Summary of the 02 March 2010 meeting of the X.Org Foundation Board of Directors

Full IRC meeting logs are posted at BoardOfDirectors/IrcLogs/2010/03-02.

Board Member Attendance

Outgoing Members:

  • Adam Jackson: Present
  • Daniel Stone: Present
  • Carl Worth: Absent Ongoing Members:

  • Eric Anholt: Present

  • Donnie Berkholz: Absent (sent apologies)
  • Alan Coopersmith: Present
  • Matthieu Herrb: Present
  • Bart Massey: Present Incoming Members:

  • Alex Deucher: Present

  • Matthias Hopf: Present
  • Keith Packard: Present

Discussion & Decisions

Changing of the Board:

The outgoing board members were thanked profusely for their service to X.Org, and the new board members welcomed. Bart was thanked for his service as Board secretary.

Election of 2010 Officers:

  • Secretary: Alan Coopersmith was nominated and elected by a 6-0 vote.
  • Treasurer: Stuart Kreitman, who has assisted Keith in the past, was nominated and elected by a 7-0 vote.

Current State:

To help bring the new members up to speed, Bart gave a recap of the current state of affairs:

  • Perhaps the most pressing item this year is to complete the never-ending "bank transition" and "corporate transition" bullet items.
  • We also have some concerns we've been discussing around trademarks and logos and stuff that need to get resolved.
  • There has been some talk of trying to review and potentially revise the Bylaws; it's been a while, and there are some places where they have diverged a bit from practice.
  • Infrastructure and system administration is an ongoing concern. We've made some progress but there's still a lot to think about. System administration is expected to improve as tollef comes on board, thanks to support from Collabora. It would be nice to have an improved membership and voting web application in place before the next election. (See the ?2010 State of the Foundation report for further details.)

X.Org Mirrors:

Bart raised a concern about the X.Org official mirrors list, as he occasionally receives mail from people asking permission to mirror. While the Board agreed no permission is needed to mirror binaries, and the MIT license gives the freedom to mirror at will, X.Org has maintained a list of recognized mirror sites on our web pages, and we have exercised control over adding new sites to that list. Discussion was held over what level of control X.Org should maintain - from whether we should be responsible for checking that mirrors are still active, up to date and with uncorrupted binaries, to just providing a world-editable wiki page with a "use at your own risk" disclaimer, or somewhere in between. No decision was reached, and members were asked to think on the issue for future discussion.

Meeting time:

After discussion about possible adjustments to the meeting time, the Board agreed to leave the meetings at the same time, 2pm US/Pacific, since moving them earlier in the day would put them into early evening hours in Europe, where the European board members would be more likely to have conflicts in their social calendars.

Action items:

New actions:

  • Alan: File freenode registration for #xorg IRC channels
  • Keith: Contact Stuart to transfer Treasurer records and paperwork.