
Multi_key N minus"Ñ" Ntilde
Multi_key minus N"Ñ" Ntilde
Multi_key n asciitilde"ñ" ntilde
Multi_key asciitilde n"ñ" ntilde
Multi_key n minus"ñ" ntilde
Multi_key minus n"ñ" ntilde
Multi_key O grave"Ò" Ograve
Multi_key grave O"Ò" Ograve
Multi_key O acute"Ó" Oacute
Multi_key acute O"Ó" Oacute
Multi_key O apostrophe"Ó" Oacute
Multi_key apostrophe O"Ó" Oacute
Multi_key O asciicircum"Ô" Ocircumflex
Multi_key asciicircum O"Ô" Ocircumflex
Multi_key O greater"Ô" Ocircumflex
Multi_key greater O"Ô" Ocircumflex
Multi_key O asciitilde"Õ" Otilde
Multi_key asciitilde O"Õ" Otilde
Multi_key O minus"Õ" Otilde
Multi_key minus O"Õ" Otilde
Multi_key O quotedbl"Ö" Odiaeresis
Multi_key quotedbl O"Ö" Odiaeresis
Multi_key O diaeresis"Ö" Odiaeresis
Multi_key diaeresis O"Ö" Odiaeresis
Multi_key O slash"Ø" Ooblique
Multi_key slash O"Ø" Ooblique
Multi_key o grave"ò" ograve
Multi_key grave o"ò" ograve
Multi_key o acute"ó" oacute
Multi_key acute o"ó" oacute
Multi_key o apostrophe"ó" oacute
Multi_key apostrophe o"ó" oacute
Multi_key o asciicircum"ô" ocircumflex
Multi_key asciicircum o"ô" ocircumflex
Multi_key o greater"ô" ocircumflex
Multi_key greater o"ô" ocircumflex
Multi_key o asciitilde"õ" otilde
Multi_key asciitilde o"õ" otilde
Multi_key o minus"õ" otilde
Multi_key minus o"õ" otilde
Multi_key o quotedbl"ö" odiaeresis
Multi_key quotedbl o"ö" odiaeresis
Multi_key o diaeresis"ö" odiaeresis
Multi_key diaeresis o"ö" odiaeresis
Multi_key o slash"ø" oslash
Multi_key slash o"ø" oslash
Multi_key U grave"Ù" Ugrave
Multi_key grave U"Ù" Ugrave
Multi_key U acute"Ú" Uacute
Multi_key acute U"Ú" Uacute
Multi_key U apostrophe"Ú" Uacute
Multi_key apostrophe U"Ú" Uacute
Multi_key U asciicircum"Û" Ucircumflex
Multi_key asciicircum U"Û" Ucircumflex
Multi_key U greater"Û" Ucircumflex
Multi_key greater U"Û" Ucircumflex
Multi_key U quotedbl"Ü" Udiaeresis
Multi_key quotedbl U"Ü" Udiaeresis
Multi_key U diaeresis"Ü" Udiaeresis
Multi_key diaeresis U"Ü" Udiaeresis
Multi_key u grave"ù" ugrave
Multi_key grave u"ù" ugrave
Multi_key u acute"ú" uacute
Multi_key acute u"ú" uacute
Multi_key u apostrophe"ú" uacute
Multi_key apostrophe u"ú" uacute
Multi_key u asciicircum"û" ucircumflex
Multi_key asciicircum u"û" ucircumflex
Multi_key u greater"û" ucircumflex
Multi_key greater u"û" ucircumflex
Multi_key u quotedbl"ü" udiaeresis
Multi_key quotedbl u"ü" udiaeresis
Multi_key u diaeresis"ü" udiaeresis
Multi_key diaeresis u"ü" udiaeresis
Multi_key s s"ß" ssharp
Multi_key T H"Þ" THORN
Multi_key t h"þ" thorn
Multi_key Y acute"Ý" Yacute
Multi_key acute Y"Ý" Yacute
Multi_key Y apostrophe"Ý" Yacute
Multi_key apostrophe Y"Ý" Yacute
Multi_key y acute"ý" yacute
Multi_key acute y"ý" yacute
Multi_key y apostrophe"ý" yacute
Multi_key apostrophe y"ý" yacute
Multi_key y quotedbl"ÿ" ydiaeresis
Multi_key quotedbl y"ÿ" ydiaeresis
Multi_key y diaeresis"ÿ" ydiaeresis
Multi_key diaeresis y"ÿ" ydiaeresis
Part 2 Greek Extended multi-key and dead key definitions. These have been machine-generated by a perl script, found at: http://hal.csd.auth.gr/~vvas/i18n/xkb/polytonic-compose.pl
Multi_key greater Greek_alpha"ἀ" U1f00
dead_horn Greek_alpha"ἀ" U1f00
dead_psili Greek_alpha"ἀ" U1f00
Multi_key less Greek_alpha"ἁ" U1f01
dead_ogonek Greek_alpha"ἁ" U1f01
dead_dasia Greek_alpha"ἁ" U1f01
Multi_key greater grave Greek_alpha"ἂ" U1f02
Multi_key grave greater Greek_alpha"ἂ" U1f02
dead_horn dead_grave Greek_alpha"ἂ" U1f02
dead_psili dead_grave Greek_alpha"ἂ" U1f02
dead_grave dead_horn Greek_alpha"ἂ" U1f02
dead_grave dead_psili Greek_alpha"ἂ" U1f02
Multi_key less grave Greek_alpha"ἃ" U1f03
Multi_key grave less Greek_alpha"ἃ" U1f03
dead_ogonek dead_grave Greek_alpha"ἃ" U1f03
dead_dasia dead_grave Greek_alpha"ἃ" U1f03
dead_grave dead_ogonek Greek_alpha"ἃ" U1f03
dead_grave dead_dasia Greek_alpha"ἃ" U1f03
Multi_key greater apostrophe Greek_alpha"ἄ" U1f04
Multi_key apostrophe greater Greek_alpha"ἄ" U1f04
dead_horn dead_acute Greek_alpha"ἄ" U1f04
dead_psili dead_acute Greek_alpha"ἄ" U1f04
dead_acute dead_horn Greek_alpha"ἄ" U1f04
dead_acute dead_psili Greek_alpha"ἄ" U1f04
Multi_key less apostrophe Greek_alpha"ἅ" U1f05
Multi_key apostrophe less Greek_alpha"ἅ" U1f05
dead_ogonek dead_acute Greek_alpha"ἅ" U1f05
dead_dasia dead_acute Greek_alpha"ἅ" U1f05
dead_acute dead_ogonek Greek_alpha"ἅ" U1f05
dead_acute dead_dasia Greek_alpha"ἅ" U1f05
Multi_key greater asciitilde Greek_alpha"ἆ" U1f06
Multi_key asciitilde greater Greek_alpha"ἆ" U1f06
dead_horn dead_tilde Greek_alpha"ἆ" U1f06
dead_psili dead_tilde Greek_alpha"ἆ" U1f06
dead_tilde dead_horn Greek_alpha"ἆ" U1f06
dead_tilde dead_psili Greek_alpha"ἆ" U1f06
Multi_key less asciitilde Greek_alpha"ἇ" U1f07
Multi_key asciitilde less Greek_alpha"ἇ" U1f07
dead_ogonek dead_tilde Greek_alpha"ἇ" U1f07
dead_dasia dead_tilde Greek_alpha"ἇ" U1f07
dead_tilde dead_ogonek Greek_alpha"ἇ" U1f07
dead_tilde dead_dasia Greek_alpha"ἇ" U1f07
Multi_key greater Greek_ALPHA"Ἀ" U1f08
dead_horn Greek_ALPHA"Ἀ" U1f08
dead_psili Greek_ALPHA"Ἀ" U1f08
Multi_key less Greek_ALPHA"Ἁ" U1f09
dead_ogonek Greek_ALPHA"Ἁ" U1f09
dead_dasia Greek_ALPHA"Ἁ" U1f09
Multi_key greater grave Greek_ALPHA"Ἂ" U1f0a
Multi_key grave greater Greek_ALPHA"Ἂ" U1f0a
dead_horn dead_grave Greek_ALPHA"Ἂ" U1f0a
dead_psili dead_grave Greek_ALPHA"Ἂ" U1f0a
dead_grave dead_horn Greek_ALPHA"Ἂ" U1f0a
dead_grave dead_psili Greek_ALPHA"Ἂ" U1f0a
Multi_key less grave Greek_ALPHA"Ἃ" U1f0b
Multi_key grave less Greek_ALPHA"Ἃ" U1f0b
dead_ogonek dead_grave Greek_ALPHA"Ἃ" U1f0b
dead_dasia dead_grave Greek_ALPHA"Ἃ" U1f0b
dead_grave dead_ogonek Greek_ALPHA"Ἃ" U1f0b
dead_grave dead_dasia Greek_ALPHA"Ἃ" U1f0b
Multi_key greater apostrophe Greek_ALPHA"Ἄ" U1f0c
Multi_key apostrophe greater Greek_ALPHA"Ἄ" U1f0c
dead_horn dead_acute Greek_ALPHA"Ἄ" U1f0c
dead_psili dead_acute Greek_ALPHA"Ἄ" U1f0c
dead_acute dead_horn Greek_ALPHA"Ἄ" U1f0c
dead_acute dead_psili Greek_ALPHA"Ἄ" U1f0c
Multi_key less apostrophe Greek_ALPHA"Ἅ" U1f0d
Multi_key apostrophe less Greek_ALPHA"Ἅ" U1f0d
dead_ogonek dead_acute Greek_ALPHA"Ἅ" U1f0d
dead_dasia dead_acute Greek_ALPHA"Ἅ" U1f0d
dead_acute dead_ogonek Greek_ALPHA"Ἅ" U1f0d
dead_acute dead_dasia Greek_ALPHA"Ἅ" U1f0d
Multi_key greater asciitilde Greek_ALPHA"Ἆ" U1f0e
Multi_key asciitilde greater Greek_ALPHA"Ἆ" U1f0e
dead_horn dead_tilde Greek_ALPHA"Ἆ" U1f0e
dead_psili dead_tilde Greek_ALPHA"Ἆ" U1f0e
dead_tilde dead_horn Greek_ALPHA"Ἆ" U1f0e
dead_tilde dead_psili Greek_ALPHA"Ἆ" U1f0e
Multi_key less asciitilde Greek_ALPHA"Ἇ" U1f0f
Multi_key asciitilde less Greek_ALPHA"Ἇ" U1f0f
dead_ogonek dead_tilde Greek_ALPHA"Ἇ" U1f0f
dead_dasia dead_tilde Greek_ALPHA"Ἇ" U1f0f
dead_tilde dead_ogonek Greek_ALPHA"Ἇ" U1f0f
dead_tilde dead_dasia Greek_ALPHA"Ἇ" U1f0f
Multi_key greater Greek_epsilon"ἐ" U1f10
dead_horn Greek_epsilon"ἐ" U1f10
dead_psili Greek_epsilon"ἐ" U1f10
Multi_key less Greek_epsilon"ἑ" U1f11
dead_ogonek Greek_epsilon"ἑ" U1f11
dead_dasia Greek_epsilon"ἑ" U1f11
Multi_key greater grave Greek_epsilon"ἒ" U1f12
Multi_key grave greater Greek_epsilon"ἒ" U1f12
dead_horn dead_grave Greek_epsilon"ἒ" U1f12
dead_psili dead_grave Greek_epsilon"ἒ" U1f12
dead_grave dead_horn Greek_epsilon"ἒ" U1f12
dead_grave dead_psili Greek_epsilon"ἒ" U1f12
Multi_key less grave Greek_epsilon"ἓ" U1f13
Multi_key grave less Greek_epsilon"ἓ" U1f13
dead_ogonek dead_grave Greek_epsilon"ἓ" U1f13
dead_dasia dead_grave Greek_epsilon"ἓ" U1f13
dead_grave dead_ogonek Greek_epsilon"ἓ" U1f13
dead_grave dead_dasia Greek_epsilon"ἓ" U1f13
Multi_key greater apostrophe Greek_epsilon"ἔ" U1f14
Multi_key apostrophe greater Greek_epsilon"ἔ" U1f14
dead_horn dead_acute Greek_epsilon"ἔ" U1f14
dead_psili dead_acute Greek_epsilon"ἔ" U1f14
dead_acute dead_horn Greek_epsilon"ἔ" U1f14
dead_acute dead_psili Greek_epsilon"ἔ" U1f14
Multi_key less apostrophe Greek_epsilon"ἕ" U1f15
Multi_key apostrophe less Greek_epsilon"ἕ" U1f15
dead_ogonek dead_acute Greek_epsilon"ἕ" U1f15
dead_dasia dead_acute Greek_epsilon"ἕ" U1f15
dead_acute dead_ogonek Greek_epsilon"ἕ" U1f15
dead_acute dead_dasia Greek_epsilon"ἕ" U1f15
Multi_key greater Greek_EPSILON"Ἐ" U1f18
dead_horn Greek_EPSILON"Ἐ" U1f18
dead_psili Greek_EPSILON"Ἐ" U1f18
Multi_key less Greek_EPSILON"Ἑ" U1f19
dead_ogonek Greek_EPSILON"Ἑ" U1f19
dead_dasia Greek_EPSILON"Ἑ" U1f19
Multi_key greater grave Greek_EPSILON"Ἒ" U1f1a
Multi_key grave greater Greek_EPSILON"Ἒ" U1f1a
dead_horn dead_grave Greek_EPSILON"Ἒ" U1f1a
dead_psili dead_grave Greek_EPSILON"Ἒ" U1f1a
dead_grave dead_horn Greek_EPSILON"Ἒ" U1f1a
dead_grave dead_psili Greek_EPSILON"Ἒ" U1f1a
Multi_key less grave Greek_EPSILON"Ἓ" U1f1b
Multi_key grave less Greek_EPSILON"Ἓ" U1f1b
dead_ogonek dead_grave Greek_EPSILON"Ἓ" U1f1b
dead_dasia dead_grave Greek_EPSILON"Ἓ" U1f1b
dead_grave dead_ogonek Greek_EPSILON"Ἓ" U1f1b
dead_grave dead_dasia Greek_EPSILON"Ἓ" U1f1b
Multi_key greater apostrophe Greek_EPSILON"Ἔ" U1f1c
Multi_key apostrophe greater Greek_EPSILON"Ἔ" U1f1c
dead_horn dead_acute Greek_EPSILON"Ἔ" U1f1c
dead_psili dead_acute Greek_EPSILON"Ἔ" U1f1c
dead_acute dead_horn Greek_EPSILON"Ἔ" U1f1c
dead_acute dead_psili Greek_EPSILON"Ἔ" U1f1c
Multi_key less apostrophe Greek_EPSILON"Ἕ" U1f1d
Multi_key apostrophe less Greek_EPSILON"Ἕ" U1f1d
dead_ogonek dead_acute Greek_EPSILON"Ἕ" U1f1d
dead_dasia dead_acute Greek_EPSILON"Ἕ" U1f1d
dead_acute dead_ogonek Greek_EPSILON"Ἕ" U1f1d
