Date is 2014-01-24, times are UTC+10.

--- Day changed Fri Jan 24 2014
08:01 < mupuf> hi guys :)
08:01 < stukreit> hi
08:01 <+alanc> good afternoon
08:02 <+emmes> hey all
08:02 <+emmes> sorry for not joining the last time
08:02 < marcoz> heho
08:02 < mupuf> :)
08:02 <+emmes> it's exam time here, my time table is nuts
08:03 < mupuf> last time, not much happened IIRC
08:03 < mupuf> so, whot won't make it today
08:03 < mupuf> who wants to be the secretary?
08:03 < stukreit> uh, I'll do it
08:04 <+alanc> "wants" is such a strong word
08:04 < mupuf> stukreit: good :) thanks!
08:04 < mupuf> do we have an agenda?
08:05 <+alanc> election status?
08:05 < mupuf> right, elections, update on the SPI situation (keithp), then XDC
08:06 < mupuf> just finished eating, I'm ready to give an update on the elections and XDC
08:07 < mupuf> well, I guess that means I have the stage
08:07 <+keithp> I have no updates for SPI; afraid systemd/upstart has consumed all of my non-work cycles for weeks now...
08:08 < mupuf> keithp: gosh, so much work to support kernels no-one uses :D
08:08 < mupuf> </troll>
08:08 <+keithp> mupuf: approximately no-one, but no exactly no-one
08:09 < mupuf> so, I guess that leaves me with the elections state
08:09 < mupuf> for the elections, I sent an email about a week ago
08:09 < mupuf> and made up a schedule
08:10  * mupuf is trying to find the link to it
08:10 <+alanc>
08:11 < mupuf>
08:11 < mupuf> ah, you beat me to it
08:11  * alanc scrolled back to when you pasted it in this channel last week 8-)
08:11 < mupuf> so, my schedule is one week longer than what was expected
08:11 < mupuf> but I didn't follow one step which was ...
08:12 < mupuf> ah, yeah, I didn't send a mail before to tell people they need to re-apply for membership
08:12 < mupuf> I sent both mails in one
08:13 < mupuf> should we shift the schedule for that or do we agree that it is no big deal?
08:13 < stukreit> Its early enough in the cycle, I don't see how anyone would complain
08:14 < mupuf> right, I agree
08:14 <+alanc> we haven't expired & required renewals every year
08:14 <+alanc> I think we did last year for the first time in 4 or 5 years
08:14 <+alanc> helped us meet the election quorum
08:14 < mupuf> I think we just need to get new members then
08:14 < mupuf> I'll try to get people to sign up as members @ FOSDEM
08:15 < mupuf> I have a one-hour slot for that :s
08:15 < mupuf> I asked for 20 minutes, but I guess luc didn't want the schedule to look too empty
08:15 < mupuf> and he said, better finish early than late
08:16 < mupuf> I'm sorry though, I haven't updated whot's presentation yet
08:16 < mupuf> I'll ask him to send me the odp (IIRC, he didn't use latex)
08:16 < agd5f> aorry, I'm late.  got tied up
08:17 < mupuf> agd5f: no probs Alex, you don't have much to catch up with
08:18 < mupuf> so, is there anything left to discuss about elections?
08:18 < mupuf> Should we try to contact some people to tip them it would be appreciated if they could send candidatures?
08:19 < mupuf> by the way, why aren't the candidatures public? Do we reserve the right to refuse someone's candidature?
08:19 < mupuf> reserve ourselves*
08:19 < stukreit> that's a good idea, it would be good to increase participation
08:20 < mupuf> We can ask Jeremy from Apple again
08:20 < mupuf> don't want to misspell his name
08:21 < mupuf> Huddleston
08:21  * mupuf had Hudson in mind, but IIRC, that's the river in NYC
08:22 < mupuf> anyway, would be nice if everyone could think about someone and tell it here so as the person doesn't get contacted twice
08:23 < mupuf> for the corporates among us, it may be a good idea to look someone from your own company
08:24 < mupuf> as long as we don't have more than 2 of the same company on the board
08:24 < mupuf> ok, let's move to the XDC
08:24 <+keithp> mupuf: I thought you were hosting XDC this year :-)
08:24 < mupuf> keithp: yes, that's indeed a proposition
08:25 < mupuf> Peter contacted LinuxCon to ask if we could co-locate it with the XDC
08:25 < mupuf> to cut on travel expenses
08:25 <+alanc> as far as I know the nominations are private only to allow candidates to decline - we don't get to refuse valid nominations of eligible members which they accept
08:25 < mupuf> alanc: ack :)
08:26 < mupuf> I don't see the problem with the withdrawal being public though
08:26 <+keithp> mupuf: some people might
08:26 < mupuf> So, for XDC co-located with LinuxCon (and LPC), the cost would be in excess of $7500
08:26  * alanc falls back to "thats the way I found it when I got here, and never thought to ask why"
08:27 <+keithp> yikes!
