Summary of the 08 July 2016 meeting of the X.Org Foundation Board of Directors Full IRC meeting logs are posted at IrcLogs


Present: Peter Hutterer, Martin Peres, Bryce Harrington, Egbert Eich, Rob Clark, Alex Deucher,


Daniel Vetter, Keith Packard,


Agenda: gsoc, evoc, spi transfers, xdc

Gsoc midterm passed

SPI transfer still in progress.

Items discussed

XDC Helsinky going well, nothing to report

ITEM: gsoc
Midterm passed, summit is coming up. 
ACTIONS: Martin P may go to summit
STATUS: Pending

No updates for evoc. Unclear if the inital payment has been transferred yet.
ACTIONS: Peter H to ping Stuart
STATUS: Pending

ITEM: SPI transfer
Peter needs to ping ppl again for the xorgfoundation domain donation.
We got clarifications on the procedure and what is required, Daniel V to
spend some time with libreoffice now. We're not listed on the click&pledge
page yet but this should've happened by now.
ACTIONS: Daniel to type up proposed doc with voting result when he's back.
ACTIOnS: Bryce to chase up getting listed on the donations page
STATUS: Pending