dead_acute dead_dasia Greek_EPSILON"Ἕ" U1f1d
Multi_key greater Greek_eta"ἠ" U1f20
dead_horn Greek_eta"ἠ" U1f20
dead_psili Greek_eta"ἠ" U1f20
Multi_key less Greek_eta"ἡ" U1f21
dead_ogonek Greek_eta"ἡ" U1f21
dead_dasia Greek_eta"ἡ" U1f21
Multi_key greater grave Greek_eta"ἢ" U1f22
Multi_key grave greater Greek_eta"ἢ" U1f22
dead_horn dead_grave Greek_eta"ἢ" U1f22
dead_psili dead_grave Greek_eta"ἢ" U1f22
dead_grave dead_horn Greek_eta"ἢ" U1f22
dead_grave dead_psili Greek_eta"ἢ" U1f22
Multi_key less grave Greek_eta"ἣ" U1f23
Multi_key grave less Greek_eta"ἣ" U1f23
dead_ogonek dead_grave Greek_eta"ἣ" U1f23
dead_dasia dead_grave Greek_eta"ἣ" U1f23
dead_grave dead_ogonek Greek_eta"ἣ" U1f23
dead_grave dead_dasia Greek_eta"ἣ" U1f23
Multi_key greater apostrophe Greek_eta"ἤ" U1f24
Multi_key apostrophe greater Greek_eta"ἤ" U1f24
dead_horn dead_acute Greek_eta"ἤ" U1f24
dead_psili dead_acute Greek_eta"ἤ" U1f24
dead_acute dead_horn Greek_eta"ἤ" U1f24
dead_acute dead_psili Greek_eta"ἤ" U1f24
Multi_key less apostrophe Greek_eta"ἥ" U1f25
Multi_key apostrophe less Greek_eta"ἥ" U1f25
dead_ogonek dead_acute Greek_eta"ἥ" U1f25
dead_dasia dead_acute Greek_eta"ἥ" U1f25
dead_acute dead_ogonek Greek_eta"ἥ" U1f25
dead_acute dead_dasia Greek_eta"ἥ" U1f25
Multi_key greater asciitilde Greek_eta"ἦ" U1f26
Multi_key asciitilde greater Greek_eta"ἦ" U1f26
dead_horn dead_tilde Greek_eta"ἦ" U1f26
dead_psili dead_tilde Greek_eta"ἦ" U1f26
dead_tilde dead_horn Greek_eta"ἦ" U1f26
dead_tilde dead_psili Greek_eta"ἦ" U1f26
Multi_key less asciitilde Greek_eta"ἧ" U1f27
Multi_key asciitilde less Greek_eta"ἧ" U1f27
dead_ogonek dead_tilde Greek_eta"ἧ" U1f27
dead_dasia dead_tilde Greek_eta"ἧ" U1f27
dead_tilde dead_ogonek Greek_eta"ἧ" U1f27
dead_tilde dead_dasia Greek_eta"ἧ" U1f27
Multi_key greater Greek_ETA"Ἠ" U1f28
dead_horn Greek_ETA"Ἠ" U1f28
dead_psili Greek_ETA"Ἠ" U1f28
Multi_key less Greek_ETA"Ἡ" U1f29
dead_ogonek Greek_ETA"Ἡ" U1f29
dead_dasia Greek_ETA"Ἡ" U1f29
Multi_key greater grave Greek_ETA"Ἢ" U1f2a
Multi_key grave greater Greek_ETA"Ἢ" U1f2a
dead_horn dead_grave Greek_ETA"Ἢ" U1f2a
dead_psili dead_grave Greek_ETA"Ἢ" U1f2a
dead_grave dead_horn Greek_ETA"Ἢ" U1f2a
dead_grave dead_psili Greek_ETA"Ἢ" U1f2a
Multi_key less grave Greek_ETA"Ἣ" U1f2b
Multi_key grave less Greek_ETA"Ἣ" U1f2b
dead_ogonek dead_grave Greek_ETA"Ἣ" U1f2b
dead_dasia dead_grave Greek_ETA"Ἣ" U1f2b
dead_grave dead_ogonek Greek_ETA"Ἣ" U1f2b
dead_grave dead_dasia Greek_ETA"Ἣ" U1f2b
Multi_key greater apostrophe Greek_ETA"Ἤ" U1f2c
Multi_key apostrophe greater Greek_ETA"Ἤ" U1f2c
dead_horn dead_acute Greek_ETA"Ἤ" U1f2c
dead_psili dead_acute Greek_ETA"Ἤ" U1f2c
dead_acute dead_horn Greek_ETA"Ἤ" U1f2c
dead_acute dead_psili Greek_ETA"Ἤ" U1f2c
Multi_key less apostrophe Greek_ETA"Ἥ" U1f2d
Multi_key apostrophe less Greek_ETA"Ἥ" U1f2d
dead_ogonek dead_acute Greek_ETA"Ἥ" U1f2d
dead_dasia dead_acute Greek_ETA"Ἥ" U1f2d
dead_acute dead_ogonek Greek_ETA"Ἥ" U1f2d
dead_acute dead_dasia Greek_ETA"Ἥ" U1f2d
Multi_key greater asciitilde Greek_ETA"Ἦ" U1f2e
Multi_key asciitilde greater Greek_ETA"Ἦ" U1f2e
dead_horn dead_tilde Greek_ETA"Ἦ" U1f2e
dead_psili dead_tilde Greek_ETA"Ἦ" U1f2e
dead_tilde dead_horn Greek_ETA"Ἦ" U1f2e
dead_tilde dead_psili Greek_ETA"Ἦ" U1f2e
Multi_key less asciitilde Greek_ETA"Ἧ" U1f2f
Multi_key asciitilde less Greek_ETA"Ἧ" U1f2f
dead_ogonek dead_tilde Greek_ETA"Ἧ" U1f2f
dead_dasia dead_tilde Greek_ETA"Ἧ" U1f2f
dead_tilde dead_ogonek Greek_ETA"Ἧ" U1f2f
dead_tilde dead_dasia Greek_ETA"Ἧ" U1f2f
Multi_key greater Greek_iota"ἰ" U1f30
dead_horn Greek_iota"ἰ" U1f30
dead_psili Greek_iota"ἰ" U1f30
Multi_key less Greek_iota"ἱ" U1f31
dead_ogonek Greek_iota"ἱ" U1f31
dead_dasia Greek_iota"ἱ" U1f31
Multi_key greater grave Greek_iota"ἲ" U1f32
Multi_key grave greater Greek_iota"ἲ" U1f32
dead_horn dead_grave Greek_iota"ἲ" U1f32
dead_psili dead_grave Greek_iota"ἲ" U1f32
dead_grave dead_horn Greek_iota"ἲ" U1f32
dead_grave dead_psili Greek_iota"ἲ" U1f32
Multi_key less grave Greek_iota"ἳ" U1f33
Multi_key grave less Greek_iota"ἳ" U1f33
dead_ogonek dead_grave Greek_iota"ἳ" U1f33
dead_dasia dead_grave Greek_iota"ἳ" U1f33
dead_grave dead_ogonek Greek_iota"ἳ" U1f33
dead_grave dead_dasia Greek_iota"ἳ" U1f33
Multi_key greater apostrophe Greek_iota"ἴ" U1f34
Multi_key apostrophe greater Greek_iota"ἴ" U1f34
dead_horn dead_acute Greek_iota"ἴ" U1f34
dead_psili dead_acute Greek_iota"ἴ" U1f34
dead_acute dead_horn Greek_iota"ἴ" U1f34
dead_acute dead_psili Greek_iota"ἴ" U1f34
Multi_key less apostrophe Greek_iota"ἵ" U1f35
Multi_key apostrophe less Greek_iota"ἵ" U1f35
dead_ogonek dead_acute Greek_iota"ἵ" U1f35
dead_dasia dead_acute Greek_iota"ἵ" U1f35
dead_acute dead_ogonek Greek_iota"ἵ" U1f35
dead_acute dead_dasia Greek_iota"ἵ" U1f35
Multi_key greater asciitilde Greek_iota"ἶ" U1f36
Multi_key asciitilde greater Greek_iota"ἶ" U1f36
dead_horn dead_tilde Greek_iota"ἶ" U1f36
dead_psili dead_tilde Greek_iota"ἶ" U1f36
dead_tilde dead_horn Greek_iota"ἶ" U1f36
dead_tilde dead_psili Greek_iota"ἶ" U1f36
Multi_key less asciitilde Greek_iota"ἷ" U1f37
Multi_key asciitilde less Greek_iota"ἷ" U1f37
dead_ogonek dead_tilde Greek_iota"ἷ" U1f37
dead_dasia dead_tilde Greek_iota"ἷ" U1f37
dead_tilde dead_ogonek Greek_iota"ἷ" U1f37
dead_tilde dead_dasia Greek_iota"ἷ" U1f37
Multi_key greater Greek_IOTA"Ἰ" U1f38
dead_horn Greek_IOTA"Ἰ" U1f38
dead_psili Greek_IOTA"Ἰ" U1f38
Multi_key less Greek_IOTA"Ἱ" U1f39
dead_ogonek Greek_IOTA"Ἱ" U1f39
dead_dasia Greek_IOTA"Ἱ" U1f39
Multi_key greater grave Greek_IOTA"Ἲ" U1f3a
Multi_key grave greater Greek_IOTA"Ἲ" U1f3a
dead_horn dead_grave Greek_IOTA"Ἲ" U1f3a
dead_psili dead_grave Greek_IOTA"Ἲ" U1f3a
dead_grave dead_horn Greek_IOTA"Ἲ" U1f3a
dead_grave dead_psili Greek_IOTA"Ἲ" U1f3a
Multi_key less grave Greek_IOTA"Ἳ" U1f3b
Multi_key grave less Greek_IOTA"Ἳ" U1f3b
dead_ogonek dead_grave Greek_IOTA"Ἳ" U1f3b
dead_dasia dead_grave Greek_IOTA"Ἳ" U1f3b
dead_grave dead_ogonek Greek_IOTA"Ἳ" U1f3b
dead_grave dead_dasia Greek_IOTA"Ἳ" U1f3b
Multi_key greater apostrophe Greek_IOTA"Ἴ" U1f3c
Multi_key apostrophe greater Greek_IOTA"Ἴ" U1f3c
dead_horn dead_acute Greek_IOTA"Ἴ" U1f3c
dead_psili dead_acute Greek_IOTA"Ἴ" U1f3c
dead_acute dead_horn Greek_IOTA"Ἴ" U1f3c
dead_acute dead_psili Greek_IOTA"Ἴ" U1f3c
Multi_key less apostrophe Greek_IOTA"Ἵ" U1f3d
Multi_key apostrophe less Greek_IOTA"Ἵ" U1f3d
dead_ogonek dead_acute Greek_IOTA"Ἵ" U1f3d
dead_dasia dead_acute Greek_IOTA"Ἵ" U1f3d
dead_acute dead_ogonek Greek_IOTA"Ἵ" U1f3d
dead_acute dead_dasia Greek_IOTA"Ἵ" U1f3d
Multi_key greater asciitilde Greek_IOTA"Ἶ" U1f3e
Multi_key asciitilde greater Greek_IOTA"Ἶ" U1f3e
dead_horn dead_tilde Greek_IOTA"Ἶ" U1f3e
dead_psili dead_tilde Greek_IOTA"Ἶ" U1f3e
dead_tilde dead_horn Greek_IOTA"Ἶ" U1f3e
dead_tilde dead_psili Greek_IOTA"Ἶ" U1f3e
Multi_key less asciitilde Greek_IOTA"Ἷ" U1f3f
Multi_key asciitilde less Greek_IOTA"Ἷ" U1f3f
dead_ogonek dead_tilde Greek_IOTA"Ἷ" U1f3f
dead_dasia dead_tilde Greek_IOTA"Ἷ" U1f3f
dead_tilde dead_ogonek Greek_IOTA"Ἷ" U1f3f
dead_tilde dead_dasia Greek_IOTA"Ἷ" U1f3f
Multi_key greater Greek_omicron"ὀ" U1f40
dead_horn Greek_omicron"ὀ" U1f40
dead_psili Greek_omicron"ὀ" U1f40
Multi_key less Greek_omicron"ὁ" U1f41
dead_ogonek Greek_omicron"ὁ" U1f41
dead_dasia Greek_omicron"ὁ" U1f41
Multi_key greater grave Greek_omicron"ὂ" U1f42
Multi_key grave greater Greek_omicron"ὂ" U1f42
dead_horn dead_grave Greek_omicron"ὂ" U1f42
dead_psili dead_grave Greek_omicron"ὂ" U1f42
dead_grave dead_horn Greek_omicron"ὂ" U1f42
dead_grave dead_psili Greek_omicron"ὂ" U1f42
Multi_key less grave Greek_omicron"ὃ" U1f43
Multi_key grave less Greek_omicron"ὃ" U1f43
dead_ogonek dead_grave Greek_omicron"ὃ" U1f43
dead_dasia dead_grave Greek_omicron"ὃ" U1f43
dead_grave dead_ogonek Greek_omicron"ὃ" U1f43
dead_grave dead_dasia Greek_omicron"ὃ" U1f43
Multi_key greater apostrophe Greek_omicron"ὄ" U1f44
Multi_key apostrophe greater Greek_omicron"ὄ" U1f44
dead_horn dead_acute Greek_omicron"ὄ" U1f44
dead_psili dead_acute Greek_omicron"ὄ" U1f44
dead_acute dead_horn Greek_omicron"ὄ" U1f44
dead_acute dead_psili Greek_omicron"ὄ" U1f44
Multi_key less apostrophe Greek_omicron"ὅ" U1f45
Multi_key apostrophe less Greek_omicron"ὅ" U1f45
dead_ogonek dead_acute Greek_omicron"ὅ" U1f45
dead_dasia dead_acute Greek_omicron"ὅ" U1f45
dead_acute dead_ogonek Greek_omicron"ὅ" U1f45
dead_acute dead_dasia Greek_omicron"ὅ" U1f45
Multi_key greater Greek_OMICRON"Ὀ" U1f48
dead_horn Greek_OMICRON"Ὀ" U1f48
dead_psili Greek_OMICRON"Ὀ" U1f48
Multi_key less Greek_OMICRON"Ὁ" U1f49
dead_ogonek Greek_OMICRON"Ὁ" U1f49
dead_dasia Greek_OMICRON"Ὁ" U1f49
Multi_key greater grave Greek_OMICRON"Ὂ" U1f4a
Multi_key grave greater Greek_OMICRON"Ὂ" U1f4a
dead_horn dead_grave Greek_OMICRON"Ὂ" U1f4a
dead_psili dead_grave Greek_OMICRON"Ὂ" U1f4a
dead_grave dead_horn Greek_OMICRON"Ὂ" U1f4a
dead_grave dead_psili Greek_OMICRON"Ὂ" U1f4a
Multi_key less grave Greek_OMICRON"Ὃ" U1f4b
Multi_key grave less Greek_OMICRON"Ὃ" U1f4b
dead_ogonek dead_grave Greek_OMICRON"Ὃ" U1f4b
dead_dasia dead_grave Greek_OMICRON"Ὃ" U1f4b
dead_grave dead_ogonek Greek_OMICRON"Ὃ" U1f4b
dead_grave dead_dasia Greek_OMICRON"Ὃ" U1f4b
Multi_key greater apostrophe Greek_OMICRON"Ὄ" U1f4c
Multi_key apostrophe greater Greek_OMICRON"Ὄ" U1f4c
dead_horn dead_acute Greek_OMICRON"Ὄ" U1f4c
dead_psili dead_acute Greek_OMICRON"Ὄ" U1f4c
