Proposed Changes for X11R7.1

Following the X11R6.9/X11R7 release, we plan to have roll-up (katamari) releases of the modular tree at regular 6 month intervals. However, since there were several significant changes that have been held off until after the 6.9/7.0 release for various reasons, we plan a shorter release cycle for X11R7.1 of about 4 months. Before the X11R7 release is shipped, the release manager will post the X11R7.1 schedule. Adam Jackson proposed a 7.1 release plan shortly after the 7.0 release.

Below is a list of the features we expected to add to the X11R7.1 release. Unfortunately, many of them were not completed in time, so are now on the list for ChangesForX11R72.

  • Support for additional platforms not completed in X11R7
  • Make MAXSCREENS run-time configurable bug 3876
  • Make MAXFORMATS run-time configurable bug 3769
  • Fix PCI domain support bug 3829
  • Replace XSecurity with XACE and friends
  • Remove built-in keyboard driver bug 890
  • Replace default mode list with GTF and CVT generator algorithms
    • command line CVT generator is already sitting at bug 5153
  • Drop xf86 loader mechanism, lift libdl-based loader to DIX layer
  • Re-work pScrn so that a single instance of the driver can handle multiple crtcs (maybe longer term R7.2/7.3?)
  • Make the Xinerama extension handle more than just X screens on the backend so that "non-standard" multi-head implementations like mergedfb and Windows, OSX, etc. multihead can be handled with the standard Xinerama extension instead of custom imlementations (like the sis and radeon mergedfb's pseudo-xinerama and the darwin X xinerama stuff). (maybe longer term R7.2/7.3?)
  • Fix Mesa interface such that libGLcore (or its moral equivalent) can be built from Mesa instead of needing source linking hacks.
  • Clean up moronic #define damage (XFree86Server, FUNCPROTO, etc.)
  • More deprecation: LBX, etc.

Please add other proposed changes to the list above as you think of them.