Summary of the 23 June 2016 meeting of the X.Org Foundation Board of Directors Full IRC meeting logs are posted at IrcLogs


Present: Peter Hutterer, Martin Peres, Daniel Vetter, Bryce Harrington, Egbert Eich, Rob Clark, Alex Deucher,


Keith Packard,


Agenda: gsoc, evoc, spi transfers,, xdc

Daniel not around in 2 weeks, Peter will take over secretary duties.

Gsoc midterm:

Evoc started!

SPI transfer still in progress.

Items discussed

ITEM: gsoc
Midterm evaluations ongoing.
ACTIONS: Alex to ping idr for midterm.
STATUS: Pending

ITEM: Evoc
Payment and other details look good, Varad started working
ACTIONS: Stuart to transfer initial $500 payment to Varad.
STATUS: Pending

ITEM: spi transfer
Getting set up to be able to accept donations. Still unclear how to wind down
the old LLC. Bryce received a pile of docs from Stuart, sifting through them.
ACTIONS: Bryce to ping Mishi again about exact procedure.
ACTIONS: If it doesn't move, Daniel to type up proposed doc with voting result
when he's back.
STATUS: Pending

XDC Helsinki planning going well. Bunch of folks thinking abot bids for xdc17,
should roll in in the next weeks/month hopefully
STATUS: Pending