Summary of the 20 August 2015 meeting of the X.Org Foundation Board of Directors Full IRC meeting logs are posted at 2015



  • Peter Hutterer, Martin Peres, Alex Deucher, Matt Dew


  • Keith Packard, Rob Clark, Daniel Vetter, Egbert Eich


Coffee and breakfast for XDC approved.

Still struggling with the EVoC payment to Juliet

Items discussed

ITEM: XDC coffee/breakfast options
Tom gave us quotes for coffee/breakfast, board voted on it so we're safe
against undercaffeination.
ACTIONS: Tom to organise with the venue provider
STATUS: Complete

Still struggling to get the payment to Juliet. The EVoC guidelines need
reviewing so we have a clearer outline of what is required from students.
As a one-time solution we'll send a 1-dollar test amount to the account
Juliet provided and check with her whether it arrived.
ACTIONS: Stuart K to transfer test amount
STATUS: Pending