Jean-Sébastien Pédron - The status of the graphics stack on FreeBSD

Today, FreeBSD is well behind Linux in the graphics stack area, but the community regains interest in the topic. Users want a beautiful and friendly desktop environment on their shiny new laptop, they want to try this Wayland thing all their Linux buddies talk about, and above all, they want to mine virtual currency and be rich!

But all of this comes with a price: contributors and users hit critical problems due to the gap with Linux. Some of them are technical, some are human. Right now, the Linux community leads developments and we need to learn again how the graphics stack work from top to bottom.

After a short history of major changes, the presentation goes through the current situation in the kernel, the packages and with our users. It then concludes with the actions taken and planned to restore a nice desktop experience on FreeBSD and, in the long term, be part of the developments, side by side with not only the Linux community but other platforms too.

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