dead_acute dead_horn Greek_OMICRON"Ὄ" U1f4c
dead_acute dead_psili Greek_OMICRON"Ὄ" U1f4c
Multi_key less apostrophe Greek_OMICRON"Ὅ" U1f4d
Multi_key apostrophe less Greek_OMICRON"Ὅ" U1f4d
dead_ogonek dead_acute Greek_OMICRON"Ὅ" U1f4d
dead_dasia dead_acute Greek_OMICRON"Ὅ" U1f4d
dead_acute dead_ogonek Greek_OMICRON"Ὅ" U1f4d
dead_acute dead_dasia Greek_OMICRON"Ὅ" U1f4d
Multi_key greater Greek_upsilon"ὐ" U1f50
dead_horn Greek_upsilon"ὐ" U1f50
dead_psili Greek_upsilon"ὐ" U1f50
Multi_key less Greek_upsilon"ὑ" U1f51

Table 4. Compose Key Sequences for el_GR.UTF-8

Key SequenceAction
dead_ogonek Greek_upsilon"ὑ" U1f51
dead_dasia Greek_upsilon"ὑ" U1f51
Multi_key greater grave Greek_upsilon"ὒ" U1f52
Multi_key grave greater Greek_upsilon"ὒ" U1f52
dead_horn dead_grave Greek_upsilon"ὒ" U1f52
dead_psili dead_grave Greek_upsilon"ὒ" U1f52
dead_grave dead_horn Greek_upsilon"ὒ" U1f52
dead_grave dead_psili Greek_upsilon"ὒ" U1f52
Multi_key less grave Greek_upsilon"ὓ" U1f53
Multi_key grave less Greek_upsilon"ὓ" U1f53
dead_ogonek dead_grave Greek_upsilon"ὓ" U1f53
dead_dasia dead_grave Greek_upsilon"ὓ" U1f53
dead_grave dead_ogonek Greek_upsilon"ὓ" U1f53
dead_grave dead_dasia Greek_upsilon"ὓ" U1f53
Multi_key greater apostrophe Greek_upsilon"ὔ" U1f54
Multi_key apostrophe greater Greek_upsilon"ὔ" U1f54
dead_horn dead_acute Greek_upsilon"ὔ" U1f54
dead_psili dead_acute Greek_upsilon"ὔ" U1f54
dead_acute dead_horn Greek_upsilon"ὔ" U1f54
dead_acute dead_psili Greek_upsilon"ὔ" U1f54
Multi_key less apostrophe Greek_upsilon"ὕ" U1f55
Multi_key apostrophe less Greek_upsilon"ὕ" U1f55
dead_ogonek dead_acute Greek_upsilon"ὕ" U1f55
dead_dasia dead_acute Greek_upsilon"ὕ" U1f55
dead_acute dead_ogonek Greek_upsilon"ὕ" U1f55
dead_acute dead_dasia Greek_upsilon"ὕ" U1f55
Multi_key greater asciitilde Greek_upsilon"ὖ" U1f56
Multi_key asciitilde greater Greek_upsilon"ὖ" U1f56
dead_horn dead_tilde Greek_upsilon"ὖ" U1f56
dead_psili dead_tilde Greek_upsilon"ὖ" U1f56
dead_tilde dead_horn Greek_upsilon"ὖ" U1f56
dead_tilde dead_psili Greek_upsilon"ὖ" U1f56
Multi_key less asciitilde Greek_upsilon"ὗ" U1f57
Multi_key asciitilde less Greek_upsilon"ὗ" U1f57
dead_ogonek dead_tilde Greek_upsilon"ὗ" U1f57
dead_dasia dead_tilde Greek_upsilon"ὗ" U1f57
dead_tilde dead_ogonek Greek_upsilon"ὗ" U1f57
dead_tilde dead_dasia Greek_upsilon"ὗ" U1f57
Multi_key less Greek_UPSILON"Ὑ" U1f59
dead_ogonek Greek_UPSILON"Ὑ" U1f59
dead_dasia Greek_UPSILON"Ὑ" U1f59
Multi_key less grave Greek_UPSILON"Ὓ" U1f5b
Multi_key grave less Greek_UPSILON"Ὓ" U1f5b
dead_ogonek dead_grave Greek_UPSILON"Ὓ" U1f5b
dead_dasia dead_grave Greek_UPSILON"Ὓ" U1f5b
dead_grave dead_ogonek Greek_UPSILON"Ὓ" U1f5b
dead_grave dead_dasia Greek_UPSILON"Ὓ" U1f5b
Multi_key less apostrophe Greek_UPSILON"Ὕ" U1f5d
Multi_key apostrophe less Greek_UPSILON"Ὕ" U1f5d
dead_ogonek dead_acute Greek_UPSILON"Ὕ" U1f5d
dead_dasia dead_acute Greek_UPSILON"Ὕ" U1f5d
dead_acute dead_ogonek Greek_UPSILON"Ὕ" U1f5d
dead_acute dead_dasia Greek_UPSILON"Ὕ" U1f5d
Multi_key less asciitilde Greek_UPSILON"Ὗ" U1f5f
Multi_key asciitilde less Greek_UPSILON"Ὗ" U1f5f
dead_ogonek dead_tilde Greek_UPSILON"Ὗ" U1f5f
dead_dasia dead_tilde Greek_UPSILON"Ὗ" U1f5f
dead_tilde dead_ogonek Greek_UPSILON"Ὗ" U1f5f
dead_tilde dead_dasia Greek_UPSILON"Ὗ" U1f5f
Multi_key greater Greek_omega"ὠ" U1f60
dead_horn Greek_omega"ὠ" U1f60
dead_psili Greek_omega"ὠ" U1f60
Multi_key less Greek_omega"ὡ" U1f61
dead_ogonek Greek_omega"ὡ" U1f61
dead_dasia Greek_omega"ὡ" U1f61
Multi_key greater grave Greek_omega"ὢ" U1f62
Multi_key grave greater Greek_omega"ὢ" U1f62
dead_horn dead_grave Greek_omega"ὢ" U1f62
dead_psili dead_grave Greek_omega"ὢ" U1f62
dead_grave dead_horn Greek_omega"ὢ" U1f62
dead_grave dead_psili Greek_omega"ὢ" U1f62
Multi_key less grave Greek_omega"ὣ" U1f63
Multi_key grave less Greek_omega"ὣ" U1f63
dead_ogonek dead_grave Greek_omega"ὣ" U1f63
dead_dasia dead_grave Greek_omega"ὣ" U1f63
dead_grave dead_ogonek Greek_omega"ὣ" U1f63
dead_grave dead_dasia Greek_omega"ὣ" U1f63
Multi_key greater apostrophe Greek_omega"ὤ" U1f64
Multi_key apostrophe greater Greek_omega"ὤ" U1f64
dead_horn dead_acute Greek_omega"ὤ" U1f64
dead_psili dead_acute Greek_omega"ὤ" U1f64
dead_acute dead_horn Greek_omega"ὤ" U1f64
dead_acute dead_psili Greek_omega"ὤ" U1f64
Multi_key less apostrophe Greek_omega"ὥ" U1f65
Multi_key apostrophe less Greek_omega"ὥ" U1f65
dead_ogonek dead_acute Greek_omega"ὥ" U1f65
dead_dasia dead_acute Greek_omega"ὥ" U1f65
dead_acute dead_ogonek Greek_omega"ὥ" U1f65
dead_acute dead_dasia Greek_omega"ὥ" U1f65
Multi_key greater asciitilde Greek_omega"ὦ" U1f66
Multi_key asciitilde greater Greek_omega"ὦ" U1f66
dead_horn dead_tilde Greek_omega"ὦ" U1f66
dead_psili dead_tilde Greek_omega"ὦ" U1f66
dead_tilde dead_horn Greek_omega"ὦ" U1f66
dead_tilde dead_psili Greek_omega"ὦ" U1f66
Multi_key less asciitilde Greek_omega"ὧ" U1f67
Multi_key asciitilde less Greek_omega"ὧ" U1f67
dead_ogonek dead_tilde Greek_omega"ὧ" U1f67
dead_dasia dead_tilde Greek_omega"ὧ" U1f67
dead_tilde dead_ogonek Greek_omega"ὧ" U1f67
dead_tilde dead_dasia Greek_omega"ὧ" U1f67
Multi_key greater Greek_OMEGA"Ὠ" U1f68
dead_horn Greek_OMEGA"Ὠ" U1f68
dead_psili Greek_OMEGA"Ὠ" U1f68
Multi_key less Greek_OMEGA"Ὡ" U1f69
dead_ogonek Greek_OMEGA"Ὡ" U1f69
dead_dasia Greek_OMEGA"Ὡ" U1f69
Multi_key greater grave Greek_OMEGA"Ὢ" U1f6a
Multi_key grave greater Greek_OMEGA"Ὢ" U1f6a
dead_horn dead_grave Greek_OMEGA"Ὢ" U1f6a
dead_psili dead_grave Greek_OMEGA"Ὢ" U1f6a
dead_grave dead_horn Greek_OMEGA"Ὢ" U1f6a
dead_grave dead_psili Greek_OMEGA"Ὢ" U1f6a
Multi_key less grave Greek_OMEGA"Ὣ" U1f6b
Multi_key grave less Greek_OMEGA"Ὣ" U1f6b
dead_ogonek dead_grave Greek_OMEGA"Ὣ" U1f6b
dead_dasia dead_grave Greek_OMEGA"Ὣ" U1f6b
dead_grave dead_ogonek Greek_OMEGA"Ὣ" U1f6b
dead_grave dead_dasia Greek_OMEGA"Ὣ" U1f6b
Multi_key greater apostrophe Greek_OMEGA"Ὤ" U1f6c
Multi_key apostrophe greater Greek_OMEGA"Ὤ" U1f6c
dead_horn dead_acute Greek_OMEGA"Ὤ" U1f6c
dead_psili dead_acute Greek_OMEGA"Ὤ" U1f6c
dead_acute dead_horn Greek_OMEGA"Ὤ" U1f6c
dead_acute dead_psili Greek_OMEGA"Ὤ" U1f6c
Multi_key less apostrophe Greek_OMEGA"Ὥ" U1f6d
Multi_key apostrophe less Greek_OMEGA"Ὥ" U1f6d
dead_ogonek dead_acute Greek_OMEGA"Ὥ" U1f6d
dead_dasia dead_acute Greek_OMEGA"Ὥ" U1f6d
dead_acute dead_ogonek Greek_OMEGA"Ὥ" U1f6d
dead_acute dead_dasia Greek_OMEGA"Ὥ" U1f6d
Multi_key greater asciitilde Greek_OMEGA"Ὦ" U1f6e
Multi_key asciitilde greater Greek_OMEGA"Ὦ" U1f6e
dead_horn dead_tilde Greek_OMEGA"Ὦ" U1f6e
dead_psili dead_tilde Greek_OMEGA"Ὦ" U1f6e
dead_tilde dead_horn Greek_OMEGA"Ὦ" U1f6e
dead_tilde dead_psili Greek_OMEGA"Ὦ" U1f6e
Multi_key less asciitilde Greek_OMEGA"Ὧ" U1f6f
Multi_key asciitilde less Greek_OMEGA"Ὧ" U1f6f
dead_ogonek dead_tilde Greek_OMEGA"Ὧ" U1f6f
dead_dasia dead_tilde Greek_OMEGA"Ὧ" U1f6f
dead_tilde dead_ogonek Greek_OMEGA"Ὧ" U1f6f
dead_tilde dead_dasia Greek_OMEGA"Ὧ" U1f6f
Multi_key grave Greek_alpha"ὰ" U1f70
dead_grave Greek_alpha"ὰ" U1f70
Multi_key grave Greek_epsilon"ὲ" U1f72
dead_grave Greek_epsilon"ὲ" U1f72
Multi_key grave Greek_eta"ὴ" U1f74
dead_grave Greek_eta"ὴ" U1f74
Multi_key grave Greek_iota"ὶ" U1f76
dead_grave Greek_iota"ὶ" U1f76
Multi_key grave Greek_omicron"ὸ" U1f78
dead_grave Greek_omicron"ὸ" U1f78
Multi_key grave Greek_upsilon"ὺ" U1f7a
dead_grave Greek_upsilon"ὺ" U1f7a
Multi_key grave Greek_omega"ὼ" U1f7c
dead_grave Greek_omega"ὼ" U1f7c
Multi_key bar greater Greek_alpha"ᾀ" U1f80
Multi_key greater bar Greek_alpha"ᾀ" U1f80
dead_iota dead_horn Greek_alpha"ᾀ" U1f80
dead_iota dead_psili Greek_alpha"ᾀ" U1f80
dead_horn dead_iota Greek_alpha"ᾀ" U1f80
dead_psili dead_iota Greek_alpha"ᾀ" U1f80
Multi_key bar less Greek_alpha"ᾁ" U1f81
Multi_key less bar Greek_alpha"ᾁ" U1f81
dead_iota dead_ogonek Greek_alpha"ᾁ" U1f81
dead_iota dead_dasia Greek_alpha"ᾁ" U1f81
dead_ogonek dead_iota Greek_alpha"ᾁ" U1f81
dead_dasia dead_iota Greek_alpha"ᾁ" U1f81
Multi_key bar greater grave Greek_alpha"ᾂ" U1f82
Multi_key bar grave greater Greek_alpha"ᾂ" U1f82
Multi_key greater bar grave Greek_alpha"ᾂ" U1f82
Multi_key greater grave bar Greek_alpha"ᾂ" U1f82
Multi_key grave bar greater Greek_alpha"ᾂ" U1f82
Multi_key grave greater bar Greek_alpha"ᾂ" U1f82
dead_iota dead_horn dead_grave Greek_alpha"ᾂ" U1f82
dead_iota dead_psili dead_grave Greek_alpha"ᾂ" U1f82
dead_iota dead_grave dead_horn Greek_alpha"ᾂ" U1f82
dead_iota dead_grave dead_psili Greek_alpha"ᾂ" U1f82
dead_horn dead_iota dead_grave Greek_alpha"ᾂ" U1f82
dead_psili dead_iota dead_grave Greek_alpha"ᾂ" U1f82
dead_horn dead_grave dead_iota Greek_alpha"ᾂ" U1f82
dead_psili dead_grave dead_iota Greek_alpha"ᾂ" U1f82
dead_grave dead_iota dead_horn Greek_alpha"ᾂ" U1f82
dead_grave dead_iota dead_psili Greek_alpha"ᾂ" U1f82
dead_grave dead_horn dead_iota Greek_alpha"ᾂ" U1f82
dead_grave dead_psili dead_iota Greek_alpha"ᾂ" U1f82
Multi_key bar less grave Greek_alpha"ᾃ" U1f83
Multi_key bar grave less Greek_alpha"ᾃ" U1f83
Multi_key less bar grave Greek_alpha"ᾃ" U1f83
Multi_key less grave bar Greek_alpha"ᾃ" U1f83
Multi_key grave bar less Greek_alpha"ᾃ" U1f83
Multi_key grave less bar Greek_alpha"ᾃ" U1f83
dead_iota dead_ogonek dead_grave Greek_alpha"ᾃ" U1f83
dead_iota dead_dasia dead_grave Greek_alpha"ᾃ" U1f83
dead_iota dead_grave dead_ogonek Greek_alpha"ᾃ" U1f83