08:27 < mupuf> my proposition was to host it in Bordeaux
08:27  * keithp thinks of how much wine we could get for $7500
08:27 < mupuf> and what we can do is shift our schedule from mid-september to mid-october (to be temporally close to LinuxCon)
08:28 < agd5f> I could look into organizing it in DC.  A friend of mine is an event planner
08:28 < mupuf> but still host it in Bordeaux
08:28 < mupuf> agd5f: that will be for next year :p
08:28 <+keithp> mupuf: that might be reasonable
08:28 < marcoz> ftfy,  how much _really good_ wine you can get for $7500.
08:28 <+keithp> agd5f: we try to alternate between NA/Europe
08:28 < mupuf> right, I have no probs with that, it is actually nicer on me ;)
08:28 < agd5f> keithp, true that.  maybe next time :)
08:29 < mupuf> so, I started looking for info today. I got big eyes from the uni but they told me that if my proposition was accepted, it would cost .... 0€
08:29 < mupuf> and that's for the nicest amphitheatre + a room for refreshments and food
08:29 < mupuf> so, the only cost for the foundation would be ... cattering
08:29 <+keithp> mupuf: catering
08:30 < mupuf> and possibly a social event
08:30 < mupuf> keithp: thanks
08:30 < stukreit> I guess those orgs see opportunity rather than synergy in including us
08:30 <+keithp> mupuf: otherwise you're talking about domestic animals
08:31 < agd5f> I'm cool with 0€
08:31 < mupuf> as for the big eyes, it was because she didn't quite get that the conference wouldn't be just a club from bordeaux seeking a room for free ;)
08:31 <+keithp> stukreit: I suspect it's more that the venues aren't universities, and so cost money. LF doesn't generally have budget issues
08:31 < mupuf> so, I contacted the FLOSS professors of my Uni this morning
08:31 < mupuf> and one of them came to my office and was really enthusiastic about it
08:31 <+keithp> mupuf: that's awesome
08:32 < stukreit> awesome+
08:32 < mupuf> and he told me that even if the uni was to refuse it, we would have 2 other options
08:32 <+keithp> mupuf: I assume october would be during the term though? Would we conflict with classes?
08:32 < mupuf> and the last option is kind of guaranteed because my thesis supervisor is the research head of this
08:32 < mupuf> "organisation"
08:33 < mupuf> no, this is a research amphitheatre
08:33 < mupuf> I mean, almost no classes are given there
08:33 <+keithp> so, something like 8-10 oct then?
08:33 < mupuf> the seats are too comfy :p
08:33  * mupuf has not checked the dates yet
08:33 <+keithp> weekend to get from bordeaux to düsseldorf?
08:33 < mupuf> sounds good
08:33 < agd5f> more of a fundraising auditorium ;)
08:34 < mupuf> agd5f: they use it for thesis presentations
08:34 < mupuf> and small conferences
08:34 <+keithp> mupuf: what we actually want is a more traditional classroom, with even lighting and power for each seat
08:34 < mupuf> it is very easy to access
08:34 < mupuf> this amphitheatre has AV
08:34 <+keithp> we can bring in extension cords, if necessary
08:34 < mupuf> all built in
08:34 <+keithp> sweet
08:35 <+keithp> so, power for the audience :-)
08:35 < mupuf> and there are power sockets almost everywhere
08:35 <+keithp> almost like it was built with laptops in mind
08:35 < jcristau> mupuf: is that in labri?
08:35 < mupuf> jcristau: yep
08:35 <+alanc> sounds like a plan is starting to come together
08:35 < jcristau> i think i know the room then :)
08:35 < mupuf> good thing too, we have HPC teams at my research lab
08:35 < mupuf> jcristau: most likely ;)
08:36 < mupuf> I can get you pictures, it is about 25m away from my office
08:36 < mupuf> some researchers fly quads in it
08:36 < mupuf> so, the HPC teams may be interested in participating
08:36 < mupuf> telling what they work on
08:37 <+keithp> I assume they do gpgpu stuff?
