This page is a brief and highly belated report on the highly successful Google / X.Org Summer of Code 2008. Details, of course, are welcome.

In 2008, Google / X.Org Summer of Code was able to accept five student applicants. As in previous years, each accepted student received a $4500 stipend (in two contingent payments at the midway point and at the end) to execute a proposed coding project useful to X.Org.

Of the five students accepted, one dropped out early on. The remaining four completed their projects successfully.

  • Younes Manton, under the mentorship of Stephane Marchesin, completed the bulk of work on a full implementation of GPU-accelerated video decoding for X.
  • Kristof Ralovich, under the mentorship of Bart Massey, worked on adding support for XCB-GLX to Mesa. In the end, this proved to be a debugging and architecture project that resulted in improvements to both codebases.
  • Symeon Xenitellis, under the mentorship of Sergey Udaltsov, built a GUI tool for assisted editing of the XKB configuration database.
  • Tiago Vignatti returned for a second year with Google / X.Org Summer of Code. Under the mentorship of Daniel Stone, he extended his 2008 Summer of Code project that moved X server pointer handling into a separate thread by moving remaining input code into this thread.

X.Org would like to thank the students for their great contributions to X, and also the mentors who volunteered their time to make these students a success.