Egbert Eich

Email: eich AT SPAMFREE freedesktop DOT org

X.Org Board Elections

I've been involved in the development of the X Window System since 1995.
I helped bootstrapping the X.Org Foundation. In the past two years I served on the Board of Directors of the X.Org Foundation. There I helped to ensure that the Boards focuses as an overseer on organizational issues and abstained from undue involvement in technical matters.
I was involved in drafting in our new By-Laws and Membership Agreement and I drafted the 2006 budget.

My strong focus rests in development. As a Board Member I see my most important duty to support our community of contributors and bring its issues to the attention of the Board.

A number of issues need to be addressed urgently:

  1. Create a Membership Committee to promptly deal with reviewing and accepting Membership applications thru an open process.
  2. Establish a sponsorship program
    This involves identifying funding opportunities and budget for them:
    • Event Funding * Set up travel fund program for X related events and coordinate with event organizers.
    • Individual funding * Set up Budget and policies to sponsor travel for X-related presentations * Budget for and develop polices for sponsorship of individual contributors to attend meetings relavant to their area of contribution.
    • Marketing
      * Determine if and in which marketing activeties X.Org should be involved in and what their goals and intended target audiences are. From this develop a policy to fund such events.
  3. Put X.Org server infrastructure fully in place: 1. Installation of the donated machines from SUN. 1. Identify services that can be shared with 1. Establish a backup and mirroring system for the infrastructure. 1. Make sure that the administrational workload can be dealt with effectivly.