Keith Packard - Glamor Status Report

Glamor, a 2D acceleration subsystem for the X window system, was started by Eric Anholt in 2008. In the intervening six years, GL support on common Linux desktop hardware has grown dramatically. This has allowed us to re-engineer Glamor from the ground up. Glamor now relies on versions of GL and GLES that permit it to fully accelerate the X graphics API, essentially eliminating the need for efficient software fallbacks.

Glamor development has been accelerated by the integration of Glamor support into the Xepher X-on-X system. This brings the ability to work on X acceleration to developers with only a single machine capable of running X, eliminates the need to run development code as root, and offers faster edit/compile/debug cycles and better debugging tools.

This presentation will describe both the current Glamor architecture, Xephyr integration, how Glamor uses various GL and GLES versions and plans for future Glamor work.

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