08:37 < mupuf> yeah, a lot
08:37 < mupuf> cl
08:37 <+keithp> seems synergistic
08:37 < mupuf> yeah
08:37 < agd5f> I gotta run and pick up my daughter from daycare.  +1 for mupuf's proposal.
08:37 <+keithp> agd5f: thanks for joining!
08:38 < stukreit> +1 for picking up the kid!
08:38 < mupuf> and the amphitheatre is big-enough to allow students to come whenever they want
08:38 < mupuf> we could try to enroll some of them in our ranks
08:38 <+keithp> 'you can leave once you've got your patch reviewed and merged'
08:39 < mupuf> my uni hosted the RMLL in 2010 and people still talk about it
08:39 <+alanc> RMLL?
08:39 < mupuf> that's an international conference with a french name :s
08:39 <+keithp> Rencontres Mondials du Logiciel Libre
08:39 < mupuf> rencontres mondiale sur les logiciels libres
08:40 < mupuf> right, international meeting of the OSS
08:40 <+keithp> fosdem, but in french
08:40 <+alanc> ah, that'd be the second hit when I googled, behind the Rocky Mountain Lacrosse League
08:40 < mupuf> keithp: that's not in french, it is in english
08:40 < mupuf> Sarah Sharp was there and, as far as I know, she only speaks english
08:41 <+keithp> heh
08:41 < mupuf> so, the venue is nice
08:41 < mupuf> then, I thought about food
08:41 <+keithp> she's about 10m away, but engaged in email at present or I could have asked :-)
08:41 <+alanc> and it was nice to see the air traffic control research at XDC in toulouse and the student involvement in chicago
08:41 <+keithp> mupuf: xdc is built on credible food
08:41 < mupuf> keithp: don't know her, only know her husband
08:41 < mupuf> we have quite a few possibilities too
08:42 < mupuf> crêpes, pizza, burgers, general french cuisine, döner kebab, melted cheese + stuff in bread (panini), sandwhiches or the student cafetaria
08:42 < mupuf> or the supermarket
08:43 < mupuf> all those are less than 5 minutes away by foot
08:43 < marcoz> mupuf: you're making me hungry
08:43 < mupuf> there are more options a little further away
08:43 < mupuf> marcoz: ;)
08:43 <+keithp> mupuf: not sure I've ever been to a town in france and had any trouble finding decent food...
08:43 < mupuf> the real cuisine would be at night though
08:43 < mupuf> I was thinking about having you stay in the city center
08:44 < mupuf> Bordeaux is a very pretty city with good restaurants
08:44 < mupuf> at all prices
08:44 < mupuf> and we have some nice pubs
08:44 < mupuf> in the morning, you would have to take the tramway to get to the uni
08:45 <+keithp> mupuf: looks like the venue would be a couple km from the city center?
08:45 < mupuf> that's a 20 minutes ride
08:45 < mupuf> yeah, I run that distance when I come back home too late, so it isn't too much
08:45 < mupuf> and the tram is running until midnight or 1am, depending on the day
08:45 < mupuf> a 7-day pass is 11€ too
08:46 < mupuf> so, people can take it as much as they want
08:46 < mupuf> we'll just need to start later than 8am, because it will be packed with students
08:46 < mupuf> packed as in Paris-style
08:46 <+keithp> mupuf: that seems compatible with our usual schedule
08:46 < mupuf> right
08:47 < mupuf> for the restaurants, we'll have to make reservations because they aren't that big
08:47 < mupuf> but I guess we could have a list of restaurants, people would write their names and I would call them at 11am
08:47 <+keithp> meal planning generally starts a few months before the conference for me anyways
08:47 < mupuf> ahah
08:47 <+keithp> long before presentations are written
08:48 < mupuf> I haven't started looking into the social event yet
08:48 < mupuf> but there are quite a few options if we agree to rent a bus
08:48 < mupuf> or take a train
08:48 < mupuf> but not sure we are disciplined-enough to take it all together :D
08:49 <+keithp> could do something at the weekend for a day trip before going to LC
08:49 < mupuf> anyway, we could visit saint emilion, the best Bordeaux wine village
08:49 <+alanc> well, have months to plan all the details
08:49 < mupuf> yes, that's what I had in mind