dead_iota dead_grave dead_dasia Greek_alpha"ᾃ" U1f83
dead_ogonek dead_iota dead_grave Greek_alpha"ᾃ" U1f83
dead_dasia dead_iota dead_grave Greek_alpha"ᾃ" U1f83
dead_ogonek dead_grave dead_iota Greek_alpha"ᾃ" U1f83
dead_dasia dead_grave dead_iota Greek_alpha"ᾃ" U1f83
dead_grave dead_iota dead_ogonek Greek_alpha"ᾃ" U1f83
dead_grave dead_iota dead_dasia Greek_alpha"ᾃ" U1f83
dead_grave dead_ogonek dead_iota Greek_alpha"ᾃ" U1f83
dead_grave dead_dasia dead_iota Greek_alpha"ᾃ" U1f83
Multi_key bar greater apostrophe Greek_alpha"ᾄ" U1f84
Multi_key bar apostrophe greater Greek_alpha"ᾄ" U1f84
Multi_key greater bar apostrophe Greek_alpha"ᾄ" U1f84
Multi_key greater apostrophe bar Greek_alpha"ᾄ" U1f84
Multi_key apostrophe bar greater Greek_alpha"ᾄ" U1f84
Multi_key apostrophe greater bar Greek_alpha"ᾄ" U1f84
dead_iota dead_horn dead_acute Greek_alpha"ᾄ" U1f84
dead_iota dead_psili dead_acute Greek_alpha"ᾄ" U1f84
dead_iota dead_acute dead_horn Greek_alpha"ᾄ" U1f84
dead_iota dead_acute dead_psili Greek_alpha"ᾄ" U1f84
dead_horn dead_iota dead_acute Greek_alpha"ᾄ" U1f84
dead_psili dead_iota dead_acute Greek_alpha"ᾄ" U1f84
dead_horn dead_acute dead_iota Greek_alpha"ᾄ" U1f84
dead_psili dead_acute dead_iota Greek_alpha"ᾄ" U1f84
dead_acute dead_iota dead_horn Greek_alpha"ᾄ" U1f84
dead_acute dead_iota dead_psili Greek_alpha"ᾄ" U1f84
dead_acute dead_horn dead_iota Greek_alpha"ᾄ" U1f84
dead_acute dead_psili dead_iota Greek_alpha"ᾄ" U1f84
Multi_key bar less apostrophe Greek_alpha"ᾅ" U1f85
Multi_key bar apostrophe less Greek_alpha"ᾅ" U1f85
Multi_key less bar apostrophe Greek_alpha"ᾅ" U1f85
Multi_key less apostrophe bar Greek_alpha"ᾅ" U1f85
Multi_key apostrophe bar less Greek_alpha"ᾅ" U1f85
Multi_key apostrophe less bar Greek_alpha"ᾅ" U1f85
dead_iota dead_ogonek dead_acute Greek_alpha"ᾅ" U1f85
dead_iota dead_dasia dead_acute Greek_alpha"ᾅ" U1f85
dead_iota dead_acute dead_ogonek Greek_alpha"ᾅ" U1f85
dead_iota dead_acute dead_dasia Greek_alpha"ᾅ" U1f85
dead_ogonek dead_iota dead_acute Greek_alpha"ᾅ" U1f85
dead_dasia dead_iota dead_acute Greek_alpha"ᾅ" U1f85
dead_ogonek dead_acute dead_iota Greek_alpha"ᾅ" U1f85
dead_dasia dead_acute dead_iota Greek_alpha"ᾅ" U1f85
dead_acute dead_iota dead_ogonek Greek_alpha"ᾅ" U1f85
dead_acute dead_iota dead_dasia Greek_alpha"ᾅ" U1f85
dead_acute dead_ogonek dead_iota Greek_alpha"ᾅ" U1f85
dead_acute dead_dasia dead_iota Greek_alpha"ᾅ" U1f85
Multi_key bar greater asciitilde Greek_alpha"ᾆ" U1f86
Multi_key bar asciitilde greater Greek_alpha"ᾆ" U1f86
Multi_key greater bar asciitilde Greek_alpha"ᾆ" U1f86
Multi_key greater asciitilde bar Greek_alpha"ᾆ" U1f86
Multi_key asciitilde bar greater Greek_alpha"ᾆ" U1f86
Multi_key asciitilde greater bar Greek_alpha"ᾆ" U1f86
dead_iota dead_horn dead_tilde Greek_alpha"ᾆ" U1f86
dead_iota dead_psili dead_tilde Greek_alpha"ᾆ" U1f86
dead_iota dead_tilde dead_horn Greek_alpha"ᾆ" U1f86
dead_iota dead_tilde dead_psili Greek_alpha"ᾆ" U1f86
dead_horn dead_iota dead_tilde Greek_alpha"ᾆ" U1f86
dead_psili dead_iota dead_tilde Greek_alpha"ᾆ" U1f86
dead_horn dead_tilde dead_iota Greek_alpha"ᾆ" U1f86
dead_psili dead_tilde dead_iota Greek_alpha"ᾆ" U1f86
dead_tilde dead_iota dead_horn Greek_alpha"ᾆ" U1f86
dead_tilde dead_iota dead_psili Greek_alpha"ᾆ" U1f86
dead_tilde dead_horn dead_iota Greek_alpha"ᾆ" U1f86
dead_tilde dead_psili dead_iota Greek_alpha"ᾆ" U1f86
Multi_key bar less asciitilde Greek_alpha"ᾇ" U1f87
Multi_key bar asciitilde less Greek_alpha"ᾇ" U1f87
Multi_key less bar asciitilde Greek_alpha"ᾇ" U1f87
Multi_key less asciitilde bar Greek_alpha"ᾇ" U1f87
Multi_key asciitilde bar less Greek_alpha"ᾇ" U1f87
Multi_key asciitilde less bar Greek_alpha"ᾇ" U1f87
dead_iota dead_ogonek dead_tilde Greek_alpha"ᾇ" U1f87
dead_iota dead_dasia dead_tilde Greek_alpha"ᾇ" U1f87
dead_iota dead_tilde dead_ogonek Greek_alpha"ᾇ" U1f87
dead_iota dead_tilde dead_dasia Greek_alpha"ᾇ" U1f87
dead_ogonek dead_iota dead_tilde Greek_alpha"ᾇ" U1f87
dead_dasia dead_iota dead_tilde Greek_alpha"ᾇ" U1f87
dead_ogonek dead_tilde dead_iota Greek_alpha"ᾇ" U1f87
dead_dasia dead_tilde dead_iota Greek_alpha"ᾇ" U1f87
dead_tilde dead_iota dead_ogonek Greek_alpha"ᾇ" U1f87
dead_tilde dead_iota dead_dasia Greek_alpha"ᾇ" U1f87
dead_tilde dead_ogonek dead_iota Greek_alpha"ᾇ" U1f87
dead_tilde dead_dasia dead_iota Greek_alpha"ᾇ" U1f87
Multi_key bar greater Greek_ALPHA"ᾈ" U1f88
Multi_key greater bar Greek_ALPHA"ᾈ" U1f88
dead_iota dead_horn Greek_ALPHA"ᾈ" U1f88
dead_iota dead_psili Greek_ALPHA"ᾈ" U1f88
dead_horn dead_iota Greek_ALPHA"ᾈ" U1f88
dead_psili dead_iota Greek_ALPHA"ᾈ" U1f88
Multi_key bar less Greek_ALPHA"ᾉ" U1f89
Multi_key less bar Greek_ALPHA"ᾉ" U1f89
dead_iota dead_ogonek Greek_ALPHA"ᾉ" U1f89
dead_iota dead_dasia Greek_ALPHA"ᾉ" U1f89
dead_ogonek dead_iota Greek_ALPHA"ᾉ" U1f89
dead_dasia dead_iota Greek_ALPHA"ᾉ" U1f89
Multi_key bar greater grave Greek_ALPHA"ᾊ" U1f8a
Multi_key bar grave greater Greek_ALPHA"ᾊ" U1f8a
Multi_key greater bar grave Greek_ALPHA"ᾊ" U1f8a
Multi_key greater grave bar Greek_ALPHA"ᾊ" U1f8a
Multi_key grave bar greater Greek_ALPHA"ᾊ" U1f8a
Multi_key grave greater bar Greek_ALPHA"ᾊ" U1f8a
dead_iota dead_horn dead_grave Greek_ALPHA"ᾊ" U1f8a
dead_iota dead_psili dead_grave Greek_ALPHA"ᾊ" U1f8a
dead_iota dead_grave dead_horn Greek_ALPHA"ᾊ" U1f8a
dead_iota dead_grave dead_psili Greek_ALPHA"ᾊ" U1f8a
dead_horn dead_iota dead_grave Greek_ALPHA"ᾊ" U1f8a
dead_psili dead_iota dead_grave Greek_ALPHA"ᾊ" U1f8a
dead_horn dead_grave dead_iota Greek_ALPHA"ᾊ" U1f8a
dead_psili dead_grave dead_iota Greek_ALPHA"ᾊ" U1f8a
dead_grave dead_iota dead_horn Greek_ALPHA"ᾊ" U1f8a
dead_grave dead_iota dead_psili Greek_ALPHA"ᾊ" U1f8a
dead_grave dead_horn dead_iota Greek_ALPHA"ᾊ" U1f8a
dead_grave dead_psili dead_iota Greek_ALPHA"ᾊ" U1f8a
Multi_key bar less grave Greek_ALPHA"ᾋ" U1f8b
Multi_key bar grave less Greek_ALPHA"ᾋ" U1f8b
Multi_key less bar grave Greek_ALPHA"ᾋ" U1f8b
Multi_key less grave bar Greek_ALPHA"ᾋ" U1f8b
Multi_key grave bar less Greek_ALPHA"ᾋ" U1f8b
Multi_key grave less bar Greek_ALPHA"ᾋ" U1f8b
dead_iota dead_ogonek dead_grave Greek_ALPHA"ᾋ" U1f8b
dead_iota dead_dasia dead_grave Greek_ALPHA"ᾋ" U1f8b
dead_iota dead_grave dead_ogonek Greek_ALPHA"ᾋ" U1f8b
dead_iota dead_grave dead_dasia Greek_ALPHA"ᾋ" U1f8b
dead_ogonek dead_iota dead_grave Greek_ALPHA"ᾋ" U1f8b
dead_dasia dead_iota dead_grave Greek_ALPHA"ᾋ" U1f8b
dead_ogonek dead_grave dead_iota Greek_ALPHA"ᾋ" U1f8b
dead_dasia dead_grave dead_iota Greek_ALPHA"ᾋ" U1f8b
dead_grave dead_iota dead_ogonek Greek_ALPHA"ᾋ" U1f8b
dead_grave dead_iota dead_dasia Greek_ALPHA"ᾋ" U1f8b
dead_grave dead_ogonek dead_iota Greek_ALPHA"ᾋ" U1f8b
dead_grave dead_dasia dead_iota Greek_ALPHA"ᾋ" U1f8b
Multi_key bar greater apostrophe Greek_ALPHA"ᾌ" U1f8c
Multi_key bar apostrophe greater Greek_ALPHA"ᾌ" U1f8c
Multi_key greater bar apostrophe Greek_ALPHA"ᾌ" U1f8c
Multi_key greater apostrophe bar Greek_ALPHA"ᾌ" U1f8c
Multi_key apostrophe bar greater Greek_ALPHA"ᾌ" U1f8c
Multi_key apostrophe greater bar Greek_ALPHA"ᾌ" U1f8c
dead_iota dead_horn dead_acute Greek_ALPHA"ᾌ" U1f8c
dead_iota dead_psili dead_acute Greek_ALPHA"ᾌ" U1f8c
dead_iota dead_acute dead_horn Greek_ALPHA"ᾌ" U1f8c
dead_iota dead_acute dead_psili Greek_ALPHA"ᾌ" U1f8c
dead_horn dead_iota dead_acute Greek_ALPHA"ᾌ" U1f8c
dead_psili dead_iota dead_acute Greek_ALPHA"ᾌ" U1f8c
dead_horn dead_acute dead_iota Greek_ALPHA"ᾌ" U1f8c
dead_psili dead_acute dead_iota Greek_ALPHA"ᾌ" U1f8c
dead_acute dead_iota dead_horn Greek_ALPHA"ᾌ" U1f8c
dead_acute dead_iota dead_psili Greek_ALPHA"ᾌ" U1f8c
dead_acute dead_horn dead_iota Greek_ALPHA"ᾌ" U1f8c
dead_acute dead_psili dead_iota Greek_ALPHA"ᾌ" U1f8c
Multi_key bar less apostrophe Greek_ALPHA"ᾍ" U1f8d
Multi_key bar apostrophe less Greek_ALPHA"ᾍ" U1f8d
Multi_key less bar apostrophe Greek_ALPHA"ᾍ" U1f8d
Multi_key less apostrophe bar Greek_ALPHA"ᾍ" U1f8d
Multi_key apostrophe bar less Greek_ALPHA"ᾍ" U1f8d
Multi_key apostrophe less bar Greek_ALPHA"ᾍ" U1f8d
dead_iota dead_ogonek dead_acute Greek_ALPHA"ᾍ" U1f8d
dead_iota dead_dasia dead_acute Greek_ALPHA"ᾍ" U1f8d
dead_iota dead_acute dead_ogonek Greek_ALPHA"ᾍ" U1f8d
dead_iota dead_acute dead_dasia Greek_ALPHA"ᾍ" U1f8d
dead_ogonek dead_iota dead_acute Greek_ALPHA"ᾍ" U1f8d
dead_dasia dead_iota dead_acute Greek_ALPHA"ᾍ" U1f8d
dead_ogonek dead_acute dead_iota Greek_ALPHA"ᾍ" U1f8d
dead_dasia dead_acute dead_iota Greek_ALPHA"ᾍ" U1f8d
dead_acute dead_iota dead_ogonek Greek_ALPHA"ᾍ" U1f8d
dead_acute dead_iota dead_dasia Greek_ALPHA"ᾍ" U1f8d
dead_acute dead_ogonek dead_iota Greek_ALPHA"ᾍ" U1f8d
dead_acute dead_dasia dead_iota Greek_ALPHA"ᾍ" U1f8d
Multi_key bar greater asciitilde Greek_ALPHA"ᾎ" U1f8e
Multi_key bar asciitilde greater Greek_ALPHA"ᾎ" U1f8e
Multi_key greater bar asciitilde Greek_ALPHA"ᾎ" U1f8e
Multi_key greater asciitilde bar Greek_ALPHA"ᾎ" U1f8e
Multi_key asciitilde bar greater Greek_ALPHA"ᾎ" U1f8e
Multi_key asciitilde greater bar Greek_ALPHA"ᾎ" U1f8e
dead_iota dead_horn dead_tilde Greek_ALPHA"ᾎ" U1f8e
dead_iota dead_psili dead_tilde Greek_ALPHA"ᾎ" U1f8e
dead_iota dead_tilde dead_horn Greek_ALPHA"ᾎ" U1f8e
dead_iota dead_tilde dead_psili Greek_ALPHA"ᾎ" U1f8e
dead_horn dead_iota dead_tilde Greek_ALPHA"ᾎ" U1f8e
dead_psili dead_iota dead_tilde Greek_ALPHA"ᾎ" U1f8e
dead_horn dead_tilde dead_iota Greek_ALPHA"ᾎ" U1f8e
