The X.Org Foundation is holding elections for

Election Schedule

  • Q&A Session for the By Law changes start: Jan 26
  • Nomination period Start: Jan 26 00:00 UTC
  • Nomination period End: Feb 16 23:59 UTC (3 weeks)
  • Deadline of X.Org membership application or renewal: Feb 16 23:59 UTC
  • Publication of Candidates & start of Candiate QA: Feb 17 (3 weeks)
  • Election Planned Start: Mar 09 00:00 UTC Delayed (see below) New date: Mar 23, 00:00 UTC
  • Election Planned End: Mar 22 23:59 UTC Delayed New date: Apr 05, 23:59 UTC (2 weeks)

The election has ended. Check here for the results.

Note: The start of the election has been delayed due to last minute modifications to the By-Laws. Unfortunately the review of new By-Laws by SPI and the incorporation of the required changes is taking longer than expected, therefore we are unable to start the election at the anticipated time. The BoD and the election committee would like to apologize for this inconvenience.

The revised By-Laws are now available for review.

The X.Org BoD and SPI are working hard to get the last matters resolved so that we can present the new version of the By-Laws to the Members before the election starts.

PLEASE NOTE: The memberships of all X.Org Members have been expired, to participate in this election you MUST renew your membership by the deadline mentioned above! Please go to the Members page for your membership application or renewal.

Board Election

The terms of the following Board Members will end this year:

  • Alan Coopersmith,
  • Martin Peres,
  • Peter Hutterer,
  • Stuart Kreitmann

There are 4 seats on the X.Org Board of Directors up for reelection.

The Elections overview page describes the voting methods and process.

The election process starts with a 2 week nomination period. If you would like to nominate yourself please send email to the election committee, giving your

  • name
  • current professional affiliation
  • a statement of contribution to X.Org or related technologies
  • a personal statement.

To vote or to be elected to the Board you needed to be a Member of the X.Org Foundation. To be a Member of the X.Org Foundation you need to apply or renew your membership until the end of the nomination period.

NOTE: The nomination period has ended, please find the list of candidates and their statements below:

List of Candidates for the 2015 BoD Election

The nomination period for the 2015 Election for the X.Org Foundation Board of Directors has ended on February 16th 23:59 UTC (11:59 PM UTC).

The Election Committee for the 2015 Election is happy to announce this years candidates (in alphabetical order):

  • Rob Clark
  • Peter Hutterer
  • Stuart Kreitman
  • Martin Peres
  • Emil Velikov
  • Daniel Vetter

Please find below the information disclosed by the candidates. There will be a 3 week QA period where you as a Member can ask questions for the candidates. The election will start on March 09, 2015 at 00:00 UTC.

Peter Hutterer

Current affiliation: Red Hat
Statement of contribution:
XServer input maintainer, maintainer for most of the input drivers, plibinput maintainer, etc.
Personal Statement:
I'm running for re-relection on the X.Org Foundation Board. IMO the main purpose of the board these days is to provide assistance to members and X.Org and its associated projects. To me this means XDC and travel sponsorship and developer programs such as EVoC, GSoC and OPW (now Outreachy). As the Secretary of the BoD I've been trying to increase transparency on all our dealings by posting regular meeting
minutes with quick-to-read summaries. If re-elected I will continue to do so, providing members with a quick and easy window into our work.

Stuart Kreitman

Current Affiliation: Oracle Systems
Statement of Contribution:
Continuing incumbent board member, treasurer.
Personal Statement:
I hold some institutional memory which may be usefull during the anticipated transition to SPI administration.

Rob Clark

Current professional affiliation: Red Hat
Statement of contribution to X.Org or related technologies:
freedreno: mesa, ddx, libdrm, kernel various other (mostly arm related) stuff: omap ddx, various core and helper bits in gallium and kernel
Personal Statement:
With open src grapics on arm starting to become a thing, perhaps it is useful to have a board member with an arm perspective? At any rate,
if I can help, I'd be more than happy to.

Martin Peres

Current Affiliation: Intel Finland
Statement of Contribution:
Power management on Nouveau, Organiser of the XDC2014, EVoC/GSoC mentor (2012-2014) and organiser (2014-2015), Google+ X.Org page maintainer,
Wayland Security
Personal Statement:
I have been a contributor to the Nouveau project for almost 5 years already. Most of these contributions have been on the reverse engineering of the power management on NVIDIA GPUs and implementation work in Nouveau. During those 5 years, I have tried to bring in more people to the graphics stack. For instance, I mentored 4 projects in the Google Summer of Code and X.Org's Endless Vacation of Code. From 2013 to 2015, I have been part of the board of directors of the X.Org Foundation where I helped managing the Foundation's side of the GSoC and EVoC. I
also started improving the communication on what our members are doing
by posting articles on our Google+ page which went from 0 subscribers to 569 in 1.5 years. In 2014, I organised the X.Org Developer Conference in Bordeaux (instead of focusing on writing my thesis). In 2015, I started working at the Intel Open Source Technology Center in Finland on the
performance of their GPU. I also became an administrator for freedesktop, handling account requests. All my X.Org-related presentations are available here:

If re-elected, I will continue to work on the communication around the Open graphics stack, help organising the GSoC for the foundation (I
already signed up for 2015) and help with the organisation of the next XDCs.

Emil Velikov

Professional affiliation: Collabora Ltd
Statement of contributions to
As of around 2011 I've made around 700+ contributions towards the graphics stack as a whole. I focus on beating distribution hacks into shape and upstreaming them, messing around with mesa and libdrm build systems fixing and breaking the builds, plus the occasional code
de-duplication and cleanups. Recently I've been keeping mesa's release schedule in place, and digging through the mailing lists for patches
worthy in the stable branch.
Personal statement:
I appreciate the evolution of the graphics stack through the years and I find it worrying that the number of contributors, albeit growing is low comparing to other aspects of (F)OSS development. As a member of
the BoD I'm aiming to continue the social presence of the Xorg Foundation and work towards getting more developers interested and contributing to the stack.

Daniel Vetter

Current Affiliation: Intel
Statement of Contribution:
drm/i915 kernel maintainer since about 3 years. I also occasionally manage to write a few patches for better testing, better documenation and fewer dragons hiding in the crufty dark corners of drm. Personal Statement: I first interacted the community because kernel modesetting broke my laptop, and I tried to fix it. But what made me stick around wasn't so much the endless stream of bugs to tackle than collaborating with a bunch of awesome people all over the world. And eventually
meeting them at conferences in great places. The Xorg Board does a lot of work to facilitate that by organizing conferences and sponsoring
travel. And also to make sure new people can join the community easier by running programs like evoc or gsoc. Thus far I've mostly concentrated on technical topics and keeping the code in good shape, but if I elected I will work to support these important functions the board serves in our community.

Changes to the By Laws of the X.Org Foundation

The X.Org Foundation plans to join SPI (Software in Public Interest). SPI has given it's formal approval and invited the X.Org Foundation to join. In order to join the Members of the X.Org Foundation need to approve this and need to approve a change to the By Laws of the X.Org Foundation.

This vote of the members on joining SPI and on changing the By Laws will take place alongside the election to the BoD.

There will be a Q&A session on the SPI membership and the new By Laws starting with the nomination period of the candidates. (Please also see separate announcement).


After the nomination period members have the chance to meet the candidates and ask questions on the members mailing list

The results of the Q&A will be summarized on the Bylaw Changes & SPI Q&A page The Q&A session regarding the By Law changes and the joining SPI starts immediately also on the members mailing list. A Q&A page will be created as questions are coming in.