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So you have a question and you can't find the answer on the wiki or Google.

Feel free to subscribe to the X.Org support mailing list. Please subscribe, don't just post your questions there. You will not receive all of the answers to your question unless you subscribe to the list.

Please Hear Our Cry!

You can help us to help you!

Before you post your problem you should take a look at our FAQ if you haven't done so already. Maybe somebody has had the same problem before and it is already answered.

When you post a report please:

  • Please post in English. Even though people subscribed to the list may be able to speak some other languages English is the 'least common denominator' on this list.
  • Post your questions to the X.Org mailing list only. Do NOT crosspost!
  • Also please post your Xorg log file. It can typically be found here: /var/log/Xorg.0.log
  • A description of your problem would also be helpful, along with the steps you've taken in your attempts to solve it. You have tried to fix it yourself haven't you? At the very least you should READ your log file. There is a key which explains some of the symbols used in it at the top (of the log file.)
  • Please don't use HTML in your email! You are much less likely to receive an answer. Some supporters filter out email containing HTML as SPAM.
  • Please read the advice on How To Ask Questions The Smart Way.
  • Please consider this outcry of an anonymous supporter:
May I ask all posters to refrain from using the subject lines:
(no subject)
Need help
please help
Can someone help me
Big problem
X crash
Fatal server error
X server crash
X windows problem
Fatal server error
Server crash
what is this
Error log

and all other permutations on this theme.

Some creative possibilities for subject lines are:
The error message you are receiving.
The manufacturer and name of your graphic card.
The Distro and version of X you are running.
Area where the problem is occurring.
        i.e. if your mouse isn't working, "Mouse Troubles"

Thanks for your support,
        anonymous poster on a support mailing list.

How to Subscribe

Have you read our requests above? ;)

OK, please go ahead and subscribe to the support mailing list.

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