dead_psili dead_tilde dead_iota Greek_ALPHA"ᾎ" U1f8e
dead_tilde dead_iota dead_horn Greek_ALPHA"ᾎ" U1f8e
dead_tilde dead_iota dead_psili Greek_ALPHA"ᾎ" U1f8e
dead_tilde dead_horn dead_iota Greek_ALPHA"ᾎ" U1f8e
dead_tilde dead_psili dead_iota Greek_ALPHA"ᾎ" U1f8e
Multi_key bar less asciitilde Greek_ALPHA"ᾏ" U1f8f
Multi_key bar asciitilde less Greek_ALPHA"ᾏ" U1f8f
Multi_key less bar asciitilde Greek_ALPHA"ᾏ" U1f8f
Multi_key less asciitilde bar Greek_ALPHA"ᾏ" U1f8f
Multi_key asciitilde bar less Greek_ALPHA"ᾏ" U1f8f
Multi_key asciitilde less bar Greek_ALPHA"ᾏ" U1f8f
dead_iota dead_ogonek dead_tilde Greek_ALPHA"ᾏ" U1f8f
dead_iota dead_dasia dead_tilde Greek_ALPHA"ᾏ" U1f8f
dead_iota dead_tilde dead_ogonek Greek_ALPHA"ᾏ" U1f8f
dead_iota dead_tilde dead_dasia Greek_ALPHA"ᾏ" U1f8f
dead_ogonek dead_iota dead_tilde Greek_ALPHA"ᾏ" U1f8f
dead_dasia dead_iota dead_tilde Greek_ALPHA"ᾏ" U1f8f
dead_ogonek dead_tilde dead_iota Greek_ALPHA"ᾏ" U1f8f
dead_dasia dead_tilde dead_iota Greek_ALPHA"ᾏ" U1f8f
dead_tilde dead_iota dead_ogonek Greek_ALPHA"ᾏ" U1f8f
dead_tilde dead_iota dead_dasia Greek_ALPHA"ᾏ" U1f8f
dead_tilde dead_ogonek dead_iota Greek_ALPHA"ᾏ" U1f8f
dead_tilde dead_dasia dead_iota Greek_ALPHA"ᾏ" U1f8f
Multi_key bar greater Greek_eta"ᾐ" U1f90
Multi_key greater bar Greek_eta"ᾐ" U1f90
dead_iota dead_horn Greek_eta"ᾐ" U1f90
dead_iota dead_psili Greek_eta"ᾐ" U1f90
dead_horn dead_iota Greek_eta"ᾐ" U1f90
dead_psili dead_iota Greek_eta"ᾐ" U1f90
Multi_key bar less Greek_eta"ᾑ" U1f91
Multi_key less bar Greek_eta"ᾑ" U1f91
dead_iota dead_ogonek Greek_eta"ᾑ" U1f91
dead_iota dead_dasia Greek_eta"ᾑ" U1f91
dead_ogonek dead_iota Greek_eta"ᾑ" U1f91
dead_dasia dead_iota Greek_eta"ᾑ" U1f91
Multi_key bar greater grave Greek_eta"ᾒ" U1f92
Multi_key bar grave greater Greek_eta"ᾒ" U1f92
Multi_key greater bar grave Greek_eta"ᾒ" U1f92
Multi_key greater grave bar Greek_eta"ᾒ" U1f92
Multi_key grave bar greater Greek_eta"ᾒ" U1f92
Multi_key grave greater bar Greek_eta"ᾒ" U1f92
dead_iota dead_horn dead_grave Greek_eta"ᾒ" U1f92
dead_iota dead_psili dead_grave Greek_eta"ᾒ" U1f92
dead_iota dead_grave dead_horn Greek_eta"ᾒ" U1f92
dead_iota dead_grave dead_psili Greek_eta"ᾒ" U1f92
dead_horn dead_iota dead_grave Greek_eta"ᾒ" U1f92
dead_psili dead_iota dead_grave Greek_eta"ᾒ" U1f92
dead_horn dead_grave dead_iota Greek_eta"ᾒ" U1f92
dead_psili dead_grave dead_iota Greek_eta"ᾒ" U1f92
dead_grave dead_iota dead_horn Greek_eta"ᾒ" U1f92
dead_grave dead_iota dead_psili Greek_eta"ᾒ" U1f92
dead_grave dead_horn dead_iota Greek_eta"ᾒ" U1f92
dead_grave dead_psili dead_iota Greek_eta"ᾒ" U1f92
Multi_key bar less grave Greek_eta"ᾓ" U1f93
Multi_key bar grave less Greek_eta"ᾓ" U1f93
Multi_key less bar grave Greek_eta"ᾓ" U1f93
Multi_key less grave bar Greek_eta"ᾓ" U1f93
Multi_key grave bar less Greek_eta"ᾓ" U1f93
Multi_key grave less bar Greek_eta"ᾓ" U1f93
dead_iota dead_ogonek dead_grave Greek_eta"ᾓ" U1f93
dead_iota dead_dasia dead_grave Greek_eta"ᾓ" U1f93
dead_iota dead_grave dead_ogonek Greek_eta"ᾓ" U1f93
dead_iota dead_grave dead_dasia Greek_eta"ᾓ" U1f93
dead_ogonek dead_iota dead_grave Greek_eta"ᾓ" U1f93
dead_dasia dead_iota dead_grave Greek_eta"ᾓ" U1f93
dead_ogonek dead_grave dead_iota Greek_eta"ᾓ" U1f93
dead_dasia dead_grave dead_iota Greek_eta"ᾓ" U1f93
dead_grave dead_iota dead_ogonek Greek_eta"ᾓ" U1f93
dead_grave dead_iota dead_dasia Greek_eta"ᾓ" U1f93
dead_grave dead_ogonek dead_iota Greek_eta"ᾓ" U1f93
dead_grave dead_dasia dead_iota Greek_eta"ᾓ" U1f93
Multi_key bar greater apostrophe Greek_eta"ᾔ" U1f94
Multi_key bar apostrophe greater Greek_eta"ᾔ" U1f94
Multi_key greater bar apostrophe Greek_eta"ᾔ" U1f94
Multi_key greater apostrophe bar Greek_eta"ᾔ" U1f94
Multi_key apostrophe bar greater Greek_eta"ᾔ" U1f94
Multi_key apostrophe greater bar Greek_eta"ᾔ" U1f94
dead_iota dead_horn dead_acute Greek_eta"ᾔ" U1f94
dead_iota dead_psili dead_acute Greek_eta"ᾔ" U1f94
dead_iota dead_acute dead_horn Greek_eta"ᾔ" U1f94
dead_iota dead_acute dead_psili Greek_eta"ᾔ" U1f94
dead_horn dead_iota dead_acute Greek_eta"ᾔ" U1f94
dead_psili dead_iota dead_acute Greek_eta"ᾔ" U1f94
dead_horn dead_acute dead_iota Greek_eta"ᾔ" U1f94
dead_psili dead_acute dead_iota Greek_eta"ᾔ" U1f94
dead_acute dead_iota dead_horn Greek_eta"ᾔ" U1f94
dead_acute dead_iota dead_psili Greek_eta"ᾔ" U1f94
dead_acute dead_horn dead_iota Greek_eta"ᾔ" U1f94
dead_acute dead_psili dead_iota Greek_eta"ᾔ" U1f94
Multi_key bar less apostrophe Greek_eta"ᾕ" U1f95
Multi_key bar apostrophe less Greek_eta"ᾕ" U1f95
Multi_key less bar apostrophe Greek_eta"ᾕ" U1f95
Multi_key less apostrophe bar Greek_eta"ᾕ" U1f95
Multi_key apostrophe bar less Greek_eta"ᾕ" U1f95
Multi_key apostrophe less bar Greek_eta"ᾕ" U1f95
dead_iota dead_ogonek dead_acute Greek_eta"ᾕ" U1f95
dead_iota dead_dasia dead_acute Greek_eta"ᾕ" U1f95
dead_iota dead_acute dead_ogonek Greek_eta"ᾕ" U1f95
dead_iota dead_acute dead_dasia Greek_eta"ᾕ" U1f95
dead_ogonek dead_iota dead_acute Greek_eta"ᾕ" U1f95
dead_dasia dead_iota dead_acute Greek_eta"ᾕ" U1f95
dead_ogonek dead_acute dead_iota Greek_eta"ᾕ" U1f95
dead_dasia dead_acute dead_iota Greek_eta"ᾕ" U1f95
dead_acute dead_iota dead_ogonek Greek_eta"ᾕ" U1f95
dead_acute dead_iota dead_dasia Greek_eta"ᾕ" U1f95
dead_acute dead_ogonek dead_iota Greek_eta"ᾕ" U1f95
dead_acute dead_dasia dead_iota Greek_eta"ᾕ" U1f95
Multi_key bar greater asciitilde Greek_eta"ᾖ" U1f96
Multi_key bar asciitilde greater Greek_eta"ᾖ" U1f96
Multi_key greater bar asciitilde Greek_eta"ᾖ" U1f96
Multi_key greater asciitilde bar Greek_eta"ᾖ" U1f96
Multi_key asciitilde bar greater Greek_eta"ᾖ" U1f96
Multi_key asciitilde greater bar Greek_eta"ᾖ" U1f96
dead_iota dead_horn dead_tilde Greek_eta"ᾖ" U1f96
dead_iota dead_psili dead_tilde Greek_eta"ᾖ" U1f96
dead_iota dead_tilde dead_horn Greek_eta"ᾖ" U1f96
dead_iota dead_tilde dead_psili Greek_eta"ᾖ" U1f96
dead_horn dead_iota dead_tilde Greek_eta"ᾖ" U1f96
dead_psili dead_iota dead_tilde Greek_eta"ᾖ" U1f96
dead_horn dead_tilde dead_iota Greek_eta"ᾖ" U1f96
dead_psili dead_tilde dead_iota Greek_eta"ᾖ" U1f96
dead_tilde dead_iota dead_horn Greek_eta"ᾖ" U1f96
dead_tilde dead_iota dead_psili Greek_eta"ᾖ" U1f96
dead_tilde dead_horn dead_iota Greek_eta"ᾖ" U1f96
dead_tilde dead_psili dead_iota Greek_eta"ᾖ" U1f96
Multi_key bar less asciitilde Greek_eta"ᾗ" U1f97
Multi_key bar asciitilde less Greek_eta"ᾗ" U1f97
Multi_key less bar asciitilde Greek_eta"ᾗ" U1f97
Multi_key less asciitilde bar Greek_eta"ᾗ" U1f97
Multi_key asciitilde bar less Greek_eta"ᾗ" U1f97
Multi_key asciitilde less bar Greek_eta"ᾗ" U1f97
dead_iota dead_ogonek dead_tilde Greek_eta"ᾗ" U1f97
dead_iota dead_dasia dead_tilde Greek_eta"ᾗ" U1f97
dead_iota dead_tilde dead_ogonek Greek_eta"ᾗ" U1f97
dead_iota dead_tilde dead_dasia Greek_eta"ᾗ" U1f97
dead_ogonek dead_iota dead_tilde Greek_eta"ᾗ" U1f97
dead_dasia dead_iota dead_tilde Greek_eta"ᾗ" U1f97
dead_ogonek dead_tilde dead_iota Greek_eta"ᾗ" U1f97
dead_dasia dead_tilde dead_iota Greek_eta"ᾗ" U1f97
dead_tilde dead_iota dead_ogonek Greek_eta"ᾗ" U1f97
dead_tilde dead_iota dead_dasia Greek_eta"ᾗ" U1f97
dead_tilde dead_ogonek dead_iota Greek_eta"ᾗ" U1f97
dead_tilde dead_dasia dead_iota Greek_eta"ᾗ" U1f97
Multi_key bar greater Greek_ETA"ᾘ" U1f98
Multi_key greater bar Greek_ETA"ᾘ" U1f98
dead_iota dead_horn Greek_ETA"ᾘ" U1f98
dead_iota dead_psili Greek_ETA"ᾘ" U1f98
dead_horn dead_iota Greek_ETA"ᾘ" U1f98
dead_psili dead_iota Greek_ETA"ᾘ" U1f98
Multi_key bar less Greek_ETA"ᾙ" U1f99
Multi_key less bar Greek_ETA"ᾙ" U1f99
dead_iota dead_ogonek Greek_ETA"ᾙ" U1f99
dead_iota dead_dasia Greek_ETA"ᾙ" U1f99
dead_ogonek dead_iota Greek_ETA"ᾙ" U1f99
dead_dasia dead_iota Greek_ETA"ᾙ" U1f99
Multi_key bar greater grave Greek_ETA"ᾚ" U1f9a
Multi_key bar grave greater Greek_ETA"ᾚ" U1f9a
Multi_key greater bar grave Greek_ETA"ᾚ" U1f9a
Multi_key greater grave bar Greek_ETA"ᾚ" U1f9a
Multi_key grave bar greater Greek_ETA"ᾚ" U1f9a
Multi_key grave greater bar Greek_ETA"ᾚ" U1f9a
dead_iota dead_horn dead_grave Greek_ETA"ᾚ" U1f9a
dead_iota dead_psili dead_grave Greek_ETA"ᾚ" U1f9a
dead_iota dead_grave dead_horn Greek_ETA"ᾚ" U1f9a
dead_iota dead_grave dead_psili Greek_ETA"ᾚ" U1f9a
dead_horn dead_iota dead_grave Greek_ETA"ᾚ" U1f9a
dead_psili dead_iota dead_grave Greek_ETA"ᾚ" U1f9a
dead_horn dead_grave dead_iota Greek_ETA"ᾚ" U1f9a
dead_psili dead_grave dead_iota Greek_ETA"ᾚ" U1f9a
dead_grave dead_iota dead_horn Greek_ETA"ᾚ" U1f9a
dead_grave dead_iota dead_psili Greek_ETA"ᾚ" U1f9a
dead_grave dead_horn dead_iota Greek_ETA"ᾚ" U1f9a
dead_grave dead_psili dead_iota Greek_ETA"ᾚ" U1f9a
Multi_key bar less grave Greek_ETA"ᾛ" U1f9b
Multi_key bar grave less Greek_ETA"ᾛ" U1f9b
Multi_key less bar grave Greek_ETA"ᾛ" U1f9b
Multi_key less grave bar Greek_ETA"ᾛ" U1f9b
Multi_key grave bar less Greek_ETA"ᾛ" U1f9b
Multi_key grave less bar Greek_ETA"ᾛ" U1f9b
dead_iota dead_ogonek dead_grave Greek_ETA"ᾛ" U1f9b
dead_iota dead_dasia dead_grave Greek_ETA"ᾛ" U1f9b
dead_iota dead_grave dead_ogonek Greek_ETA"ᾛ" U1f9b
dead_iota dead_grave dead_dasia Greek_ETA"ᾛ" U1f9b
dead_ogonek dead_iota dead_grave Greek_ETA"ᾛ" U1f9b
dead_dasia dead_iota dead_grave Greek_ETA"ᾛ" U1f9b
dead_ogonek dead_grave dead_iota Greek_ETA"ᾛ" U1f9b
dead_dasia dead_grave dead_iota Greek_ETA"ᾛ" U1f9b
dead_grave dead_iota dead_ogonek Greek_ETA"ᾛ" U1f9b
dead_grave dead_iota dead_dasia Greek_ETA"ᾛ" U1f9b
