Summary of the 30 March 2010 meeting of the X.Org Foundation Board of Directors

Full IRC meeting logs are posted at BoardOfDirectors/IrcLogs/2010/03-30.

Board Member Attendance

  • Present: Eric Anholt, Donnie Berkholz, Alan Coopersmith, Alex Deucher, Matthieu Herrb, Bart Massey, Keith Packard
  • Absent: Matthias Hopf

Discussion & Decisions

Google Summer of Code

Alan mentioned that X.Org had been officially accepted into GSoC, and that developers who can help mentor should contact StephaneMarchesin (marcheu on IRC), and that students should read the SummerOfCodeIdeas wiki page for more information on applications and project ideas.

Trademark Registration

Bart mentioned that he'd been working with a new volunteer named Matt Dew who's been really helpful looking into a couple of long-standing issues. The first of these is to register the name X.Org as a US Trademark. It would cost $750, but Bart recommended that we do this, just to prevent someone else doing it instead and us having to deal with it. No formal vote was taken, but the general consensus was that this sounded reasonable, and should be discussed with our counsel at the SFLC.

Domain Registration

Bart and Matt have also been working to get the domain name technical and admin contacts reassigned. They have contacted Leon Shiman, the current listed contact, and are awaiting his response. Alex agreed to help Matt work this issue.


The third item Bart reported on working with Matt was the library of X documents. They would like to see a central, managed document repo of some kind in the X.Org space (beyond the wiki). Discussion of the known problems with the X.Org documentation ensued, but no decisions were reached.


Bart mentioned that beyond the GSoC program and X.Org's Endless Vacation of Code (EVoC) programs for mentoring students while they're paid to work on specific projects, it would be useful to have additional mentoring programs to pair experienced developers with new contributors. Past attempts were made at this, such as the xorg-mentors list, but have not been followed through. Bart would like to see Matt come to the XDS2010 this fall to talk about "getting started with X.Org" to help us figure out what the pain points are for new contributors.

Action items:

Existing actions:

  • Alan: File freenode registration for #xorg IRC channels * Filed, awaiting response.
  • Keith: Contact Stuart to transfer Treasurer records and paperwork. * Stuart has checkbook and PDFs of recent bank statements. New actions:

  • Alan: Contact SFLC to discuss trademark registration.