This page has general information on X development, including how to get started.

A common misconception is that developers need to understand all of X to get started. This is not true, and even of the "core" developers, only few actually know all the pieces that put X together. The best way to get started is to simply pick a problem and give it a try.

There is also a new book in the Amazon Kindle format, Hands-on Projects for the Linux Graphics Subsystem. This includes a number of original projects on the X.Org implementation of the Linux graphics subsystem. The book is aimed for instructors, students and any other OS internals enthusiasts.



Various Projects

  • PciReworkHowto: How to fix a video driver to use libpciaccess
  • VgaArbiter: Routing VGA instructions correctly.
  • Xv2, Render API: a long rambling discussion about giving Pictures GCs, and moving Xv to Render + RandR.
  • X12: a list of things we'd fix if we ever get around to a new version of the core X protocol

Helping out

  • ?ContributionHOWTO: How to get started contributing bug reports, patches, fixes, or even entire drivers.
  • ToDo: Things that need doing.
  • Janitor Xorg Janitor project page