Summary of the 16 February 2017 meeting of the X.Org Foundation Board of Directors Full IRC meeting logs are posted at IrcLogs


Present: Peter Hutterer, Martin Peres, Alex Deucher, Bryce Harrington, Rob Clark, Egbert Eich (acting secretary),

Absent: Keith Packard, Daniel Vetter


Agenda: elections, GSoC, paperwork, XDC

elections: Renewal period over. Elections on schedule, membership agreement should be ready some time before the start of the elections to give people chance to read and comment.

GSoC: Google will notify on Feb. 26 whether we got accepted.

paperwork: Bruce reported back on status of financial records. Still waiting for information from SPI to complete.

XDC: No date proposal given, discussion whether event should be held in a different country given present US travel restrictions.

Items discussed

ITEM: elections
The 30 day membership expiry period has just ended, membership agreement should be finalized at the
beginning of the election period so that there is some time to read and discuss. membership agreement
held in a git repo, new version on a separate branch until accepted by voters.

ACTIONS: agd5f to send out initial email, robclark to regenerate pdf of latest version of the agreement
         and send out notice to the members, add link to the election page.
STATUS:  Ongoing

         Google will notify projects on Feb. 26 about acceptance.
STATUS:  Ongoing

ITEM:    Paperwork
         Bryce reported that he's still waiting to hear back from SPI on our financial info for 2016,
         the reimbursement for the dissolution fee was paid promptly after it was filed.
         Bryce has revised the the finance docs branch to remove names from changelogs and files. It is
         ready to go, he would still like to see a review in case he had overlooked something.
         He asks for gpg keys from board members for that as the data is encrypted.
         Bryce has also started drafting the 2016 treasurer report as far as it can be done without
         the data from SPI.
ACTIONS: SPI to provide missing information, BoD members to provide gpg keys and review of finance docs.
STATUS:  Ongoing/Pending

         Waiting for Marcheu to get back with a date proposal. We should have a date by mid March as
         people would like to start making travel arrangements.
         The topic was reised wheter there are concerns over US travel restrictions.
         It was concluded that due to the lack of time to search for an alternative we will stick
         with our current option hoping for the the checks and balances (here the judicial review)
         to help fix things until then.
ACTIONS: Marcheu to propose a date.
Status:  pending