XDC2012 Hotels

The preferred conference hotel is the Azimut Hotel:

AZIMUT Hotel Nuremberg
Kaulbachstrasse 1
D - 90408 Nuernberg
phone: +49 911 3657 - 0
fax: +49 911 3657 - 488
email: info.nuernberg@azimuthotels.com
for reservation: reservierung.nuernberg@azimuthotels.com
We've got a number of rooms held for XDC participants for EUR 68/night for a single room including breakfast and wireless access.
Please make your reservation until August 18th, 2012, state Res.No.142733 with your reservation.

Parking garage available at extra cost.

Update: the period has ended and the hotel has informed me that it is now completely booked out. You may still be able to find a room at the other hotels listed.

This hotel is 500 meters away from the venue.

There are a few other hotels in the area, notably:
Hotel Burgschmiet GmbH *
Burgschmietstr. 8
90419 Nürnberg
phone: +49 911 93 33 60
fax: +49 911 93 33 620
email: info@hotel-burgschmiet.de

Noris Hotel Nürnberg *(formerly Nestor Hotel Nürnberg)
Bucher Straße 125
D-90419 Nürnberg
phone: +49 911 3476-0
fax: +49 911 3476-113
email: service@noris-hotel.de
Parking garage and Wifi available at extra cost.