The X.Org Foundation Board of Directors

Current Members

Name Affiliation Contact End of term Office
Rob Clark Red Hat robdclark AT gmail DOT com Q1 2019
Keith Packard HPE and Valve keithp AT keithp DOT com Q1 2020
Martin Peres Intel martin.peres AT free DOT fr Q1 2019
?Bryce Harrington Samsung Research America bryce AT bryceharrington DOT org Q1 2020 Treasurer
?Taylor Campbell Brave Software campbell+xorg-foundation AT mumble DOT net Q1 2019
Daniel Vetter Intel daniel.vetter AT ffwll DOT ch Q1 2019 Secretary
?Eric Anholt Broadcom eric AT anholt DOT net Q1 2020
?Harry Wentland AMD harry.wentland AT amd DOT com Q1 2020

The board can be contacted at

Board members serve a 2 year term starting from the first quarter of their election year. The company affiliations are given only for reference. The X.Org Foundation has only personal membership; the Board Members do not represent their employers or affiliations.

The Board has regular meetings on IRC, every other Thursday at 2pm Pacific Time (22:00 UTC depending on daylight savings time) in the #xf-bod channel on the OFTC network ( #xf-bod). Please refer to the X.Org calendar for the next meeting time (remember to set the TZ).

Meetings minutes and transcripts are published at MeetingSummaries and IrcLogs

The Foundation is operated according to its Bylaws.

Policies enacted by the board are stored under Policies.

Board roles and transitions are documented in Duties.

The board also runs the yearly Elections.

Members History

  • ?Alex Deucher (AMD) alexdeucher AT gmail DOT com (term ended 2018)
  • Egbert Eich (SUSE Linux GmbH) eich AT freedesktop DOT org (term ended 2018)
  • ?Peter Hutterer (RedHat) peter.hutterer AT who-t DOT net (term ended 2017)
  • Matt Dew marcoz AT osource DOT org (term ended: 2016)
  • Alan Coopersmith (Sun/Oracle) alan.coopersmith AT (term ended: 2015)
  • Stuart Kreitman (Sun/Oracle) stuart.kreitman AT (term ended: 2015)
  • Matthias Hopf (Georg-Simon-Ohm University) mat AT mshopf DOT de (term ended: 2014)
  • ?Eric Anholt (Intel) eric AT anholt DOT net (term ended: 2012)
  • Bart Massey (Portland State University) bart AT cs DOT pdx DOT edu (term ended: 2012)
  • Matthieu Herrb (CNRS/LAAS) matthieu DOT herrb AT laas DOT fr (term ended: 2011)
  • ?Donnie Berkholz (Gentoo Linux) dberkholz AT gentoo DOT org (term ended: 2010)
  • Adam Jackson (Red Hat, Inc.) ajax AT redhat DOT com (term ended: 2009)
  • Daniel Stone (Collabora Ltd.) daniel AT fooishbar DOT org (resigned: 2009)
  • ?Carl Worth (Intel) cworth AT cworth DOT org (term ended:2009)
  • Egbert Eich (SUSE Linux Products GmbH) eich AT freedesktop DOT org (term ended: 2008)