NOTE: This is the markdown for the slides used at the XDC 2015 presentation See for the video

% X.Org Foundation Status Update % Peter Hutterer % 17 Sep 2015

XDC 2015

Thanks to Tom for organising XDC!

X.Org Board of Directors

  • Board of Directors

    • Rob Clark (Red Hat)
    • Alex Deucher (AMD)
    • Egbert Eich (SuSE)
    • Keith Packard (HP)
    • Martin Peres (Intel)
    • Matt Dew (Micron)
    • Peter Hutterer (Red Hat)
    • Daniel Vetter (Intel), Secretary
  • Treasurer:

    • Stuart Kreitman (Oracle)

X.Org Board of Directors

Elected for 2 years at a time

  • Election usually in the Feb-April timeframe
  • Four board members up for election every year
  • You too can be member of the board

. . .

The BoD decides distribution of funds

. . .

The BoD does not control the technical direction of X, Wayland, Mesa, ...

X.Org Foundation PR accounts

  • G+: X.Org Foundation
  • Twitter: @XOrgFoundation
  • YouTube: X.Org Foundation

X.Org Membership

Join up, get the benefits

  • you need to re-join every year

Google Summer of Code

  • 6 students accepted, 5 completed the project successfully
    • "Enabling Freedreno on Android", Varad Gautam (Rob Clark)
    • "Range analysis pass, and porting optimization passes to Mesa's NIR", Thomas Helland (Matt Turner)
    • "Apitrace: Add support for performance counters in the profiling view.", Alex Tru (Martin Peres)
    • "Convert the BOCHS and CIRRUS drivers to atomic mode-setting", Zhao Junwang (Daniel Vetter)
    • "OpenCL image support for the r600 gallium driver", Zoltan Gilian (Tom Stellard)
  • 1 student pulled out


The Endless Vacation of Code is X.Org's GSoC equivalent, but unrestricted by timeframes.

1 project, ongoing

  • "Porting Glean Tests to Piglit", Juliet Fru (Brian Paul)

EVoC Changes

We need to handle EVoC better

  • tightened the rules after last year, but we don't scale well (or at all...)
  • struggling to get students up to speed from zero
  • cross-project attempts are difficult

Future projects only from known contributors

Outreachy (Outreach Program for Women)

Outreachy is a GSoC-like program for anyone who identifies as female.

X.Org had one participant in Round 9 (Dec 2014 - March 2015)

  • "Server-side XCB", Asal Mirzaeva (Christian Linhart)

XDC Travel sponsorship

The X.Org Board approved travel sponsorships for

  • Jake Edge (LWN)

  • Successful GSoC/EVoC students get travel sponsorship on request

    • Marek, Samuel, Varad

SPI merger

X.Org is an LLC with 501(c)3 tax status in the US

. . .

  • All we do is XDC, GSoC, EVoC and Outreachy
  • We are not good at administrative tasks

. . .

Decided to merge with Software in the Public Interest (SPI)


Benefits: offload administrative

SPI merger

By-law changes need to get approved by 2/3 of the membership.

April vote:

  • 35 yay, 2 nay, 4 abstain
  • less than 2/3 of the membership → not passed

SPI merger

Annual BoD election is planned for February

  • You too can run for the board election

By-law vote will be at the same election

. . .

We need 2/3 vote! Please vote!

X.Org Foundation Summary

  • Google Summer of Code
  • Endless Vacation of Code
  • Outreachy/OPW
  • SPI Merger