Summary of the 08 November 2018 meeting of the X.Org Foundation Board of Directors Full IRC meeting logs are posted at IrcLogs


Present: Martin Peres, Daniel Vetter, Keith Packard, Taylor Campbell, Eric Anholt, Harry Wentland, Rob Clark,


Bryce Harrington,


Agenda: elect treasurer, evoc,, fd.o bylaw change

Bryce unfortunately stepping down as treasurer, huge thanks for his service!

Items discussed

ITEM: fd.o bylaw changes
Should respin with light edits as v2. Some discussions about what was discussed.
ACTIONS: Harry will respin, after double checking with people who participated
that they're ok
STATUS: Pending

Porgress on the voting system. Martin trying to get a demo up&running by next
STATUS: Pending

ITEM: evoc
Payment confirmed. Some discussions on project, weston doesn't seem to have
mentor bw.
ACTIONS: Trevor to check with weston folks and then drop weston ideas from evoc.
STATUS: Pending Done

ITEM: treasurer elections
Two volunteers, couldn't figure out a procedure. Decided to give volunteers some
time to figure out what it means and whether they want one to go first, next in
the next year or so.
ACTIONS: Eric and Taylor to chat.
ACTIONS: Bryce to send treasurer workload estimate to board@.
STATUS: Pending