dead_grave dead_ogonek dead_iota Greek_ETA"ᾛ" U1f9b
dead_grave dead_dasia dead_iota Greek_ETA"ᾛ" U1f9b
Multi_key bar greater apostrophe Greek_ETA"ᾜ" U1f9c
Multi_key bar apostrophe greater Greek_ETA"ᾜ" U1f9c
Multi_key greater bar apostrophe Greek_ETA"ᾜ" U1f9c
Multi_key greater apostrophe bar Greek_ETA"ᾜ" U1f9c
Multi_key apostrophe bar greater Greek_ETA"ᾜ" U1f9c
Multi_key apostrophe greater bar Greek_ETA"ᾜ" U1f9c
dead_iota dead_horn dead_acute Greek_ETA"ᾜ" U1f9c
dead_iota dead_psili dead_acute Greek_ETA"ᾜ" U1f9c
dead_iota dead_acute dead_horn Greek_ETA"ᾜ" U1f9c
dead_iota dead_acute dead_psili Greek_ETA"ᾜ" U1f9c
dead_horn dead_iota dead_acute Greek_ETA"ᾜ" U1f9c
dead_psili dead_iota dead_acute Greek_ETA"ᾜ" U1f9c
dead_horn dead_acute dead_iota Greek_ETA"ᾜ" U1f9c
dead_psili dead_acute dead_iota Greek_ETA"ᾜ" U1f9c
dead_acute dead_iota dead_horn Greek_ETA"ᾜ" U1f9c
dead_acute dead_iota dead_psili Greek_ETA"ᾜ" U1f9c
dead_acute dead_horn dead_iota Greek_ETA"ᾜ" U1f9c
dead_acute dead_psili dead_iota Greek_ETA"ᾜ" U1f9c
Multi_key bar less apostrophe Greek_ETA"ᾝ" U1f9d
Multi_key bar apostrophe less Greek_ETA"ᾝ" U1f9d
Multi_key less bar apostrophe Greek_ETA"ᾝ" U1f9d
Multi_key less apostrophe bar Greek_ETA"ᾝ" U1f9d
Multi_key apostrophe bar less Greek_ETA"ᾝ" U1f9d
Multi_key apostrophe less bar Greek_ETA"ᾝ" U1f9d
dead_iota dead_ogonek dead_acute Greek_ETA"ᾝ" U1f9d
dead_iota dead_dasia dead_acute Greek_ETA"ᾝ" U1f9d
dead_iota dead_acute dead_ogonek Greek_ETA"ᾝ" U1f9d
dead_iota dead_acute dead_dasia Greek_ETA"ᾝ" U1f9d
dead_ogonek dead_iota dead_acute Greek_ETA"ᾝ" U1f9d
dead_dasia dead_iota dead_acute Greek_ETA"ᾝ" U1f9d
dead_ogonek dead_acute dead_iota Greek_ETA"ᾝ" U1f9d
dead_dasia dead_acute dead_iota Greek_ETA"ᾝ" U1f9d
dead_acute dead_iota dead_ogonek Greek_ETA"ᾝ" U1f9d
dead_acute dead_iota dead_dasia Greek_ETA"ᾝ" U1f9d
dead_acute dead_ogonek dead_iota Greek_ETA"ᾝ" U1f9d
dead_acute dead_dasia dead_iota Greek_ETA"ᾝ" U1f9d
Multi_key bar greater asciitilde Greek_ETA"ᾞ" U1f9e
Multi_key bar asciitilde greater Greek_ETA"ᾞ" U1f9e
Multi_key greater bar asciitilde Greek_ETA"ᾞ" U1f9e
Multi_key greater asciitilde bar Greek_ETA"ᾞ" U1f9e
Multi_key asciitilde bar greater Greek_ETA"ᾞ" U1f9e
Multi_key asciitilde greater bar Greek_ETA"ᾞ" U1f9e
dead_iota dead_horn dead_tilde Greek_ETA"ᾞ" U1f9e
dead_iota dead_psili dead_tilde Greek_ETA"ᾞ" U1f9e
dead_iota dead_tilde dead_horn Greek_ETA"ᾞ" U1f9e
dead_iota dead_tilde dead_psili Greek_ETA"ᾞ" U1f9e
dead_horn dead_iota dead_tilde Greek_ETA"ᾞ" U1f9e
dead_psili dead_iota dead_tilde Greek_ETA"ᾞ" U1f9e
dead_horn dead_tilde dead_iota Greek_ETA"ᾞ" U1f9e
dead_psili dead_tilde dead_iota Greek_ETA"ᾞ" U1f9e
dead_tilde dead_iota dead_horn Greek_ETA"ᾞ" U1f9e
dead_tilde dead_iota dead_psili Greek_ETA"ᾞ" U1f9e
dead_tilde dead_horn dead_iota Greek_ETA"ᾞ" U1f9e
dead_tilde dead_psili dead_iota Greek_ETA"ᾞ" U1f9e
Multi_key bar less asciitilde Greek_ETA"ᾟ" U1f9f
Multi_key bar asciitilde less Greek_ETA"ᾟ" U1f9f
Multi_key less bar asciitilde Greek_ETA"ᾟ" U1f9f
Multi_key less asciitilde bar Greek_ETA"ᾟ" U1f9f
Multi_key asciitilde bar less Greek_ETA"ᾟ" U1f9f
Multi_key asciitilde less bar Greek_ETA"ᾟ" U1f9f
dead_iota dead_ogonek dead_tilde Greek_ETA"ᾟ" U1f9f
dead_iota dead_dasia dead_tilde Greek_ETA"ᾟ" U1f9f
dead_iota dead_tilde dead_ogonek Greek_ETA"ᾟ" U1f9f
dead_iota dead_tilde dead_dasia Greek_ETA"ᾟ" U1f9f
dead_ogonek dead_iota dead_tilde Greek_ETA"ᾟ" U1f9f
dead_dasia dead_iota dead_tilde Greek_ETA"ᾟ" U1f9f
dead_ogonek dead_tilde dead_iota Greek_ETA"ᾟ" U1f9f
dead_dasia dead_tilde dead_iota Greek_ETA"ᾟ" U1f9f
dead_tilde dead_iota dead_ogonek Greek_ETA"ᾟ" U1f9f
dead_tilde dead_iota dead_dasia Greek_ETA"ᾟ" U1f9f
dead_tilde dead_ogonek dead_iota Greek_ETA"ᾟ" U1f9f
dead_tilde dead_dasia dead_iota Greek_ETA"ᾟ" U1f9f
Multi_key bar greater Greek_omega"ᾠ" U1fa0
Multi_key greater bar Greek_omega"ᾠ" U1fa0
dead_iota dead_horn Greek_omega"ᾠ" U1fa0
dead_iota dead_psili Greek_omega"ᾠ" U1fa0
dead_horn dead_iota Greek_omega"ᾠ" U1fa0
dead_psili dead_iota Greek_omega"ᾠ" U1fa0
Multi_key bar less Greek_omega"ᾡ" U1fa1
Multi_key less bar Greek_omega"ᾡ" U1fa1
dead_iota dead_ogonek Greek_omega"ᾡ" U1fa1
dead_iota dead_dasia Greek_omega"ᾡ" U1fa1
dead_ogonek dead_iota Greek_omega"ᾡ" U1fa1
dead_dasia dead_iota Greek_omega"ᾡ" U1fa1
Multi_key bar greater grave Greek_omega"ᾢ" U1fa2
Multi_key bar grave greater Greek_omega"ᾢ" U1fa2
Multi_key greater bar grave Greek_omega"ᾢ" U1fa2
Multi_key greater grave bar Greek_omega"ᾢ" U1fa2
Multi_key grave bar greater Greek_omega"ᾢ" U1fa2
Multi_key grave greater bar Greek_omega"ᾢ" U1fa2
dead_iota dead_horn dead_grave Greek_omega"ᾢ" U1fa2
dead_iota dead_psili dead_grave Greek_omega"ᾢ" U1fa2
dead_iota dead_grave dead_horn Greek_omega"ᾢ" U1fa2
dead_iota dead_grave dead_psili Greek_omega"ᾢ" U1fa2
dead_horn dead_iota dead_grave Greek_omega"ᾢ" U1fa2
dead_psili dead_iota dead_grave Greek_omega"ᾢ" U1fa2
dead_horn dead_grave dead_iota Greek_omega"ᾢ" U1fa2
dead_psili dead_grave dead_iota Greek_omega"ᾢ" U1fa2
dead_grave dead_iota dead_horn Greek_omega"ᾢ" U1fa2
dead_grave dead_iota dead_psili Greek_omega"ᾢ" U1fa2
dead_grave dead_horn dead_iota Greek_omega"ᾢ" U1fa2
dead_grave dead_psili dead_iota Greek_omega"ᾢ" U1fa2
Multi_key bar less grave Greek_omega"ᾣ" U1fa3
Multi_key bar grave less Greek_omega"ᾣ" U1fa3
Multi_key less bar grave Greek_omega"ᾣ" U1fa3
Multi_key less grave bar Greek_omega"ᾣ" U1fa3
Multi_key grave bar less Greek_omega"ᾣ" U1fa3
Multi_key grave less bar Greek_omega"ᾣ" U1fa3
dead_iota dead_ogonek dead_grave Greek_omega"ᾣ" U1fa3
dead_iota dead_dasia dead_grave Greek_omega"ᾣ" U1fa3
dead_iota dead_grave dead_ogonek Greek_omega"ᾣ" U1fa3
dead_iota dead_grave dead_dasia Greek_omega"ᾣ" U1fa3
dead_ogonek dead_iota dead_grave Greek_omega"ᾣ" U1fa3
dead_dasia dead_iota dead_grave Greek_omega"ᾣ" U1fa3
dead_ogonek dead_grave dead_iota Greek_omega"ᾣ" U1fa3
dead_dasia dead_grave dead_iota Greek_omega"ᾣ" U1fa3
dead_grave dead_iota dead_ogonek Greek_omega"ᾣ" U1fa3
dead_grave dead_iota dead_dasia Greek_omega"ᾣ" U1fa3
dead_grave dead_ogonek dead_iota Greek_omega"ᾣ" U1fa3
dead_grave dead_dasia dead_iota Greek_omega"ᾣ" U1fa3
Multi_key bar greater apostrophe Greek_omega"ᾤ" U1fa4
Multi_key bar apostrophe greater Greek_omega"ᾤ" U1fa4
Multi_key greater bar apostrophe Greek_omega"ᾤ" U1fa4
Multi_key greater apostrophe bar Greek_omega"ᾤ" U1fa4
Multi_key apostrophe bar greater Greek_omega"ᾤ" U1fa4
Multi_key apostrophe greater bar Greek_omega"ᾤ" U1fa4
dead_iota dead_horn dead_acute Greek_omega"ᾤ" U1fa4
dead_iota dead_psili dead_acute Greek_omega"ᾤ" U1fa4
dead_iota dead_acute dead_horn Greek_omega"ᾤ" U1fa4
dead_iota dead_acute dead_psili Greek_omega"ᾤ" U1fa4
dead_horn dead_iota dead_acute Greek_omega"ᾤ" U1fa4
dead_psili dead_iota dead_acute Greek_omega"ᾤ" U1fa4
dead_horn dead_acute dead_iota Greek_omega"ᾤ" U1fa4
dead_psili dead_acute dead_iota Greek_omega"ᾤ" U1fa4
dead_acute dead_iota dead_horn Greek_omega"ᾤ" U1fa4
dead_acute dead_iota dead_psili Greek_omega"ᾤ" U1fa4
dead_acute dead_horn dead_iota Greek_omega"ᾤ" U1fa4
dead_acute dead_psili dead_iota Greek_omega"ᾤ" U1fa4
Multi_key bar less apostrophe Greek_omega"ᾥ" U1fa5
Multi_key bar apostrophe less Greek_omega"ᾥ" U1fa5
Multi_key less bar apostrophe Greek_omega"ᾥ" U1fa5
Multi_key less apostrophe bar Greek_omega"ᾥ" U1fa5
Multi_key apostrophe bar less Greek_omega"ᾥ" U1fa5
Multi_key apostrophe less bar Greek_omega"ᾥ" U1fa5
dead_iota dead_ogonek dead_acute Greek_omega"ᾥ" U1fa5
dead_iota dead_dasia dead_acute Greek_omega"ᾥ" U1fa5
dead_iota dead_acute dead_ogonek Greek_omega"ᾥ" U1fa5
dead_iota dead_acute dead_dasia Greek_omega"ᾥ" U1fa5
dead_ogonek dead_iota dead_acute Greek_omega"ᾥ" U1fa5
dead_dasia dead_iota dead_acute Greek_omega"ᾥ" U1fa5
dead_ogonek dead_acute dead_iota Greek_omega"ᾥ" U1fa5
dead_dasia dead_acute dead_iota Greek_omega"ᾥ" U1fa5
dead_acute dead_iota dead_ogonek Greek_omega"ᾥ" U1fa5
dead_acute dead_iota dead_dasia Greek_omega"ᾥ" U1fa5
dead_acute dead_ogonek dead_iota Greek_omega"ᾥ" U1fa5
dead_acute dead_dasia dead_iota Greek_omega"ᾥ" U1fa5
Multi_key bar greater asciitilde Greek_omega"ᾦ" U1fa6
Multi_key bar asciitilde greater Greek_omega"ᾦ" U1fa6
Multi_key greater bar asciitilde Greek_omega"ᾦ" U1fa6
Multi_key greater asciitilde bar Greek_omega"ᾦ" U1fa6
Multi_key asciitilde bar greater Greek_omega"ᾦ" U1fa6
Multi_key asciitilde greater bar Greek_omega"ᾦ" U1fa6
dead_iota dead_horn dead_tilde Greek_omega"ᾦ" U1fa6
dead_iota dead_psili dead_tilde Greek_omega"ᾦ" U1fa6
dead_iota dead_tilde dead_horn Greek_omega"ᾦ" U1fa6
dead_iota dead_tilde dead_psili Greek_omega"ᾦ" U1fa6
dead_horn dead_iota dead_tilde Greek_omega"ᾦ" U1fa6
dead_psili dead_iota dead_tilde Greek_omega"ᾦ" U1fa6
dead_horn dead_tilde dead_iota Greek_omega"ᾦ" U1fa6
dead_psili dead_tilde dead_iota Greek_omega"ᾦ" U1fa6
dead_tilde dead_iota dead_horn Greek_omega"ᾦ" U1fa6
dead_tilde dead_iota dead_psili Greek_omega"ᾦ" U1fa6
dead_tilde dead_horn dead_iota Greek_omega"ᾦ" U1fa6
dead_tilde dead_psili dead_iota Greek_omega"ᾦ" U1fa6
Multi_key bar less asciitilde Greek_omega"ᾧ" U1fa7
Multi_key bar asciitilde less Greek_omega"ᾧ" U1fa7
Multi_key less bar asciitilde Greek_omega"ᾧ" U1fa7
Multi_key less asciitilde bar Greek_omega"ᾧ" U1fa7
Multi_key asciitilde bar less Greek_omega"ᾧ" U1fa7
