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Open items

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ITEM: Wiki license
OPENED: 2013-06-27
Request for translation lead to the realization we don't have a license on
the wiki pages. License for future contributions will be CC-BY-SA, for
existing wiki pages the situation is unclear. SFLC will be contacted for

Julien suggested to use MIT after last week's decision for CC-BY-SA. MIT
allows us to move content from the wiki into documentation without having to
worry about the license.

Licensing information has been added to the wiki
ACTION: Matt D to contact SFLC for pre-existing content
STATUS: Pending

ITEM: GSoC finance
OPENED: 2013-08-08
Google provides some money to the sponsoring organisation. We need to check
our status as org and whether we've gotten this in the last years and make
sure we get it this year.
ACTION: Stuart K waiting for reply from Google
STATUS: Pending

ITEM: Umbrella Organisation
OPENED: 2013-08-22

To avoid future 501c3 issues, we can join an umbrella org to do the
tax-related stuff for us, e.g. Software in the Public Interest, Software
Freedom Conservancy, Apache Foundation, Eclipse Foundation.

At the Sep 24 board meeting the board unanimously voted for SPI, 
but several questions still remain. One of those questions is to check if
this requires a member vote.

ACTION: Keith P to talk to our SFLC legal councel, Peter H to read up
on the by-laws
STATUS: Pending

ITEM: XDC travel sponsorhip funding procedure
OPENED: 2014-08-22
The board needs a better process to ack sponsorship request, waiting for
board meetings is inefficient, especially as prices go up closer to the
For this year, process remains the same (full board vote) but we're
switching to email now to reduce delays. For next year, we'll figure out a
more efficient process.
ACTION: Agree on a procedure at XDC 2014
STATUS: Pending

Closed items

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ITEM: XDC Hotel arrangements
OPENED: 2013-07-25
CLOSED: 2013-08-13
Keith P arranging for a conference hotel and negotiating a price, likely
around USD 80 per night.

Confirmation is USD 77 per night, including breakfast. To obtain the rate,
simply ask for it when booking.
STATUS: Complete

ITEM: 501(c)(3)
OPENED: 2013-08-22
CLOSED: 2013-09-26
We lost 501(c)(3) status because the tax returns for the last 3 years didn't
get filed on time. This was a surprise, but the IRS appears to be much
rougher this year. SFLC advises that re-application would be hard, including
the need to prove we won't miss any returns in the future.
Without the 501(c)(3) we are a non-tax exempt entity

Thanks to the SFLC we have re-gained our 501(c)(3) status. The reinstatement
letter is dated Aug 20 2013.
STATUS: Complete

ITEM: Finance
OPENED: 2013-08-08
CLOSED: 2013-11-15
HSBC closed our checking account with no notice. The monthly "analysis fee"
used to come out of the savings account if the checking account was negative
but apparently HSBC changed that without notice and then closed our account.

Stuart K moved us to a new account with Bank of America, the HSBC accounts
are now closed.
STATUS: Complete