Summary of the 11th May 2017 meeting of the X.Org Foundation Board of Directors Full IRC meeting logs are posted at IrcLogs


Present: Martin Peres, Daniel Vetter, Bryce Harrington, Egbert Eich, Rob Clark, Taylor Campbell Alex Deucher, Keith Packard,



Agenda: dissolution paperwork, gsoc, evoc, khronos, coc, xdc18

Items discussed

ITEM: dissolution paperwork
Still a pain, no updates from previous meeting.
ACTIONS: Bryce keeps on it, per actions from 2017-04-27:
ACTIONS: Bryce to finalize dissolution with Delaware
ACTIONS: Bryce to pay NRAI dues
ACTIONS: Bryce to terminate NRAI account
STATUS: Pending

ITEM: gsoc
Bonding period, work will start 30th May. Martin now also planet.fd.o admin, to
streamline adding student's blogs.
ACTIONS: Martin on it.
STATUS: Pending

ITEM: evoc
gsoc experimenting with purchasing power parity payements, should we do the same
for evoc? gsoc decision controversial, better to wait for outcome and decide
after that.
Long discussion about the proposal that went nowhere.
ACTIONS: Rob to add student blog to our expectations on the wiki.
STATUS: Pending

ITEM: xdc18
ACTIONS: Daniel to start the RFP process for hosting proposals.
STATUS: Pending

ITEM: coc discussion
Some board@ discussion, nothing conclusive.
ACTIONS: Taylor to drive this a bit.
STATUS: Pending

ITEM: khronos
Slow going. Board approved that we can use mail addresses for this.
ACTIONS: Martin keeps pushing.
ACTIONS: Next mtg khronos to be handled earlier, for enough time.
STATUS: Pending