NOTE: This is the markdown for the slides used at the XDC 2014 presentation See for the video

% X.Org Foundation Status Update % Peter Hutterer % 8 Oct 2014

X.Org Board of Directors

  • Alan Coopersmith (Oracle)
  • Alex Deucher (AMD)
  • Egbert Eich (SuSE)
  • Keith Packard (Intel)
  • Martin Peres (University of Bordeaux)
  • Matt Dew (Micron)
  • Peter Hutterer (Red Hat), Secretary
  • Stuart Kreitman (Oracle), Oracle

X.Org Membership

Join up, get the benefits

  • you need to re-join every year


The X Window System has had the 30th birthday on 19 June

The X.Org Foundation has had the 10th birthday on 22 January

These modern times

  • G+: X.Org Foundation
  • Twitter: @XOrgFoundation
  • YouTube: X.Org Foundation

Google Summer of Code

  • 7 students accepted, 4 completed the project successfully
    • "Expose NVIDIA's GPU graphics counters to the userspace", Samuel Pitoiset (Martin Peres)
    • "Wacom Support for Wayland", Stephen Chandler Paul (Peter Hutterer)
    • "WGL support in Waffle", Emil Velikov (Brian Paul)
    • "Improve Compute Memory Pool", Bruno JimĂ©nez (Tom Stellar)
  • 2 students disappeared, one unable to stick to the milestones


The Endless Vacation of Code is X.Org's GSoC equivalent, but unrestricted by timeframes.

  • 2 projects, 1 successful
    • "REclock - Reverse-engineer and implement NVA3/5/8 Voltage- and Frequency Scaling in Nouveau", Roy Spliet (Ilia Mirkin)
  • 1 student unable to stick to the milestones


  • We need to handle EVoC better
    • "Like GSoC" is too generic
    • Unclear handling of EVoC applications
    • Stricter deadlines
      • being lenient is good, but hurts us when deadlines loom
      • being flexible is good, but can be hard to justify to the public
    • Stricter rules avoid bias (real and perceived)
    • Better communication requirements with the Board
    • Base requirements to hack on X.Org are high!
  • Have stricter, well-defined rules on the wiki

XDC Travel sponsorship

The X.Org Board approved 7 travel sponsorships for

  • Invitation to LWN (Jake Edge)

. . .

  • Successful GSoC/EVoC students get travel sponsorship on request
    • Emil, Stephen, Roy

. . .

  • Alex Deucher, David Herrmann, Jamey Sharp

Outreach Program for Women

OPW is a GSoC-like program for anyone who identifies as female.

X.Org signed up for one paid participant in Round 9 (southern hemisphere's summer).

  • Currently in the application period
  • You can be a mentor or propose a project
  • More participants possible if needed


Mostly the same state as last year:

  • need to get new by-laws sorted out
  • vote of the membership on the new by-laws
  • list of assets


Many thanks to Martin for organising XDC!