Summary of the 16 March 2017 meeting of the X.Org Foundation Board of Directors Full IRC meeting logs are posted at IrcLogs


Present: Peter Hutterer, Alex Deucher, Daniel Vetter, Bryce Harrington, Rob Clark, Keith Packard,


Egbert Eich, Martin Peres,


Agenda: elections, GSoC, paperwork, yearly reports, khrones

SPI finally started to go through the laywer stuff about the khronos adoption agreement.

Elections: Candidates published, Q&A starts.

No gsoc update because Martin missed the meeting.

Items discussed

ITEM: Election
Candidates published, Q&A starts, slightly pushed out schedule again due to
small delay.
ACTIONS: Alex to set up the ballot, with help from Egbert&Peter
STATUS: Pending

ITEM: Treasurer report
Board approves
ACTIONS: Bryce to send out to memebers@
ACTIONS: Daniel to archieve in secretary records

ITEM: board admin
ACTIONS: Peter to send out admin credentials to board@
STATUS: Pending