The papers committee for XDC is selected by the board, and should represent both the community overall and the current organizers of XDC. Below are notes from the paper committee for a bit more consistency and making expectations and goals clear. Feedback from attendees and presenters very much welcome


We need to fix the submission deadlines and acceptance deadlines, since we likely need to reject talks again due to too many submissions. And that's relevant for travel funding by either or other organisations!

Intro session

We sucked a bit with this, probably need a proper slide deck with the following information:

  • WiFi login.
  • Toilets, discussion room and stuff like that.
  • Where to get food with local recommendations if it's not all catered.
  • Anti-Harassment Policy reminder and where/how to report issues.
  • Social event on Sat and recommendations for the evening track.
  • Reminder to keep notes about hallway track topics and present them on Fri afternoon in the lightning talk slot.
  • Anything else?

Probably needs 15 minutes or so in the schedule at least on the first day.

Main track talks

  • Main track talks are usually 45 minutes, but we might ask for shorter talks or talks to be merged if there's overlapping submissions. Presentations should aim at 30 minutes to make sure there's plenty of time for Q&A.
  • We want the expert, so no talk-by-proxy by a presenter talking about what other people not present at the conference have done. XDC is still very much a workshop conference, if the Q&A boils down to "I need to check that when I'm back at the office with the expert" then there's not much use.
  • It should be about open source graphics of course, but beyond that the possible topics are very wide. Anything from docs, community topics, organizing stuff, using the open stack and what that's like is all in scope.
  • Main track has become a bit cramped, we'll likely reject more talks in the future to give more room for discussions than trying to cram almost every submission into the program like before.

Internship talks

We want to give every successful internship student (GSoC, EVoC, ...) a chance to attend and present at XDC. Those presentations tend to be shorter talks of 20 minutes, and we're trying to schedule them early in the conference so that they serve as a nice introduction for the student.

Workshop track

With the increase in talk submissions the white space in the XDC program evaporated, leaving much less space for ad-hoc technical discussions. We want to strenghten the workshop nature of XDC again by asking for discussion proposals.

  • Ideally two people submit a proposal, one to lead the discussion and make sure it stays on track, second person to keep notes.

  • Summary of the discussion will be presented at the end of XDC in a lightning talk.

  • Also good to kick things of with a presentation in the main track summarizing the current state of the art and what the questions are. We'll schedule those talks on the first day, so that the discussions can happen on Thu and Fri.

Lightning talks

  • 5 minutes, really.
  • No questions, really.
  • One at least for each workshop discussion, or to summarize other ad-hoc hallway tracks.
  • Schedule on the wiki while the conference is happening.