08:50 <+alanc> initially we need to make sure we can get the venue reserved for the dates we want before telling people to make travel plans
08:50 < mupuf> oh, I should be able to get some help from the team assistants too, they may have ideas
08:50 < mupuf> but they will be able to provide us with maps and hotels
08:50 < mupuf> ack
08:50 < mupuf> so, if you are ok with it, I'll write the application letter next week (to let one of the prof answer me)
08:51 -!- agd5f [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
08:51 < mupuf> with my thesis director, the enthusiastic prof and the other one (who organized the RMLL in Bordeaux), I'm almost sure it will work out perfectly
08:51 < mupuf> especially since we'll invite students too
08:52 < mupuf> (we have an HPC option/course for the master students)
08:52  * mupuf shouldn't say "we", I don't teach in this uni
08:53 <+alanc> sounds good to me, +1 for mupuf proceeding to try to get a venue in Bordeaux for Oct. 8-10
08:53 <+keithp> yeah, definitely +1 from me as well
08:53 <+alanc> and you already have +1 from agd5f on his way out
08:53 < mupuf> as for travelling, from Paris, you'll have the choice between the french high speed train (not that high speed at the moment) (3 to 4h) or the air plane
08:54 < mupuf> the good thing about the train is that the train station is directly next to the airport you'll likely land at
08:55 < marcoz> +1 from me too.
08:55 < stukreit> +1
08:56 < mupuf> emmes: ?
08:56 < mupuf> I'll need to ask for the internet though, I didn't think about this
08:56 < mupuf> but that should be fine
08:57 < mupuf> we could add an access point ourselves if needed
08:57 < mupuf> (with the blessing of the tech guys)
08:57 <+keithp> I suspect there may be some wireless available, and presumably they can support guests somehow
08:58 < mupuf> well, I always use the authenticated wifi
08:58 < mupuf> either the international research one (eduroam) or the local one
08:58 < mupuf> there is an open one though, never tried it
08:59 < mupuf> we have 2 networks anyway, one that requires the blessing of the admins and one that is open for everyone (ethernet only)
08:59 < mupuf> the admins are very cool, we'll get what we need
09:00 <+keithp> in any case, I think we can wrap this up so I can get on to my next meeting?
09:00 < mupuf> midnight, I guess that wraps up the meeting :)
09:00 < mupuf> +1
09:00 < stukreit> +1
09:00 <+alanc> +1
09:01 < mupuf> stukreit: thanks for taking care of summarizing all that :)
09:01 <+alanc> Summary: XDC2014: There will be wine
09:02 < stukreit> sure, I'll skip the pleasantries. it will be short.
09:02 < mupuf> alanc: :p
09:03 < stukreit> Good tag line
09:03 < marcoz> +1 (if still needed to adjorn)
09:03 < mupuf> marcoz: :)
09:03 < mupuf> marcoz: you'll get another possibility of getting lost in a french city ;)
09:04 < marcoz> mupuf: it turned out quite well last time. :)
09:04 < mupuf> you're lucky that this part of town is very much like your blocks
09:04 <+emmes> mupuf: sorry, lost connection for some 10mins
09:04 < mupuf> but with more stones
09:04 < mupuf> emmes: np
09:04 <+emmes> I'm +1 for it as well
09:05 < marcoz> nice. I"m definitely more of a fan of the grid rather than winding and circling streets
09:05 < mupuf> toulouse is hard, even for me ;)
09:05 < marcoz> then I'm screwed.  lol
09:05 < mupuf> no you aren't, we'll be in Bordeaux ;) Toulouse was in 2010 ;)
09:06 < marcoz> i mean, if I'm ever back in Toulouse.
09:06 -!- agd5f [] has joined #xf-bod
09:06 < mupuf> ah, right ;)
09:07 <+emmes> ok, seems we're done :) thanks!
09:08 < marcoz> ok, i gotta boogie out of here as well.
09:09 < marcoz> mupuf: I'm looking forward to Bordeaux (knock on wood)
09:09 < mupuf> :) I will be glad to have you in our nice campus
09:09 < mupuf> too bad it is going to be october though
09:10 < mupuf> less chances of being able to enjoy the sun in the grass, by the small artificial pond
09:10 < mupuf> with ducks
09:10 < marcoz> :)
09:10 < marcoz> still sounds great