Summary of the 22 August 2013 meeting of the X.Org Foundation Board of Directors

Full IRC meeting logs are posted at BoardOfDirectors/IrcLogs/2013/08-22.



  • Alan Coopersmith, Martin Peres, Peter Hutterer, Alex Deucher, Matthias Hopf, Matt Dew, Stuart Kreitmann, Keith Packard


An anti-harassment policy now applies to all X.Org sponsored conferences.

After hassle with (and losing the status of) 501(c)(3), we are looking into potentially joining an umbrella organisation to avoid future issues. No decision has been made yet, more information needs to be gathered first.

Items discussed

ITEM: XDC travel sponsorship
Jake Edge ( was approved travel sponsorship
ACTION: Stuart K is eagerly awaiting receipts

ITEM: Anti-Harassment policy
A policy was drafted and approved for XDC and all X.Org sponsored/organised
conferences. For details see:
ACTION: Alan C to remove draft notices from wiki

ITEM: 501(c)(3)
We lost 501(c)(3) status because the tax returns for the last 3 years didn't
get filed on time. This was a surprise, but the IRS appears to be much
rougher this year. SFLC advises that re-application would be hard, including
the need to prove we won't miss any returns in the future.
Without the 501(c)(3) we are a non-tax exempt entity

An alternative option is to join an umbrella org to do the tax-related stuff
for us, e.g. Software in the Public Interest, Software Freedom Conservancy,
Apaache Foundation, Eclipse Foundation.
ACTION: Board members to read up on potential umbrella orgs
STATUS: Pending decision at XDC