X.Org Foundation Testing WorkGroup


The Testing Group's purpose is to maintain and extend the test suites associated with the X Window System technology and to develop and maintain an infrastructure for regression testing releases. The following goals have been established for the Testing Group:

  • Support and Maintain the existing X Test Suite
  • Extend the existing X Test Suite to cover additional interfaces which have become X.Org standards
  • Support the X.Org Release process, and the X.Org Release Manager by providing test suites, scripts and tool that can be used for regression and verification testing of each new release
  • Provide input on the testability of new features during the design and development process of those features
  • define and maintain procedures for testing portions of the product not covered by the X Test Suite.


The Test Group will communicate primarily via IRC and email. Occasional conference calls may be held as needed. IRC meetings shall default to being held weekly at a time that is suitable to the majority of the active participants of the group.

Participation is open to everyone. Membership in X.Org is not required, but is encouraged.


We need to take a look at the exisiting APIs to create a list of tests which are missing (results documented here). Examples include the RENDER extension, RandR, DAMAGE and COMPOSITE.

Unless there is good reason, new tests shall be in the TET framework to facilitate integration into the existing test suite. An additional task to investigate is to provide additional documentation that helps people to understand the TET framework more easily.

Other frameworks could also be investigated, but we should be cautious to not get bogged down in endless religious debate over testing frameworks.


Build the X Test Suite

Building the X Test Suite requires a few steps, but none of them are terribly difficult. Instructions can be found at BuildingXtest.

Prebuilt tests can be found http://xorg.freedesktop.org/tests/


  • TestGroup/EviExt - 3 interfaces
  • TestGroup/DpmsExt - 9 interfaces
  • Xau
  • Xmu(u)
  • Xdbe
  • XShm
  • XSync
  • XShape
  • XMITMisc
  • XSecurity
  • Xcomposite
  • Xcursor
  • Xdamage
  • Xevie
  • Xft
  • Xi
  • Xinerama
  • Xpm
  • Xrender
  • Xss
  • Xv