Multi_key asciitilde less bar Greek_omega"ᾧ" U1fa7
dead_iota dead_ogonek dead_tilde Greek_omega"ᾧ" U1fa7
dead_iota dead_dasia dead_tilde Greek_omega"ᾧ" U1fa7
dead_iota dead_tilde dead_ogonek Greek_omega"ᾧ" U1fa7
dead_iota dead_tilde dead_dasia Greek_omega"ᾧ" U1fa7
dead_ogonek dead_iota dead_tilde Greek_omega"ᾧ" U1fa7
dead_dasia dead_iota dead_tilde Greek_omega"ᾧ" U1fa7
dead_ogonek dead_tilde dead_iota Greek_omega"ᾧ" U1fa7

Table 5. Compose Key Sequences for el_GR.UTF-8

Key SequenceAction
dead_dasia dead_tilde dead_iota Greek_omega"ᾧ" U1fa7
dead_tilde dead_iota dead_ogonek Greek_omega"ᾧ" U1fa7
dead_tilde dead_iota dead_dasia Greek_omega"ᾧ" U1fa7
dead_tilde dead_ogonek dead_iota Greek_omega"ᾧ" U1fa7
dead_tilde dead_dasia dead_iota Greek_omega"ᾧ" U1fa7
Multi_key bar greater Greek_OMEGA"ᾨ" U1fa8
Multi_key greater bar Greek_OMEGA"ᾨ" U1fa8
dead_iota dead_horn Greek_OMEGA"ᾨ" U1fa8
dead_iota dead_psili Greek_OMEGA"ᾨ" U1fa8
dead_horn dead_iota Greek_OMEGA"ᾨ" U1fa8
dead_psili dead_iota Greek_OMEGA"ᾨ" U1fa8
Multi_key bar less Greek_OMEGA"ᾩ" U1fa9
Multi_key less bar Greek_OMEGA"ᾩ" U1fa9
dead_iota dead_ogonek Greek_OMEGA"ᾩ" U1fa9
dead_iota dead_dasia Greek_OMEGA"ᾩ" U1fa9
dead_ogonek dead_iota Greek_OMEGA"ᾩ" U1fa9
dead_dasia dead_iota Greek_OMEGA"ᾩ" U1fa9
Multi_key bar greater grave Greek_OMEGA"ᾪ" U1faa
Multi_key bar grave greater Greek_OMEGA"ᾪ" U1faa
Multi_key greater bar grave Greek_OMEGA"ᾪ" U1faa
Multi_key greater grave bar Greek_OMEGA"ᾪ" U1faa
Multi_key grave bar greater Greek_OMEGA"ᾪ" U1faa
Multi_key grave greater bar Greek_OMEGA"ᾪ" U1faa
dead_iota dead_horn dead_grave Greek_OMEGA"ᾪ" U1faa
dead_iota dead_psili dead_grave Greek_OMEGA"ᾪ" U1faa
dead_iota dead_grave dead_horn Greek_OMEGA"ᾪ" U1faa
dead_iota dead_grave dead_psili Greek_OMEGA"ᾪ" U1faa
dead_horn dead_iota dead_grave Greek_OMEGA"ᾪ" U1faa
dead_psili dead_iota dead_grave Greek_OMEGA"ᾪ" U1faa
dead_horn dead_grave dead_iota Greek_OMEGA"ᾪ" U1faa
dead_psili dead_grave dead_iota Greek_OMEGA"ᾪ" U1faa
dead_grave dead_iota dead_horn Greek_OMEGA"ᾪ" U1faa
dead_grave dead_iota dead_psili Greek_OMEGA"ᾪ" U1faa
dead_grave dead_horn dead_iota Greek_OMEGA"ᾪ" U1faa
dead_grave dead_psili dead_iota Greek_OMEGA"ᾪ" U1faa
Multi_key bar less grave Greek_OMEGA"ᾫ" U1fab
Multi_key bar grave less Greek_OMEGA"ᾫ" U1fab
Multi_key less bar grave Greek_OMEGA"ᾫ" U1fab
Multi_key less grave bar Greek_OMEGA"ᾫ" U1fab
Multi_key grave bar less Greek_OMEGA"ᾫ" U1fab
Multi_key grave less bar Greek_OMEGA"ᾫ" U1fab
dead_iota dead_ogonek dead_grave Greek_OMEGA"ᾫ" U1fab
dead_iota dead_dasia dead_grave Greek_OMEGA"ᾫ" U1fab
dead_iota dead_grave dead_ogonek Greek_OMEGA"ᾫ" U1fab
dead_iota dead_grave dead_dasia Greek_OMEGA"ᾫ" U1fab
dead_ogonek dead_iota dead_grave Greek_OMEGA"ᾫ" U1fab
dead_dasia dead_iota dead_grave Greek_OMEGA"ᾫ" U1fab
dead_ogonek dead_grave dead_iota Greek_OMEGA"ᾫ" U1fab
dead_dasia dead_grave dead_iota Greek_OMEGA"ᾫ" U1fab
dead_grave dead_iota dead_ogonek Greek_OMEGA"ᾫ" U1fab
dead_grave dead_iota dead_dasia Greek_OMEGA"ᾫ" U1fab
dead_grave dead_ogonek dead_iota Greek_OMEGA"ᾫ" U1fab
dead_grave dead_dasia dead_iota Greek_OMEGA"ᾫ" U1fab
Multi_key bar greater apostrophe Greek_OMEGA"ᾬ" U1fac
Multi_key bar apostrophe greater Greek_OMEGA"ᾬ" U1fac
Multi_key greater bar apostrophe Greek_OMEGA"ᾬ" U1fac
Multi_key greater apostrophe bar Greek_OMEGA"ᾬ" U1fac
Multi_key apostrophe bar greater Greek_OMEGA"ᾬ" U1fac
Multi_key apostrophe greater bar Greek_OMEGA"ᾬ" U1fac
dead_iota dead_horn dead_acute Greek_OMEGA"ᾬ" U1fac
dead_iota dead_psili dead_acute Greek_OMEGA"ᾬ" U1fac
dead_iota dead_acute dead_horn Greek_OMEGA"ᾬ" U1fac
dead_iota dead_acute dead_psili Greek_OMEGA"ᾬ" U1fac
dead_horn dead_iota dead_acute Greek_OMEGA"ᾬ" U1fac
dead_psili dead_iota dead_acute Greek_OMEGA"ᾬ" U1fac
dead_horn dead_acute dead_iota Greek_OMEGA"ᾬ" U1fac
dead_psili dead_acute dead_iota Greek_OMEGA"ᾬ" U1fac
dead_acute dead_iota dead_horn Greek_OMEGA"ᾬ" U1fac
dead_acute dead_iota dead_psili Greek_OMEGA"ᾬ" U1fac
dead_acute dead_horn dead_iota Greek_OMEGA"ᾬ" U1fac
dead_acute dead_psili dead_iota Greek_OMEGA"ᾬ" U1fac
Multi_key bar less apostrophe Greek_OMEGA"ᾭ" U1fad
Multi_key bar apostrophe less Greek_OMEGA"ᾭ" U1fad
Multi_key less bar apostrophe Greek_OMEGA"ᾭ" U1fad
Multi_key less apostrophe bar Greek_OMEGA"ᾭ" U1fad
Multi_key apostrophe bar less Greek_OMEGA"ᾭ" U1fad
Multi_key apostrophe less bar Greek_OMEGA"ᾭ" U1fad
dead_iota dead_ogonek dead_acute Greek_OMEGA"ᾭ" U1fad
dead_iota dead_dasia dead_acute Greek_OMEGA"ᾭ" U1fad
dead_iota dead_acute dead_ogonek Greek_OMEGA"ᾭ" U1fad
dead_iota dead_acute dead_dasia Greek_OMEGA"ᾭ" U1fad
dead_ogonek dead_iota dead_acute Greek_OMEGA"ᾭ" U1fad
dead_dasia dead_iota dead_acute Greek_OMEGA"ᾭ" U1fad
dead_ogonek dead_acute dead_iota Greek_OMEGA"ᾭ" U1fad
dead_dasia dead_acute dead_iota Greek_OMEGA"ᾭ" U1fad
dead_acute dead_iota dead_ogonek Greek_OMEGA"ᾭ" U1fad
dead_acute dead_iota dead_dasia Greek_OMEGA"ᾭ" U1fad
dead_acute dead_ogonek dead_iota Greek_OMEGA"ᾭ" U1fad
dead_acute dead_dasia dead_iota Greek_OMEGA"ᾭ" U1fad
Multi_key bar greater asciitilde Greek_OMEGA"ᾮ" U1fae
Multi_key bar asciitilde greater Greek_OMEGA"ᾮ" U1fae
Multi_key greater bar asciitilde Greek_OMEGA"ᾮ" U1fae
Multi_key greater asciitilde bar Greek_OMEGA"ᾮ" U1fae
Multi_key asciitilde bar greater Greek_OMEGA"ᾮ" U1fae
Multi_key asciitilde greater bar Greek_OMEGA"ᾮ" U1fae
dead_iota dead_horn dead_tilde Greek_OMEGA"ᾮ" U1fae
dead_iota dead_psili dead_tilde Greek_OMEGA"ᾮ" U1fae
dead_iota dead_tilde dead_horn Greek_OMEGA"ᾮ" U1fae
dead_iota dead_tilde dead_psili Greek_OMEGA"ᾮ" U1fae
dead_horn dead_iota dead_tilde Greek_OMEGA"ᾮ" U1fae
dead_psili dead_iota dead_tilde Greek_OMEGA"ᾮ" U1fae
dead_horn dead_tilde dead_iota Greek_OMEGA"ᾮ" U1fae
dead_psili dead_tilde dead_iota Greek_OMEGA"ᾮ" U1fae
dead_tilde dead_iota dead_horn Greek_OMEGA"ᾮ" U1fae
dead_tilde dead_iota dead_psili Greek_OMEGA"ᾮ" U1fae
dead_tilde dead_horn dead_iota Greek_OMEGA"ᾮ" U1fae
dead_tilde dead_psili dead_iota Greek_OMEGA"ᾮ" U1fae
Multi_key bar less asciitilde Greek_OMEGA"ᾯ" U1faf
Multi_key bar asciitilde less Greek_OMEGA"ᾯ" U1faf
Multi_key less bar asciitilde Greek_OMEGA"ᾯ" U1faf
Multi_key less asciitilde bar Greek_OMEGA"ᾯ" U1faf
Multi_key asciitilde bar less Greek_OMEGA"ᾯ" U1faf
Multi_key asciitilde less bar Greek_OMEGA"ᾯ" U1faf
dead_iota dead_ogonek dead_tilde Greek_OMEGA"ᾯ" U1faf
dead_iota dead_dasia dead_tilde Greek_OMEGA"ᾯ" U1faf
dead_iota dead_tilde dead_ogonek Greek_OMEGA"ᾯ" U1faf
dead_iota dead_tilde dead_dasia Greek_OMEGA"ᾯ" U1faf
dead_ogonek dead_iota dead_tilde Greek_OMEGA"ᾯ" U1faf
dead_dasia dead_iota dead_tilde Greek_OMEGA"ᾯ" U1faf
dead_ogonek dead_tilde dead_iota Greek_OMEGA"ᾯ" U1faf
dead_dasia dead_tilde dead_iota Greek_OMEGA"ᾯ" U1faf
dead_tilde dead_iota dead_ogonek Greek_OMEGA"ᾯ" U1faf
dead_tilde dead_iota dead_dasia Greek_OMEGA"ᾯ" U1faf
dead_tilde dead_ogonek dead_iota Greek_OMEGA"ᾯ" U1faf
dead_tilde dead_dasia dead_iota Greek_OMEGA"ᾯ" U1faf
dead_breve Greek_alpha"ᾰ" U1fb0
dead_macron Greek_alpha"ᾱ" U1fb1
dead_breve Greek_ALPHA"Ᾰ" U1fb8
dead_macron Greek_ALPHA"Ᾱ" U1fb9
dead_breve Greek_iota"ῐ" U1fd0
dead_macron Greek_iota"ῑ" U1fd1
dead_breve Greek_IOTA"Ῐ" U1fd8
dead_macron Greek_IOTA"Ῑ" U1fd9
dead_breve Greek_upsilon"ῠ" U1fe0
dead_macron Greek_upsilon"ῡ" U1fe1
dead_breve Greek_UPSILON"Ῠ" U1fe8
dead_macron Greek_UPSILON"Ῡ" U1fe9
Multi_key grave Greek_ALPHA"Ὰ" U1fba
dead_grave Greek_ALPHA"Ὰ" U1fba
Multi_key grave Greek_EPSILON"Ὲ" U1fc8
dead_grave Greek_EPSILON"Ὲ" U1fc8
Multi_key grave Greek_ETA"Ὴ" U1fca
dead_grave Greek_ETA"Ὴ" U1fca
Multi_key grave Greek_IOTA"Ὶ" U1fda
dead_grave Greek_IOTA"Ὶ" U1fda
Multi_key grave Greek_UPSILON"Ὺ" U1fea
dead_grave Greek_UPSILON"Ὺ" U1fea
Multi_key grave Greek_OMICRON"Ὸ" U1ff8
dead_grave Greek_OMICRON"Ὸ" U1ff8
Multi_key grave Greek_OMEGA"Ὼ" U1ffa
dead_grave Greek_OMEGA"Ὼ" U1ffa
Multi_key bar grave Greek_alpha"ᾲ" U1fb2
Multi_key grave bar Greek_alpha"ᾲ" U1fb2
dead_iota dead_grave Greek_alpha"ᾲ" U1fb2
dead_grave dead_iota Greek_alpha"ᾲ" U1fb2
Multi_key bar Greek_alpha"ᾳ" U1fb3
dead_iota Greek_alpha"ᾳ" U1fb3
Multi_key bar apostrophe Greek_alpha"ᾴ" U1fb4
Multi_key apostrophe bar Greek_alpha"ᾴ" U1fb4
dead_iota dead_acute Greek_alpha"ᾴ" U1fb4
dead_acute dead_iota Greek_alpha"ᾴ" U1fb4
Multi_key asciitilde Greek_alpha"ᾶ" U1fb6
dead_tilde Greek_alpha"ᾶ" U1fb6
Multi_key bar asciitilde Greek_alpha"ᾷ" U1fb7
Multi_key asciitilde bar Greek_alpha"ᾷ" U1fb7
dead_iota dead_tilde Greek_alpha"ᾷ" U1fb7
dead_tilde dead_iota Greek_alpha"ᾷ" U1fb7
Multi_key bar grave Greek_eta"ῂ" U1fc2
Multi_key grave bar Greek_eta"ῂ" U1fc2
dead_iota dead_grave Greek_eta"ῂ" U1fc2
dead_grave dead_iota Greek_eta"ῂ" U1fc2
Multi_key bar Greek_eta"ῃ" U1fc3
dead_iota Greek_eta"ῃ" U1fc3
Multi_key bar apostrophe Greek_eta"ῄ" U1fc4
Multi_key apostrophe bar Greek_eta"ῄ" U1fc4
dead_iota dead_acute Greek_eta"ῄ" U1fc4
dead_acute dead_iota Greek_eta"ῄ" U1fc4
Multi_key asciitilde Greek_eta"ῆ" U1fc6
dead_tilde Greek_eta"ῆ" U1fc6
Multi_key bar asciitilde Greek_eta"ῇ" U1fc7
Multi_key asciitilde bar Greek_eta"ῇ" U1fc7
dead_iota dead_tilde Greek_eta"ῇ" U1fc7
dead_tilde dead_iota Greek_eta"ῇ" U1fc7
Multi_key quotedbl grave Greek_iota"ῒ" U1fd2
Multi_key grave quotedbl Greek_iota"ῒ" U1fd2
dead_diaeresis dead_grave Greek_iota"ῒ" U1fd2
