Some Hints on Public Transportation for XDC2012

Local Destinatons

The conference venue and hotel can be reached easily

  • from the airport: Take subway line 2 (destination Roethenbach), change at Rathenauplatz to line 3 (destination Friedrich-Ebert Platz).
  • from the main railroad station: Take suway line 3 (destination Friedrich-Ebert Platz). Get off:

  • for the conference venue at Maxfeld and walk 350 meters to the building

  • for the conference hotel at Kaulbachplatz and walk 270 meters to the hotel. The announcements on the subways are made both in German and English.


You can buy single ride tickets, "Streifenkarten" for 5 rides and day passes at vending machines at every stop. The single ride tickets are presently EUR 2.40 and are valid for 90 minutes. You can change between subway (U-Bahn), Trams and buses as often as you want during this time. "Streifenkarten" cost EUR 9.70 for 5 rides. You need to fold back and stamp 2 strips per ride. These tickets are useful if several people are traveling together as you can put each one on a single ticket.