XDC2017: Mountain View, California, USA

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The 2017 X.Org Developer's Conference (XDC2017) is to be held from September 20th through September 22nd at the Googleplex, Mountain View, California, USA.



The conference will be held on the Google campus in Mountain View, California, USA, in Google building 1055 (Map)


The conference is entirely free of charge. If you want to attend XDC2017 please add your name to the attendees page. Additionally please subscribe to the X.org events mailing list where we may post updates.

Where to stay

Here is a list of hotels near the Googleplex

Code of conduct

XDC is meant to be a technical conference where everyone can enjoy themselves. To this end, we will ask you to be kind to each-others and check out our Anti-Harassment Policy.

Where to eat

Downtown Mountain View has a good selection of restaurants. Downtown Sunnyvale has a similar selection.


The nearest two airports are San Francisco (SFO) and San Jose (SJC). If you are flying, landing in SJC is definitely simpler (it's a smaller airport) and closer than SFO. The drive to/from SFO through highway 101 can take a while during peak hours, so definitely account for this when scheduling.

Travel Sponsoring

If you are not on a corporate budget but have something to present, please contact the X.Org Foundation Board of Directors board@foundation.x.org for travel sponsorship. (See Events for details.)