dead_grave dead_diaeresis Greek_iota"ῒ" U1fd2
Multi_key asciitilde Greek_iota"ῖ" U1fd6
dead_tilde Greek_iota"ῖ" U1fd6
Multi_key quotedbl asciitilde Greek_iota"ῗ" U1fd7
Multi_key asciitilde quotedbl Greek_iota"ῗ" U1fd7
dead_diaeresis dead_tilde Greek_iota"ῗ" U1fd7
dead_tilde dead_diaeresis Greek_iota"ῗ" U1fd7
Multi_key quotedbl grave Greek_upsilon"ῢ" U1fe2
Multi_key grave quotedbl Greek_upsilon"ῢ" U1fe2
dead_diaeresis dead_grave Greek_upsilon"ῢ" U1fe2
dead_grave dead_diaeresis Greek_upsilon"ῢ" U1fe2
Multi_key asciitilde Greek_upsilon"ῦ" U1fe6
dead_tilde Greek_upsilon"ῦ" U1fe6
Multi_key quotedbl asciitilde Greek_upsilon"ῧ" U1fe7
Multi_key asciitilde quotedbl Greek_upsilon"ῧ" U1fe7
dead_diaeresis dead_tilde Greek_upsilon"ῧ" U1fe7
dead_tilde dead_diaeresis Greek_upsilon"ῧ" U1fe7
Multi_key bar grave Greek_omega"ῲ" U1ff2
Multi_key grave bar Greek_omega"ῲ" U1ff2
dead_iota dead_grave Greek_omega"ῲ" U1ff2
dead_grave dead_iota Greek_omega"ῲ" U1ff2
Multi_key bar Greek_omega"ῳ" U1ff3
dead_iota Greek_omega"ῳ" U1ff3
Multi_key bar apostrophe Greek_omega"ῴ" U1ff4
Multi_key apostrophe bar Greek_omega"ῴ" U1ff4
dead_iota dead_acute Greek_omega"ῴ" U1ff4
dead_acute dead_iota Greek_omega"ῴ" U1ff4
Multi_key asciitilde Greek_omega"ῶ" U1ff6
dead_tilde Greek_omega"ῶ" U1ff6
Multi_key bar asciitilde Greek_omega"ῷ" U1ff7
Multi_key asciitilde bar Greek_omega"ῷ" U1ff7
dead_iota dead_tilde Greek_omega"ῷ" U1ff7
dead_tilde dead_iota Greek_omega"ῷ" U1ff7
Multi_key bar Greek_ALPHA"ᾼ" U1fbc
dead_iota Greek_ALPHA"ᾼ" U1fbc
Multi_key bar Greek_ETA"ῌ" U1fcc
dead_iota Greek_ETA"ῌ" U1fcc
Multi_key bar Greek_OMEGA"ῼ" U1ffc
dead_iota Greek_OMEGA"ῼ" U1ffc
Multi_key greater Greek_rho"ῤ" U1fe4
dead_horn Greek_rho"ῤ" U1fe4
dead_psili Greek_rho"ῤ" U1fe4
Multi_key less Greek_rho"ῥ" U1fe5
dead_ogonek Greek_rho"ῥ" U1fe5
dead_dasia Greek_rho"ῥ" U1fe5
Multi_key less Greek_RHO"Ῥ" U1fec
dead_ogonek Greek_RHO"Ῥ" U1fec
dead_dasia Greek_RHO"Ῥ" U1fec
dead_horn dead_grave space"῍" U1fcd
dead_psili dead_grave space"῍" U1fcd
dead_grave dead_horn space"῍" U1fcd
dead_grave dead_psili space"῍" U1fcd
dead_horn dead_acute space"῎" U1fce
dead_psili dead_acute space"῎" U1fce
dead_acute dead_horn space"῎" U1fce
dead_acute dead_psili space"῎" U1fce
dead_horn dead_tilde space"῏" U1fcf
dead_psili dead_tilde space"῏" U1fcf
dead_tilde dead_horn space"῏" U1fcf
dead_tilde dead_psili space"῏" U1fcf
dead_ogonek dead_grave space"῝" U1fdd
dead_dasia dead_grave space"῝" U1fdd
dead_grave dead_ogonek space"῝" U1fdd
dead_grave dead_dasia space"῝" U1fdd
dead_ogonek dead_acute space"῞" U1fde
dead_dasia dead_acute space"῞" U1fde
dead_acute dead_ogonek space"῞" U1fde
dead_acute dead_dasia space"῞" U1fde
dead_ogonek dead_tilde space"῟" U1fdf
dead_dasia dead_tilde space"῟" U1fdf
dead_tilde dead_ogonek space"῟" U1fdf
dead_tilde dead_dasia space"῟" U1fdf
dead_diaeresis dead_grave space"῭" U1fed
dead_grave dead_diaeresis space"῭" U1fed
dead_diaeresis dead_tilde space"῁" U1fc1
dead_tilde dead_diaeresis space"῁" U1fc1
dead_horn space"᾿" U1fbf
dead_psili space"᾿" U1fbf
dead_horn dead_horn"᾿" U1fbf
dead_psili dead_horn"᾿" U1fbf
dead_ogonek space"῾" U1ffe
dead_dasia space"῾" U1ffe
dead_ogonek dead_ogonek"῾" U1ffe
dead_dasia dead_ogonek"῾" U1ffe
dead_grave space"`" U1fef
dead_grave dead_grave"`" U1fef
dead_tilde space"῀" U1fc0
dead_tilde dead_tilde"῀" U1fc0
dead_horn underscore"᾽" U1fbd
dead_psili underscore"᾽" U1fbd
dead_iota underscore"ι" U1fbe
dead_iota space"ͺ" U037a
dead_iota dead_iota"ͺ" U037a
Part 3 ISO 8859-7 (Greek) multi-key and dead key definitions extracted and converted from the iso8859-7/Compose file.
Multi_key Greek_ALPHA apostrophe"Ά" Greek_ALPHAaccent
Multi_key apostrophe Greek_ALPHA"Ά" Greek_ALPHAaccent
Multi_key Greek_EPSILON apostrophe"Έ" Greek_EPSILONaccent
Multi_key apostrophe Greek_EPSILON"Έ" Greek_EPSILONaccent
Multi_key Greek_ETA apostrophe"Ή" Greek_ETAaccent
Multi_key apostrophe Greek_ETA"Ή" Greek_ETAaccent
Multi_key Greek_IOTA apostrophe"Ί" Greek_IOTAaccent
Multi_key apostrophe Greek_IOTA"Ί" Greek_IOTAaccent
Multi_key Greek_OMICRON apostrophe"Ό" Greek_OMICRONaccent
Multi_key apostrophe Greek_OMICRON"Ό" Greek_OMICRONaccent
Multi_key Greek_UPSILON apostrophe"Ύ" Greek_UPSILONaccent
Multi_key apostrophe Greek_UPSILON"Ύ" Greek_UPSILONaccent
Multi_key Greek_OMEGA apostrophe"Ώ" Greek_OMEGAaccent
Multi_key apostrophe Greek_OMEGA"Ώ" Greek_OMEGAaccent
Multi_key Greek_IOTA quotedbl"Ϊ" Greek_IOTAdieresis
Multi_key quotedbl Greek_IOTA"Ϊ" Greek_IOTAdieresis
Multi_key Greek_UPSILON quotedbl"Ϋ" Greek_UPSILONdieresis
Multi_key quotedbl Greek_UPSILON"Ϋ" Greek_UPSILONdieresis
Multi_key Greek_alpha apostrophe"ά" Greek_alphaaccent
Multi_key apostrophe Greek_alpha"ά" Greek_alphaaccent
Multi_key Greek_epsilon apostrophe"έ" Greek_epsilonaccent
Multi_key apostrophe Greek_epsilon"έ" Greek_epsilonaccent
Multi_key Greek_eta apostrophe"ή" Greek_etaaccent
Multi_key apostrophe Greek_eta"ή" Greek_etaaccent
Multi_key Greek_iota apostrophe"ί" Greek_iotaaccent
Multi_key apostrophe Greek_iota"ί" Greek_iotaaccent
Multi_key Greek_omicron apostrophe"ό" Greek_omicronaccent
Multi_key apostrophe Greek_omicron"ό" Greek_omicronaccent
Multi_key Greek_upsilon apostrophe"ύ" Greek_upsilonaccent
Multi_key apostrophe Greek_upsilon"ύ" Greek_upsilonaccent
Multi_key Greek_omega apostrophe"ώ" Greek_omegaaccent
Multi_key apostrophe Greek_omega"ώ" Greek_omegaaccent
Multi_key Greek_iota quotedbl"ϊ" Greek_iotadieresis
Multi_key quotedbl Greek_iota"ϊ" Greek_iotadieresis
Multi_key Greek_upsilon quotedbl"ϋ" Greek_upsilondieresis
Multi_key quotedbl Greek_upsilon"ϋ" Greek_upsilondieresis
Multi_key apostrophe quotedbl Greek_iota"ΐ" Greek_iotaaccentdieresis
Multi_key quotedbl apostrophe Greek_iota"ΐ" Greek_iotaaccentdieresis
Multi_key apostrophe quotedbl Greek_upsilon"ΰ" Greek_upsilonaccentdieresis
Multi_key quotedbl apostrophe Greek_upsilon"ΰ" Greek_upsilonaccentdieresis
Multi_key apostrophe quotedbl space"΅" Greek_accentdieresis
Multi_key quotedbl apostrophe space"΅" Greek_accentdieresis
dead_acute Greek_alpha"ά" Greek_alphaaccent
dead_acute Greek_epsilon"έ" Greek_epsilonaccent
dead_acute Greek_eta"ή" Greek_etaaccent
dead_acute Greek_iota"ί" Greek_iotaaccent
dead_acute Greek_omicron"ό" Greek_omicronaccent
dead_acute Greek_upsilon"ύ" Greek_upsilonaccent
dead_acute Greek_omega"ώ" Greek_omegaaccent
dead_acute Greek_ALPHA"Ά" Greek_ALPHAaccent
dead_acute Greek_EPSILON"Έ" Greek_EPSILONaccent
dead_acute Greek_ETA"Ή" Greek_ETAaccent
dead_acute Greek_IOTA"Ί" Greek_IOTAaccent
dead_acute Greek_OMICRON"Ό" Greek_OMICRONaccent
dead_acute Greek_UPSILON"Ύ" Greek_UPSILONaccent
dead_acute Greek_OMEGA"Ώ" Greek_OMEGAaccent
dead_acute space"΄" U0384
dead_acute dead_acute"΄" U0384
dead_acute period"·" periodcentered
dead_acute less"«" guillemotleft
dead_acute greater"»" guillemotright
dead_diaeresis Greek_iota"ϊ" Greek_iotadieresis
dead_diaeresis Greek_upsilon"ϋ" Greek_upsilondieresis
dead_diaeresis Greek_IOTA"Ϊ" Greek_IOTAdieresis
dead_diaeresis Greek_UPSILON"Ϋ" Greek_UPSILONdieresis
dead_diaeresis space"¨" diaeresis
dead_diaeresis dead_diaeresis"¨" diaeresis
dead_diaeresis period"·" periodcentered
dead_diaeresis less"«" guillemotleft
dead_diaeresis greater"»" guillemotright
dead_acute dead_diaeresis Greek_iota"ΐ" Greek_iotaaccentdieresis
dead_acute dead_diaeresis Greek_upsilon"ΰ" Greek_upsilonaccentdieresis
dead_acute dead_diaeresis space"΅" Greek_accentdieresis
dead_diaeresis dead_acute Greek_iota"ΐ" Greek_iotaaccentdieresis
dead_diaeresis dead_acute Greek_upsilon"ΰ" Greek_upsilonaccentdieresis
dead_diaeresis dead_acute space"΅" Greek_accentdieresis
Part 4 Miscellaneous extensions.
dead_macron space"¯" macron
dead_macron dead_macron"¯" macron
dead_breve space"˘" breve
dead_breve dead_breve"˘" breve
dead_grave underscore"`" grave
dead_acute underscore"´" acute
dead_tilde underscore"~" asciitilde
Multi_key less apostrophe space"‘" leftsinglequotemark
Multi_key apostrophe less space"‘" leftsinglequotemark
Multi_key greater apostrophe space"’" rightsinglequotemark
Multi_key apostrophe greater space"’" rightsinglequotemark
Multi_key asciitilde asciitilde"―" Greek_horizbar
Multi_key asciicircum asciicircum"˘" breve
Multi_key slash slash"ʹ" U0374
Multi_key backslash backslash"͵" U0375
Multi_key semicolon semicolon";" U037e
Multi_key colon colon"·" U0387
Multi_key C equal"€" EuroSign
Multi_key equal C"€" EuroSign
Multi_key c equal"€" EuroSign
Multi_key equal c"€" EuroSign
Multi_key E equal"€" EuroSign
Multi_key equal E"€" EuroSign
Multi_key e equal"€" EuroSign
Multi_key equal e"€" EuroSign
Multi_key Greek_EPSILON equal"€" EuroSign
Multi_key equal Greek_EPSILON"€" EuroSign
Multi_key Greek_epsilon equal"€" EuroSign
Multi_key equal Greek_epsilon"€" EuroSign
Multi_key Greek_DELTA Greek_RHO"₯" U20af
Multi_key Greek_DELTA Greek_rho"₯" U20af
Multi_key Greek_delta Greek_RHO"₯" U20af
Multi_key Greek_delta Greek_rho"₯" U20af
Multi_key question exclam"‽" U203D # INTERROBANG
Multi_key exclam question"‽" U203D # INTERROBANG
Multi_key 1 3"⅓" U2153 # VULGAR FRACTION ONE THIRD
Multi_key 2 3"⅔" U2154 # VULGAR FRACTION TWO THIRDS
Multi_key 1 5"⅕" U2155 # VULGAR FRACTION ONE FIFTH
Multi_key 2 5"⅖" U2156 # VULGAR FRACTION TWO FIFTHS
Multi_key 4 5"⅘" U2158 # VULGAR FRACTION FOUR FIFTHS
Multi_key 1 6"⅙" U2159 # VULGAR FRACTION ONE SIXTH
Khmer digraphs