XCWM, the X Composite Window Manager library and XtoQ, an OS X Window Manager that uses it: Overview and Project Status

Jess VanDerwalker

The XCWM X Composite Window Manager library and XtoQ are two parts of a project that began as a Portland State University CS Capstone course project. Development on the project has continued as part of X.org's EVoC program.

The goal of XCWM is to create a C library that acts as a layer between XCB and OS specific window manager code that facilitates running X client windows as OS native windows on platforms such as OS X, Microsoft Windows, or Wayland. Through XCWM would allow developers to share more code, improve maintainability, and eventually remove some of the specific DDX's within the server code base.

XtoQ, which has been developed concurrently, is a proof of concept window manager application developed for OS X which uses XCWM.

The presentation will cover the basic library structure, some of its features, why certain desisions in implementation were made, and future work.

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