X.org Foundation Duties

This page lists duties of the foundation/board and what not to forget on transitions:

Board Member

  • Update access to gabe.freedesktop.org for bod.git (ssh://gabe.freedesktop.org/srv/bod.x.org/archives.git) access and members.x.org source access.

  • Add to board mailing list https://foundation.x.org/mailman/listinfo/board, remove old members who are no longer on the board.

  • Provide your GPG public key to the other board members for confidential conversations. This is also required for getting access to the financial data in the board git. See GPG quick guide for information on how to generate your key, and the README in archives.git for info about git-crypt.

  • Read the ByLaws

  • Read the ?Harrassment Policy

  • Familiarize yourself with other Policies as appropriate

  • Hang out on #xf-bod on OFTC IRC.


  • Ask fd.o admins to update secretary@x.org alias.

  • Make sure the secretary has member admin rights Secretary needs to approve membership requests.

  • Send mail to SPI board to inform them of the change (board at spi-inc dot org).

  • Subscribe to http://lists.spi-inc.org/listinfo/spi-general

  • Script to run meetings in bod.git/scripts/xorg-bod.

  • Prepares agenda, nags people for update on the things they promised to do, writes meeting minutes.

  • Yearly presentation/write-up for the secretary report.


  • Ask fd.o admins to update the treasurer@x.org alias.

  • Send mail to SPI board to inform them of the change (board at spi-inc dot org).

  • Subscribe to http://lists.spi-inc.org/listinfo/spi-general

  • Maintains books for X.org in CLI Ledger.

  • Tracks reimbursements and invoices being handled by the SPI treasurer.

  • Writes yearly treasurer report.

Socal Media

  • Twitter: Private account currently held by Alan Coopersmith

  • G+: Account linked to the board's mailing list. Currently maintained by Martin Peres.

GSoC Administrator

  • Apply every year to the GSoC, to get accepted as an organisation

  • Inform potential mentors and students when/if we get accepted

  • Make sure enough projects are proposed to students

  • Check the student proposals, and instruct/help students to look for mentors. Make sure they fulfil all requirements (including the open source experience)

  • Request slots from Google, and assign them to the students, in priority order

  • Get the students' blog to fd.o planet

  • Write a blog post about the accepted projects, with links to their blog

  • Write weekly posts on G+ to talk about the students' work

  • Ask mentors and students how they feel about their work

  • Write a final blog post about the year

EVoC Coordinator

ATM Rob Clark?

See XorgEVoC for details and policies.

XDC Organizer and Sponsor Coordinator

ATM Daniel Vetter?

  • Start nagging sponsors for the next XDC right after the last one finished. Sponsors are tracked in bod.git/Sponsors. See SponsorshipLevels for policies.

  • Send out RFP a few months ahead of this years XDC, so we can hopefully announce next year's organizer at XDC. See RFP for lots of details.