Summary of the 23 Jan 2014 meeting of the X.Org Foundation Board of Directors Full IRC meeting logs are posted at BoardOfDirectors/IrcLogs/2014/01-09.




  • Martin Peres, Stuart Kreitmann, Alex Deucher, Keith Packard, Matthias Hopf, Alan Coopersmith


  • Matt Dew, Peter Hutterer


Still sorting out the remaining XDC sponsorship money Waiting for feedback on the by-law changes. Election season has started

Items discussed

ITEM: Remaining payments
We still owe three of the XDC travel sponsorship recipients some money due
to exchange rate mixups. Trying to find the best way of transferring
while minimising bank fees. The lump sum will be sent to Martin, who can
then distributes it to the other two recipients for free.
ACTION: Stuart K and Martin P to transfer and distribute the money
STATUS: Pending

ITEM: By-law changes
We're waiting for initial feedback from SFLC/SPI.
No updates, Keith P was busy with the xserver release.
ACTION: Keith P to contact SFLC/SPI
STATUS: Pending

ITEM: X.Org Board of Directors election
Martin P has sent out the email and updated the schedule page at

FOSDEM is the pivotal date for nominations and membership drive.
ACTION: Martin P to make presentation re. election at FOSDEM
STATUS: In Process

ITEM:  XDC2014, Bordeaux, France "There will be wine"
LinuxCon could barely accomodate us on-site and estimated $7500 in fees and
services. Meh.
 The university in Bordeaux has expressed interest in hosting us. Proposed
date is Oct 8-10 so folks can attend LinuxCon.
ACTION: Martin will pursue reservations for that date
STATUS: In Process