X11R6.9 Release

This is no longer the current release. For information about the current release, please see Releases/latest.

About the X11R6.9.0 Release

X11R6.9 is the ninth and final full release in the X11R6 series, and X11R7.0 is the first release in the new X11R7 series.

The 6.9 version is a new release that includes additional hardware support, functional enhancements and bug fixes. The 7.0 version is built from the same source code as the 6.9 so it contains the same additional hardware support, functional enhancements and bug fixes; however, it has been split into logical modules that can be developed, built and maintained separately, but still fit together coherently into the larger source code base as they have in the 6.9 tree. Specific release enhancements can be viewed in the Release Notes.

X11R6.9 and X11R7.0 are being released at the same time to assist in the transition from the older monolithic source tree to the new modular source tree. It will take time for everyone to make this transition, so we will maintain the older X11R6 series through update releases to both X11R6.9 and X11R6.8. .

See ChangesSince68 for an overview of the new features in 6.9, or view the ChangeLog for a more complete list of fixes and enhancements.

Important! A security advisory involving local privilege escalation and DoS has been issued. Please see the security page for more details.

Documentation for X6.9.0