The foundation is able to work with VESA in order to provide members access to various specifications in order to provide access to members who otherwise might not have access. Access to VESA specifications are limited to active members.

Acquiring access

Access to VESA specifications is a privilege from VESA that's provided to on the basis of trust. As such, we ask that only members who meet the following requirements apply for access:

  • The member should be an active member and an active contributor to various projects in our community

  • Specifications are given on a need-to-know basis, and as such members are expected to only request specifications which are relevant to their work in the community. For instance, if you request access to the DisplayPort spec, its expected that you actually work on code dealing with DisplayPort. If you only have a few specific questions about something in a specification, consider asking another community member who already has specification access.

  • The purpose of this service is to allow active community members without an employer who can afford a VESA membership to participate in our community, and have the same ability to access specifications that their corporate-supported peers have. Companies which are capable of acquiring VESA memberships on their own should do so on their own without going through

To apply, you can send a message to If the board decides it's appropriate to give you specification access, we will contact VESA and work with them to provide you access to the specifications you need assuming VESA also accepts the request. The board reserves the right to deny specification access to members who don't have an appropriate need for it. Furthermore any specifications received from must not be shared outside of, and violation of this may result in suspension of the violator's membership.