Summary of the 10 October 2014 meeting of the X.Org Foundation Board of Directors No IRC logs are available for this (face-to-face) meeting



  • Stuart Kreitmann, Alex Deucher, Matt Dew, Peter Hutterer, Alan Coopersmith, Egbert Eich, Keith Packard, Martin Peres


This was an in-person meeting at XDC. No IRC logs are available.

Items discussed

ITEM: XDC 2015
Two proposals were received by the board, Toronto and Boston. A number of
general questions remain that will be discussed before the final choice is
ACTION: Board to discuss remaining questions
STATUS: Pending

ITEM: SPI transition
Egbert E brought up that a number of questions remain regarding the SPI
transition. The list of questions will be discussed internally by the board,
then posted as FAQ on the wiki.
ACTION: Egbert E to post FAQ once discussed
STATUS: Pending

ITEM: Vesa membership
The Foundation had a VESA membership a number of years back which provided
access to VESA documents for our members. The current status of the
membership is unclear, the plan is to restore it if lapsed, or merely revive
it if it is dormant.
ACTION: Egbert E to chase this up with VESA
STATUS: Pending

ITEM: Account management
The fdo admins are behind by quite a bit in account management (note: this
is for account creation only, security fixes and general admin is managed well).
We'll expand the list of people able to create wiki accounts, Martin P has
volunteered to help with account creations.
ACTION: Martin P to handle account creations in the future
STATUS: Pending